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Would you all suggest a trip to Bali, if I'll be living in perth for a few months. I heard it's a wonderful place is this true. What is there to do. What type of airfare would this cost.
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It depends on what you want and how much to spend. The exclusive resorts on Nusa Dua and in the Mountains are beautiful. Some areas in the mountains are beautiful. Everything else is not beautiful. Indonesia is still a third world country. The reefs though are not in great shape because of population pressures. Bali is very crowded, filled with tourists, smog and Balinese people trying to sell you something or hustle you. You can't walk more than 10 feet without being approached by the natives especially if you travel alone. You have to bargain for everything outside the resorts. But if that's what you want then you'll enjoy it.
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make sure that all your vacinations are up to date as 90% of travellers get sick in Bali.
The rest of the information is better obtained at a travel agent
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I couldn't disagree with the other two posters more. Bali is a great place for a holiday - the culture and people are great, the scenery diverse, the food fabulous. It is so cheap from Perth. See a travel agent when you are here. A return fare from Perth with 7 nights accommodation at a 3-star hotel in Legian/Tuban area (my pick) would cost about AU $1000 at the most. About US$600 - what value!!

You can do as much or as little as you want in Bali.

As for vaccinations - again I disagree. People may well get sick but mostly it is too much of a good thing!! As a traveller you should make sure you have tetanus shots for example but there is really nothing more you need for Bali. Perhaps in this day and age you should be vaccinated against Hep A and B but that goes for anywhere not just Bali. As in any under-developed country watch what you eat - don't eat raw food or food washed in water and not dried properly. People say don't have ice in your drinks either, but if you are in a top hotel that wouldn't apply. Personally I have never had a problem but maybe I have a cast iron constitution or just been lucky.

Get some books on Bali - Lonely Planet, Fodors or whatever and get an unbiased view. Don't listen to the very biased messages posted previously.
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Heaps of Australians visit Bali as a holiday destination as it's cheap and the weather's always hot and sunny. We stayed at Nusa Dua which is all 5 star hotels and nice but a bit odd in my opinion, as no locals are allowed into the area unless they work there. That also means you don't get hassled every 2 minutes to buy something (you want watch, you want hair braided etc etc) which is kind of nice. Ubud in the mountains is a nice place too, a few hours drive from Kuta. If we went again, we'd stay around Tuban/Legian/Seminyak. Food was excellent and really reasonable, accommodation was cheap compared to elsewhere in the world. We both got sick for a day with Bali Belly, a lot of people seem to get that.
You'd get the best deal once you are in Perth, just go into a couple of local travel agents, they will all have deals.
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OK then, if the Perth people have such a blaise' attitude to Bali and the diseases you can get going there may I suggest that you take no notice of them or me and do a search on the Internet's World Health Authority site for medical risks in these areas and what precautions you should take. It's all very well to have a gung ho approach with your own health but to suggest that any problem is over indulgence on behalf of the traveller is nonsense. I am a middle aged non-smoker, light drinker, don't take drugs of any kind and I got sooooo sick that out of the 7 days I was there 4 of them were spend with one end on the loo and the other in a bucket. Yes I did only eat from the hotel, yes I only brushed my teeth with sterile water, no I did not do any other thing to get sick because I am acutely aware of those dangers.
Perth people have nowhere closer to go than Bali so they think it is the be all and end all of international destinations. Those of us on the eastern seaboard know other places better
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Please note: This information is intended as a general guide only. Please contact your local doctor for more information. Vaccines and prescriptions can be obtained from most doctors, but remember to START EARLY (6 weeks before travel if possible).

Recommended for
Hepatitis A All travellers
Hepatitis A is transmitted by food and water
Hepatitis A vaccine: 2 doses, 1st dose at least 15 days before departure.
Human immunoglobulin: can be given just before departure; effective for 3-6 months.
Diphtheria Tetanus
Rubella All persons who have not received a booster in the previous 10 yrs.

All person unsure of their immunisation status
Adult diphtheria-tetanus vaccine (ADT)
Oral polio (Sabin)


Malaria Travellers staying OUTSIDE main cities & resort areas of Java & Bali. Mefloquine weekly or doxycycline
Chloroquine weekly + proguanil

Travellers in rural areas or backpackers.
Typhoid vaccine (injection or capsules): 4 weeks before departure.

Hepatitis B
Those at risk of sexual or blood contacts.
Hepatitis B vaccine: 3 doses starting 6 months before departure.

Japanese B encephalitis
Long term travellers,
(over 2 months) especially rural areas.

Japanese B encephalitis vaccine: 3 doses.

Remember: No vaccine or preventive medicines are 100% effective. Advice concerning general measures to avoid illness should be sought in addition to the above information. If you become ill on return from overseas travel, see your doctor and inform him or her about your travel.

Special Notes: Indonesia

1. Other mosquito / arthropod borne diseases
Filariasis endemic in rural areas.
Outbreaks of Japanese B encephalitis, dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever occur.

2. Water & food borne

Diarrhoeal diseases, including cholera, dysentery, amoebiasis, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and E occur.
A few cases of polio reported.
Helminthic infections can be a problem.

