Help! Australia or New Zealand for Two Weeks?

Jun 2nd, 2005, 08:46 AM
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Help! Australia or New Zealand for Two Weeks?

My husband and I are planning a two week vacation for October or November, and have narrowed it down to Australia or New Zealand.

He was supposed to go to New Zealand several years ago but severely sprained his ankle and couldn't go. He loves outdoorsy vacations (backpacking, hiking, camping). I enjoy those too, but don't want the trip to be all outdoors. I'd love to also spend time in the city, on the beach, and visiting some wineries.

Given that, and given the fact that we have two weeks to spend, should we go to Australia or New Zealand? I know the scenery is spectacular in NZ, but I worry it won't offer the variety I'm after.

I'd love to get opinions and recommendations from people who have been there. Thanks in advance!
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Jun 2nd, 2005, 09:17 AM
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I would vote for NZ, because in only two weeks, it will be hard to see much of Australia without taking several expensive internal flights. In two weeks, you could make a nice 11-12 day tour of NZ's South Island, along with 2-3 days in and around Auckland.
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Jun 4th, 2005, 01:37 PM
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OK can't help on the NZ Aussie question cos I'm from NZ so biased. If you want beach probably go to Oz at that time of year.

NZ does give variety. As for cities NZ has a couple but most people in the rest of the world consider them towns so you're right out of luck. And if you want to come to NZ for the cities go somewhere else because they are just cities.

Go to the south island for the outdoors. You won't regret it. Wineries at the top of the south or my favourite East coast of the north island.

I don't know how old you are but if you are 35+ you will probably enjoy my home area Hawkes Bay. Warm weather, music, cafe culture and wineries all over, right by the beach but you'll have to have a car to get to the swimming ones. Might still be a bit cold for swimming in October. Proably need a car on the east coast anyway.

Another thing you could do it part of the Queen Charlotte walk. I haven't done it but all my friends have. It is in the Sounds top of south island. A "yuppie" tramp. You get the water taxis to take your packs each day and book a bed at the lodges each night. No cooking, tenting or sore backs. And if you don't want to do the whole walk (4 days I think) catch a water taxi back to the town. It is still a bit rough but nothing like a DoC cabin on top of a mountain.

On my honeymoon we drove SH8 from Christchurch to Queenstown over two days and it was magic stopping at all the view points and lakes.

Rotorua and see the geothermal stuff. Smells funny but it fun.

Queenstown is a party town, adventure sports stunning scenery, Milford sound is a must do.

Just some ideas. There are so many diverse places in NZ. No one lives more than 1 hour drive from the sea and almost no one lives more than 4 hours from a ski field. You have fiords, volcanos, rainforests, desert road - volcanic plateau, huge mountains that break the country in two affecting the weather a lot. It could be 25oC on the east coast and sunny - 3 hours drive on the west coast it is raining and 10oC.

I'm rambling but I'm in London and homesick can you tell??
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Jul 13th, 2005, 12:48 PM
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Hi, Jonesey,
I am inclined to agree with ALF about the time factor allowing a good trip in NZ. You could probably see most of the country's good outdoorsy spots in that time.
However, if you chose one state,and a couple of places in that state, in Australia you could probably have a great holiday also. I am thinking of Queensland and more particularly Cairns and the Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast. Both areas are full of outdoorsy things to occupy yourself, and are quite different.
I have just seen that date of your posting and realise you have probably organised your trip by now. Will still post this though.
Wilees, hope you were not affected by the bombs last Thursday, and will be able to make a trip home to help ease your homesickness soon.
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Jul 13th, 2005, 04:04 PM
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Hi, I guess you have done your homework by now and booked but if not you would be able to have a real holiday in NZ as it is smaller and you can go from beaches to lakes to mountains within 2 1/2 hours of anywhere. The Bay of Pleenty would get you to Rotorua ( geothermal) great walks up in the mountains (National Park) and beaches (Ohope!!! )a drive around the East coast would give you spectacular views.
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Jul 13th, 2005, 07:58 PM
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I would guess that your enjoyment of either country would depend on where you are from - if you are from Phoenix then perhaps some green land, snow and mountains would be wonderful but if you are from say Colorado then perhaps Queensland and the Great Barrier reef followed by a shopping spree in Sydney would be welcome.
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