Adelaide or Perth?

Feb 4th, 2003, 12:55 PM
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Adelaide or Perth?

My fiancee and I are setting up a trip to Australia for 17 December to 4 January and would like to hit three main "bases" and take side trips from there. First = Darwin from 17-22 December; Second = Perth OR Adelaide from 22-29 December; Third = Sydney from 29 December to 4 January.

I like to see landscapes, seascapes and critters of all sorts (birds, small mammals, wallabies gallore); she LOVES to see animals and indigenous cultures (that latter part should be solved by going to Kakadu).

As my message title suggests, however, we are undecided about Adelaide v. Perth -- we both like the idea of spending time at Kangaroo Island, but I am highly intrigued by the Pinnacles and wonder if Rottnest Island or some other nearby area would make up for lost time at Kangaroo Island. Any suggestions?

Also: how long of a drive is it from Adelaide to the Twelve Apostles?

Thanks far in advance.
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Feb 4th, 2003, 05:29 PM
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I can only answer part of this:
Firstly you are coming in the hottest part of our year and Adelaide, Perth and Darwin can be very, very hot. A & P have gone over 100 F on many days this year and Darwin gets humidity +++ Kakadu gets hotter and humid. Darwin should be in the "wet" at that time of year and that makes it more bearable I think but the other two have had a very hot summer this year.
Perth is a long way from the Pinnacles - can't remember how far tho'.
Rottnest Island is a very small island off the coast from Perth and has Quakkas (spelling?) which is a small wallaby like animal - but that is all it has and is nothing like Kangaroo Island.
Perhaps you may like to think about going to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania which would fulfill your criteria of landscapes and critters and the climate would be a lot kinder to you.
The best area in Australia for Australian birds is the S.E. corner of Queensland which has about 327 varieties in a very small area i.e. 400 sq miles. You would also have critters, seascapes, indigenous cultures ( you can get that all over Australia is certain areas) etc etc. I think Perth and W.A is at its best in the spring when the wildflowers are out - Adelaide and S.A. too, but more later in the spring.
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Feb 4th, 2003, 06:54 PM
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Adelaide to the 12 Apostles is 700kms - about 8 hours driving, not allowing for any stops. If you were going to do this you'd be best to then travel onto Melbourne. I'd suggest either Adelaide - with a trip to Kangaroo Island or as Liz suggested Cradle Mountain in Tas which has spectacular scenery, lots of native animals and a would provide a good clmatic contrast with Darwin and Sydney.
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Feb 5th, 2003, 12:02 AM
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I am originally from Perth and I have only been to Adelaide for a few hours en route, but can give you two opinions of Adelaide vs Perth from more experienced Perthites. One friend who lived in Adelaide for a couple of years said, Adelaide people say they have the river (Torrens) - but Swan River is far more impressive, and they say they have great beaches but Perth's are far better, and overall thought little of the city simply as he saw little in the way of extras that Perth could not offer - (both specific points he made from my observation are true). But my cousin has also lived in both places and prefers Adelaide to any other Oz city reckoning its restaurants for example are outstanding value with some of the best in Oz and generally finding it a more pleasant place to live.
Sea breezes (the Fremantle Doctor) in Perth are more reliable than Adelaide so though both places can get really hot, Adelaide is probably more consistently stinking hot. So TAsmania depending on your tolerance for heat is a good suggestion.
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Feb 7th, 2003, 02:15 AM
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I have been to Perth and live in Adelaide. Perth is a great place no doubt about it but comparing Rotness Island with Kangaroo Island - well KI wins hands down. Many overseas tourists come to Adelaide just to go to KI and they love it. It is a very laid back place, weather is cooler than Adelaide in summer. Oranised tours are available and can be purchased from the Tourist Bureau on arrival in Adelaide. Also around Adelaide there are great wineries to visit, wildlife parks. Wurrawong Sanctury is very good, also Cleland Wildlife Park both in the Adelaide hills. A very easy city to get around, prices are great for eating and entertainment. Yes this summer has been very hot but who knows about next year - last year was very mild. Anyway you will have a great time in Australia no matter where you go!
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Feb 7th, 2003, 08:23 PM
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I would not bother with either Perth or Adelaide. They are small pretty cities with no real history. They are great places to live but not worth a visit. The pinnacles is about 2 hours drive north of Perth. They are interesting but not worth a journey to Perth. If you like snorkeling, the Ningaloo Reef, around 12 hours drive north of Perth is good, but extremely remote. Rottnest is a small rocky desert island which is OK for a budget family holiday but does not have much to interest a tourist.

Darwin at that time of year will be unbearable. Yes, it is the 'wet' season, but the extremely high temperatures turn it into a sauna. The time to visit Kakadu is definately in their winter (june, July)

If I had to pick a third base at that time of year I would go to Tasmania. For sheer mass of seascapes and critters, tropical north queensland is great, but not during their summer.
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