Note: Travellers to Bali.

Most travellers staying in resort areas in Bali, even if making a few visits to inland areas, are at low risk of malaria and other diseases above.

3. Other
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Sorry Mary didn't mean to upset you!!

I am also middle aged, non-smoker and light drinker and don't take drugs (not sure of the relevance there). I have travelled fairly extensively and take normal precautions. And I don't think Bali is the be all and end all of international destinations - my choice there might be Turkey or Canada, however as a short interlude during our winter Bali is sure hard to beat, Phuket probably beats it but Bali is pretty good.

I did not mention ALL those diseases you mention because I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that people would be covered for polio, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella etc as a matter of course. Now as you note I cover Hep A and Hep B.

I have taken Malaria tablets occasionally on the recommendation of my doctor but he doesn't recommend it now for Bali.

Rabies is possibly worth a thought but I don't think you can wrap yourself in cotton wool always.

By the way when I meant too much of a good thing - generally in the tropics it is the wonderful tropical fruit I was referring to and when your system is not used to that - watch out.

Have a good day.
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Hi Rel and Sarah,
I live in the tropics in Australia and I cringe when people say or suggest that travellers go to Bali when on your doorstep are some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world surrounded by one of the wonders of the world - the Great Barrier Reef. I live within a short jump to Hinchinbrook Island, which is really paradise, and because it is a large island I try and get over there whenever possible to walk or just to find a lovely spot where I can dream the day away. Robinson Crusoe eat your heart out.
The islands in Australia are clean, accessable, don't have touts everywhere you go, are near other beauty spots and of course are close to the reef which means wonderful scuba or snorkling expeditions. Even just walking on the reef at low time is an experience. The Queensland mainland up here is abundant in wonderful things to do and places to go. You can eat, drink, and go about daily life with the knowledge that you won't get some disease from it.
The cost from Perth is not high if you go through the Internet, you don't have airport taxes or exchange rates. The tropical fruit available is just the same as in Bali AND you know you can eat it without getting Bali Belly. We also have some wonderful markets and some very colourful Aboriginal exibitions that you could be anywhere else in the world. Perhaps you should try us sometime and just see what Australia can offer in comparison.
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I have just checked the Qantas site and holidays in Cairns ( flight and accommodation) are about the same as a holiday in Bali but I suggest that for value for money Australia can do better than Bali - as I said previously you don't have to pay airport taxes and any of the holidays can have extra nights or upgrade of hotel with them.
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Dear Sarah, A friend of ours from US has just spent 10 weeks in Perth visiting all over Western Australia. She also went with my mum on an overnight trip to Bali, she is 63 & my mum 64 and they had a small taste of Bali, they loved it although 1 day is obviously not enough time to experience all of Bali, it has whet their appetite to go back again, they stayed pretty close to the main shopping area, but if they were going for longer & travelling to the mountain areas, would definately check into vaccinations etc. The trip cost them $345.00 AU (inc 1 night accom at budget hotel & departure tax & 1 transfer from airport to hotel). There are 5 day packages from $589.00 from Perth available also.
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If you are staying in Perth then I would suggest going to Bali as West Australians regard Bali as their playground because it is closer than the eastern states and they, the west aussies, would hate to be seen going to the eastern states seeing that WA is the be all and end all as far as they are concerned. Which politician who said that they should put an electic fence around Western Australia to keep our all the eastern state riff raff?
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Hi Mary: Don't cringe when people suggest going to Bali: horses for courses. I agree we have wonderful places in Australia - I have visited every state, all (except Tasmania which I only visited once) more than once but have lived only in Darwin and Perth. In fact we leave on 20 June for 7 weeks in Australia, starting in Darwin and heading to Cairns early July.

However I can't agree that value for money Australia is better than Bali - sorry. I love Australia - would probably never live anywhere else - although there are some fantastic places all over the world - but value for money Bali and Phuket, Koh Samui and other Thai places would have to win hands down.

I love visiting different cultures and I love the people - even the hawkers. I try to see things from their perspective and what they have to go through to make a living - no Centrelink in Bali!!

You are right we have fantastic places in Australia but to see other people, other cultures etc. keeps our eyes wide open and makes us realise how lucky we are - and Janette, I'll even include the "eastern states" there.
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I have read the diverse comments about Bali but having just returned I have to say that I would not go back. The main beaches area are really degraded and I was really saddened to see the dead coral washed up on Kutas beaches, the plastic rubbish is just floating around everywhere. Their culture has been to burn or bury their rubbish so I saw large piles of rubbish as tall as a building on Kutas beach. I also noticed them burying broken bottles and rubbish on the main beaches. You smell smoke all the time from the rubbish being burnt as well and that includes the plastic.
Ubud rubbish is the same and there is very little remaining of their native forests in this region. It is fortunate they have a large expanse which is free of development however it still saddened me to see the degradation of this potentially beautiful island.
Also one comment from the shop assistance serving me in Ubud was that there were too many Australians. I thought about this later and thought maybe there was a language slip up, she may just have meant there are a lot of ausralians? But who knows.
You have to make up your own mind....
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