Fiji/Cook islands or both?

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Fiji/Cook islands or both?

We are trying to decide on where to go our first time in the South PAcific. Tahiti seems so expensive, we like more laid back and informal destinations so I have narrowed it down to fiji or rarotonga/aitukaki in the cook islands.

How is the Coral Coast on fiji's main island? we are interested in having great beaches to swim on, snorkeling, and lots of cultural things to do as well as meeting the locals.

I saw a travel package from LA for 5 nights on Rarotonga, then fly to fiji for an additional 5 nights and then back to LA. Would this be too much traveling? Although I could spend 10 nights lounging on the beach my boyfriend likes to be much more active, I was afraid rarotonga may be too small for a 8 - 10 night stay.

If anyone has been to both, can you tell me the differences and what is good about each island?

Thanks in advance!
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I went to Fiji this September for my honeymoon and it was gorgeous. We went to Savusavu and stayed at Namale and was the best experience I have had. Then we left there and went to Hideaway Resort on the Coral Coast. It was nice but it is a long drive (about 1 1/5 hours) from the airport and I didn't like that. I heard that the cook islands are really nice too. So, it depends on what you want probably.
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Fiji is much larger and more diverse, so whatever it is you are looking for, ranging from the cheapest backpackers place to the poshest 5-star resort, you can find it. The Cooks are much smaller and more remote. If you want to really get away to a very different place that is not so 'touristy', I would vote for the Cooks. I would agree that 10 days on Raro might be too much, but you could go to Aitutaki, and other outer islands, such as Atiu (my favorite!). The Cooks are generally more laid-back than the more-developed parts of Fiji. On the other hand, you can easily go off the beaten track in Fiji, by journeying to an outer island like Kadavu or Taveuni.
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Coral Coast is OK, it's more off the path than the cities but not as remote as some of the more exclusive islands. It's easier to make some day trips, and a spot that will do far better in getting that beach.

Now one part of your post says "laid back and informal" which probably describes most of the south Pacific, but it fits Cooks more. Then the "cultural things to do" is much more Fiji.

The 10 day trip would not be too much travel. I agree with others about 10 full days just in Raro, you'd want to get at least one other overnighter planned.

Another suggestion for you if perhaps you want to spend the full time in one place. Tonga might be a good compromise. With the King's Palace, the flying foxes, blow holes, really great crafts to buy, and the beach I think you'd keep yourselves busy. It doesn't have as much or as diverse activities as Fiji, but then more than the Cooks. It's not quite as bustling as the Fijian cities are, and I think almost as laid back as the Cooks. (or the Fijian outter islands)

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J Brooks: I've been to both, but not Aitutaki(Which I hear is great) Forget the Coral Coast , too far. Stay @ Sheraton Fiji, for sure, take a 3-4 day cruise on Blue Lagoon or Capt Cook. Sheraton Deanru has a Marina near, that takes day trips also to outer Islands.. Fiji is a must Our dollar is great. Also have dinner @ Sheraton @ Port o Call, quite an experience! Cooks are OK, but Fiji is geared up to do what ever you want, just returned last week. BULA! Frank

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