Honeymoon to Australia - when and itinerary?

Feb 11th, 2004, 12:44 PM
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Honeymoon to Australia - when and itinerary?

My fiance and I will be getting married in June 2004 and would like to honeymoon in Australia a few months later, we're from the UK and never been to Oz before - probably one and only time as well so want to get it right! Trouble is what are the best months for weather and fewer crowds - most of the time will be spent in Queensland and would like calm waters without jellyfish. These are the options at present:

Aug20-Sept17 OR

I realise Aug/Sept will be cooler and worried about the warmth and smoothness of the waters. October we may run into some school holidays and be the start of stinger season in late Oct.

We are thinking of 4 weeks but not sure how to split it - presently:

7nights Sydney
(if no stopover on route need to recover from jetlag - or would it be better to do stopover in Singapore and have 1/2 less nights in Sydney?);
Blue Mountains, Bridge Climb, Spit-Manly walk, harbour cruises, Featherdale/Taronga, City walks-DH, rocks & circular quay, opera show

2/3nights Ayers Rock - guided walks, sound of silence dinner

7nights Cairns/Palm Cove -
located for activities and cheaper accommodation;
white water rafting (not sure due to fiance's motion sickness!), hot air balloon, bungy, Kurunda, Lizard Island day trip (if finances allow), Aboriginal Cultural Park

3nights Silky Oaks - Dave Armbrust's tour

7nights Thala Lodge at Port Douglas; GBReef, Daintree/Cape Tribulation, Rain Forest Habitat, and to relax!!

Do you think this is too much time in Queensland ie 7 nights Cairns/Palm Cove, 3 Silky and 7 Thala (17nights in total in Queensland or should we try and fit something else in as well) and do you think it's silly to split it up like this - just wanted to be at hotels dependent on activities and Thala's too expensive for 2 weeks!
If you think I should do things differently or am missing out something please advise. However the date issue is concerning me most at present.

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Feb 11th, 2004, 04:02 PM
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Hi Justina - 17 nights for North Queensland is great, but seeing you already have time in Palm Cove/Cairns and Daintree (Silky Oaks) think you've allocated too much time to Thala. It's lovely, with a fantastic view but it is a bit isolated for 7 days. There's some lovely rural retreats on the nearby Atherton Tableland (now sometimes known as Cairns Highlands) with easy access to Undara Lava Tubes, and part of the accessible "outback" country. It would be worth spending a few days in the Tableland area - lovely scenery and birds/wildlife.
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Feb 11th, 2004, 04:44 PM
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It will not be cold up north in August, in fact that would be my pick month.
If you are going to spend 17 days in Queensland why not see some other areas of it i.e. The Whitsundays and/or the South East. Along the coast the temps will always be about 20deg ++ as you go further up north anyway.
I would certainly stop-over in Singapore and take a shopping trip down to Little India, breakfast with the Gorillas, the bird Sanctuary, and lots of other things too. It is a great city and the most efficient and clean city in the world.
Getting back to your plans:
Allow about 8 days and do what Pat suggests and go to the Lava tubes then come further south to the Whitsundays and either rent a boat, or stay on an island but at least see some of the wonderful 80 or so islands - for something entirely different then explore the Great South East of Qld and the wonderful hinterland.
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Feb 16th, 2004, 07:40 AM
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We honeymooned in Ocotber/Nov, but I think that the time factors are still true.

I would cut down some timein Sydney - it is a great city but there is so much to do other places too!

We stayed at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef. It was wonderful! Just make sure to do one of the many reef islands. This is not to be missed. Also, don't stay in Carnes. It is not a romantic town. Stay on an island. I can not stress this enough.

Silky is a great choice but by staying another 7 nights in the area, you may have too much time in that area right now. Have you thought about going to the Barossa Valley? We wanted to but did not have enough time. We love wine and this is a FAB region of the world.

Good luck, no matter what you will have a great time. =)
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Feb 16th, 2004, 12:51 PM
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I think October is a better bet, given the all-round better weather. School holidays finish in Qld on Oct 3 and NSW on Oct 10, so you should have no problems after this time.
I agree with other posters that 17 days in the Far Nth Qld area at 3 different locations is a bit much. All the places you've planned (palm Cove, Thala Beach and Silky Oaks) are not much more than an hour apart, so you may as well base yourself at one place. As the best base for Reef, Daintree/Cape Trib and Atherton Tableland, I would vote for Port Douglas. A nice little town with a great beach, A Marina and plenty of great apartment options. Note that Thala Beach is not in Port Douglas and is a bit isolated- great if that's what you want.
Maybe a week on a Whitsunday Island or around the NSW/Qld border area (Byron bay/ Gold Coast)would break up the trip better).
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Feb 16th, 2004, 01:32 PM
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Hi there Justina. We went to Oz for our honeymoon too. You can see our full report here:


But briefly, we found Sydney to be too cold and rainy in early October whilst Cairns was nice (and with no stingers). Mid to late Oct would be a good time to get the best of both regions.

Also I don't think you need 7 nights in Sydney unless you know people there and have visiting to do. 4 nights should do it.
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Feb 17th, 2004, 06:55 AM
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Thankyou for all your replies. The reason why I thought 7 nights Sydney is that if we didn't do a stopover we'd need a few days to get over jetlag before touring around.

I probably won't stay at Cairns but more likely Palm Cove for a few days to do excursions in the area, spend a bit more time at Silky Oaks (4 nights) and then do Thala... still undecided about time to go although October does sound better. Can't finance staying at Silky Oaks/Thala lodge for entire time and Palm Cove was cheaper and nearer option for excursions near Cairns. Thala being for relaxation purposes rather than base for excursions - although do GBR/Cape Trib from there. I suppose Palm Cove could be substituted for Atherton Tablelands accommodation - but wanted to do Kurunda,HA balloon, bungee, Lizard Island Trip, white water rafting - so it depends on location to these activities. Probably won't be able to finance a Whitsunday island stay as well what with Lizard Island Tour and would then have to cut out Thala which I don't want to do.
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Feb 17th, 2004, 01:42 PM
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Justina, the jetlag issue has been discussed here before - everyone's different, and yes, it's a long drag of a flight, but I suspect you won't need several days to recover. If you resist the urge to nap on the day of your arrival and get a good night's sleep you should be in pretty good form next morning.

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Feb 17th, 2004, 01:44 PM
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What was I thinking??? The girl's on her honeymoon and I've just told her to get a good night's sleep! Maybe I'm the one that's jetlagged, or as LizF suggsted in another thread, I've forgotten to take my meds again. Sorry about that.
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