Thailand - Share your experiences!

Feb 28th, 1998, 08:04 AM
Natapon Buranakul
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Thailand - Share your experiences!

Hi to everybody who has been to Thailand (or is planning on coming)! I am a graduate student doing research on the environmental and cultural aspects of tourism and travel in Thailand.

I am looking for people who have been to Thailand or are planning on coming to share their experiences, expectations, opinions, perceptions and impressions (and to complete a questionnaire!). If you would be willing to participate in this research please email me at [email protected]

In the long run the information I get will also support a not-for-profit project my wife and I are working on to set up a network of tourism operators in Thailand interested in ecological monitoring, environmental management and provision of interpretive information on the nature and culture of Thailand.

If you have any questions about Thailand, please don't hesitate to ask - I'll do my best to give a useful answer!
Many many thanks to all who get in contact.
Feb 28th, 1998, 03:37 PM
Olja Baumgartner
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I would gladly share my impressions with you. I spent six weeks in thailand in December & January, so they are still very fresh. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, Olja
Feb 28th, 1998, 11:41 PM
Natapon & Sophia Buranakul
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Dear Olga
Thanks for your response - tried emailing you at your address and couldn't get through. Please email us at our address - [email protected]

May be there's something we're missing on your address. Thanks very very much for your help and interest!
Mar 6th, 1998, 01:35 PM
riki evans
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coming to thailand april 10-18 for "water festival" 3 days bkk, 3 days c.mai, 2 days northern hill tribe. would be happy to answer your questionnaire on my return. have wanted to see thailand for many years. was in s.e. asia 2 yrs ago for 3 wks. plus hk -- loved every minute of it. e-mail me any time. good luck with your venture.
Mar 7th, 1998, 04:50 PM
John Gough
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We have just returned from a short stay in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and would be pleased to complete your questionnaire.
Mar 9th, 1998, 11:23 AM
Jo Harriet Haley
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My son and I spent 2 wonderful weeks in Thailand in July--north, middle and south. I would be pleased to participate in your survey.
Mar 13th, 1998, 01:07 AM
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I spent 10 days in Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, ChiangMai, would be pleased to join your survey, just contact me via email.
Mar 21st, 1998, 12:55 PM
melissa o'malley
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My brother and I went to Bangkok and Phuket for 12 days in October - we would be happy to share our glorious experiences in the land of smiles...I think it was the closest I have ever come to a magical experience in my life!
Mar 22nd, 1998, 06:19 AM
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if you like you can email me to , but i`m not so overwhelmed. Shure it`s a nice country but.......
Thai-people involved in tourism and being helpful are, exept for some guesthouses, very rare.
And the known nice spots are not nice anymore( been to Phi Phi lately?).
So if you like some "critics" mail me.
Mar 23rd, 1998, 06:10 AM
MJ Nuristani
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Could you please tell me what is safy, and cheapest ways to travel to Thailand. i am planing to visit a freind for a week. I appreciate your help thanks MJ.
Mar 23rd, 1998, 09:24 AM
dave pearson
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We're going to be in Thailand in a few weeks. We're looking for a nice, relatively inexpensive place to stay on the beach (thinking Chaweng north or south) at Koh Samui. Anyone have any ideas?

Also are looking for suggestions on day trips/excursions while on Koh Samui and during our visit to Chaing Mai.

Mar 31st, 1998, 06:00 AM
Cary Budd
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My wife and I spent 4 weeks discovering Thailand in March 1985 and except for a 1 night stopover we have not returned. We are travelling to Bankok in mid April and spending 10 days there (just after the 'water festival' unfortunately). I am searching for details on Koh Samet. What information can you provide about getting there. We arrive at 10.30 at night from Sydney and may have to stay at the airport then get into BKK early and transfer at the eastern Bus depot to Trat. Any suggestions. You are welcome to my pre and post perceptions.
Apr 2nd, 1998, 08:56 AM
Kay Fulgham
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I've been to Thailand four times and am coming back in June. I'll be glad to help.
Apr 9th, 1998, 01:33 PM
RB Wood
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Going to Thailand, both Chaing Mai and Bangkok. Any one familiar with the new luxury hotels newly opened on the river and any other of the top hotels that are discounting because of loss of tourist and business travel?

Apr 9th, 1998, 02:10 PM
Tony Knight
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My wife & I will arrive in Bangkok at midnight..We have been advised to stay at Indra Regent Hotel and to take Thai Limousine from Airport...What are they and are they easy to find ?? any other advice please for a first time visitor!!
Apr 10th, 1998, 01:30 AM
Christine Jacquemin
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How cheap do you mean? Chaweng Beach is very nice but busy what are you looking for, quiet beaches or entertainment and peole around? How long do you plan to go, day trips from Samui can be to some islands around On the following website you will find info on Sao samui cruise, but 2 or 3 days could be much better. It can be an idea, then at Chiang Mai, I strongly recommend to go to Mae Hong Son or mae Sot, but again one dy is not enough.
You can check on hhtp://
ifyou have more question, please email me.
Apr 24th, 1998, 05:56 PM
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My husband and I spent a month in Thailand 3 years ago and we'd be happy to share our experiences. The e-mail address is [email protected]
Apr 28th, 1998, 02:20 PM
Kimber Howard-Carhart
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My husband and I are Treking in Mae Sot and Um Pang, in the central/north area of thailand along the Burma border. We then will travel to Ko Samui and plan to stay on Ko Nang Yuan. We really enjoy travelling off the beatten path, so any suggestions are welcome. We return May 26th and would be happy to share our experiences.
Apr 28th, 1998, 10:57 PM
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Hello. TO RB Wood wanting to know about luxury hotels in Bangkok etc. I stayed at the new Montien Riverside Hotel last year, which only opened middle of last year. It is rated deluxe and is in every way. It's right on the river and every room has a view of the river. The hotel has around 7 restaurants, and is not far from shopping in a quiet part of the city. There's a glorious swimming pool, sauna, gym etc. Free riverboat shuttles to the Riverwalk Shopping Mall and free shuttle bus to the Montien HOtel and nearby shopping. The Montien Riverside is without a doubt the most spectacular hotel I have seen in Asia. I have stayed at some great hotels but this is the best yet!! They are surprisingly inexpensive as well. Hope this info helps.
Jun 28th, 1998, 04:51 AM
Naresh Shah
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Did you summarise your survey and publish it ? Where can I see it ? Thanks

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