Questions on United Flight to Sydney

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Questions on United Flight to Sydney

My husband and I will be traveling on March 7, 1999 to Sydney via United Airlines. I would appreciate any helpful hints on the long flight and how others found the flight. Also, we will be staying at the Renaissance on Pitt St. Any info on suggestions for such a long flight will be greatly appreciated. We are counting the days until we leave!!


Pat from Michigan
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Richard Krause
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Pat, we traveled from Washington DC to Sydney on United Airlines this past August. It is a very long flight, but well worth it once you get to Australia. Now, my thoughts about United. I hope you and your husband are short and very slim. We were in coach class and pacted like sardines. No leg room and very narrow seats. If it is not to late, I would highly recommend Air New Zealand. More room and better service.

I did not want to be negative, but I wanted to be honest.


P.S. United is in partnership with Air New Zealand, so you may be able to work out a switch with little or no cost to you.
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Good news is that the flight is long enough to sleep if you wish, the advice above is excellent - Air New Zealand much better than United but you'll be fine either way, the hotel you are staying in is very nice, close to Circular Quay and the rocks, weather in March is some of the best of thew year as our summer heat is just starting to fade and the climate is wonderful.
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Hans Lapping
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We took the flight about a year ago and it was fine-- nothing spectacular but fine. Here are my recommendations: try to book a bulkhead seat now if the flight is crowded-- this gives you unlimited leg room which is nice for the long flight. Do be warned however, that the arm rests do not go up on the seats, its hard to see the movie and you tray table goes across your lap. despite this, however, if the flight is crowded it's worth the extra leg room. If the flight is not too full, check in early and request two asile seats in the middle section of the plane near the back. Hopefully no one will be put in between you and you'll be able to stretch out. Our flight was pretty empty so we took two aisle seats one directly in front of the other, in the middle section of the plane near the back and there was noone else in our rows. we were able to put the arm rests up and sleep about 9 hours lying pretty flat the whole time. The Renaissaince is a nice hote-- Sydeny is a wonderful city that you'll love!
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We were fortunate, recently, to use Mileage Plus Awards for upgraded travel on United from Washington, DC to Australia/ New Zealand.

When I fly international flights in coach, however, I use an inflatable neck pillow(they really work). I would also reccomend that you bring your own water. The airlines fequently run out towards the end of a flight...and besides this way you can have it whenever you want.

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