GBR / Whitsundays Suggestions Needed

Mar 12th, 2009, 01:23 PM
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By the way that business at Mt. Julian has been running for 18 years which is much longer than any of the fly by nighters that you have recommended.

Mike and Tina are in the centre of Airlie Beach if that is your preference and have been operating for about 5 years. Neither are just internet sites they have actual shop fronts with info centres for all tourists and know their products inside out. cheers airlian
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Mar 12th, 2009, 02:59 PM
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Just like you and I and webboe for that matter airlian, a web site is just that, no credibility other than with people who may have had successful dealings.
There's an old saying "give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves"

Mount Julian a Whitsunday suburb!
What utter BS airlian - , and Tyree road!
I's even suggest that somebody may live out that way, far closer to Proserpine because some employment could be had in the sugar industry like yourself.

That you seem to push some particular sites on here rather than direct elnap29 to sites where the range of boats can in fact be explored by themselves speaks volumes.

And then the style of your language on here and you would want people to take a recommendation by some unknown for other unknowns with dodgy sites, there being a possible background scenario of personal dealings stands out more and more.

If your friends have a business in Airlie Beach, why do they not list it as such.

Again elnap29, there are sites that are specifically for boats, many more than what I have in fact listed but here with airlian we have something a bit strange occurring.

I would not mind betting that airlian is pushing these particular sites over all others on other forums too, peddling his connections for whatever reason.

I am going to raise with the moderators the nature of the sites that he does portray as being something special for the alarm bells do ring!

Again elnap, beware the unknown on the internet, airlian and myself both unknowns but if we have multiple posts there could be something in that and I'll just direct people to mainstream sites, where possible they being organisations with the end product.
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Mar 12th, 2009, 03:40 PM
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If you are stll istening elnap (and I doubt you are)the post prior to this one should assist you in choosing the best information per your original requests.
It is obvious to me & others that airlian has given you some excellent unbiased information that should be followed.
To suggest otherwise & accuse airlian of self interest regarding his posts is ridiculous.
To also suggest that "we have something a bit strange occuring" is right on the money.
Some people just don't know when to concede & I hope the moderators do take some positive action & start censoring some of the misinformation & unsubstantiated accusations that too often appear on this forum.
Enough is enough!
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Mar 13th, 2009, 12:59 AM
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These are 3 of the biggest comopanies here. fantasea and Cruise Whitsundays are the major daytrip operations based here and are the only 2 companies that offer GBR daytrips from Airlie.
pacific Sunrise is in my humble opinion the best overnight cruise available here.
Look at these pages and you will notice links from these 3 big players to .
Do you really think that these big time players in our market would recommend a backyard shonky business, I doubt it. You may also notice that they don't recommend any out of town or internet only sites as you do Bushranger.

Oh and I don't know Daintree air, why would I it is based 800 kms away from The Whitsundays, so how could they have an intimate knowledge of Whitsunday cruises? I have never bagged them I just haven't heard of them, please excuse my ignorance.

Mt Julian is 16 km's from Airlie Beach, check your google map. It is in between Proserpine and Airlie. Proserpine is where our seats of power lay as in The Whitsunday shire council and is very much the heart of The Whitsundays, so I can't see how you would say Mt. Julian is not a suburb of The Whitsundays. Maybe I have been mistaken all of these years and Strathdickie, Mt. Marlow, Dingo Beach, Hydeaway Bay and Conway Beach are not part of this area, funny they always used to be.

Airlie beach has only been around for 30-40 years while Proserpine was founded by pioneering stock over 150 years ago
So yes I am Proserpinian as all born and bred locals are. Does that mean I don't know the islands, I doubt it, I have ventured to the islands and reef before I could walk with my father and his mates. We used to go to Hamilton island before there was a resort there.

The reason I say use a local agent is simple and has been explained before.

If you want a good quality cruise and get in touch with they will recommend pacific Sunrise because it is in their stable. I have no problems with that as she is a fine vessel.
If you contacted they would recommend Whitsunday magic which again is a fine vessel.
If you contact they will recommend Coral trekker another great boat. But none of these companies will recommend all 3 because they don't want to give business to the opposition.

A good local agent will more than likley mention all of these boats plus maybe Descarada which is a 1 boat company as well as possibly iceberg which is another 1 boat company. So the agents represent all of the companies and have all of the boats at their disposal not just ones that belong to a certtain business. That is the only way to get true unbiased advice which in the end gives you the best choices available to you. Surely that is not tooo hard to work out.

The reason I joined this forum is to stop the spread of massive amounts of misinformation that is being peddled on this site and sites like it. remember your devestataed resorts with cash flow problems, that is a prime example.
The reason I joined this forum is to offer local knowledge to the many people that request it.
The reason I joined this forum is to help people make the most of their stay in my backyard.
The reason I joined this forum is to help people, too bad you can't say the same. cheers airlian
You go to the moderators all you want. I have nothing to hide all I have done is offer excellent advice on how to experience one of the nicest places in Oz, too bad you cannot say the same. cheers airlian
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