1st Trip to Australia

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1st Trip to Australia

An adult (mid-40's) group of us are planning our first trip ever to Australia, to ring in the year 2000. Am seeking basic information right now as follows: recommended cities where we will find decent accomodations (fancy not needed but clean), access to diving, a good beach or 2 and access to exploring/wildlife. What can we expect to pay for airfare? For hotels? Total ballpark figure for both, per couple? I don't know what cities to aim for. Do we want to steer clear of Sydney? What about Perth? Also what time of year is best, for both weather and tourists? Yes, I'm starting from scratch here and any information will be appreciated!
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Perth is a very beautiful city. However, it is a long way from anywhere else in Australia. Perth is one of the smallest cities in Australia. It is a very friendly city and has the perfect climate for diving and the beaches are absolutely beautiful. The average price for a nice hotel room in Perth range between AU$75 to AU$200 and there is plenty to choose from. Airfares to Australia can be expensive, but I am not sure of the price because they are always changing. Perth is a beautiful place and I highly recommend it.
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I definetly recommend Sydney! For a advance purchase ticket prices are about $1000. from L.A. Sydney has loads of great beaches. Hotels are plentiful and come in every price range. For more inexpensive hotels, try the Kings Cross area. It's pretty harmless. The Gold Coast further north by Brisbane has wonderful snorkeling. Food prices run the gammet from expensive restaurants to deli's and take out. There is any kind of food you may ever want as it's very cosmopolitan. Transportation prices are fair. There is no sales tax in Australia. The winters are warm enough that most of the country does not use or even have central heating. Summers are pleasant in the south and hot in the north. Have a great trip!
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The season's are reverse of ours. Do go to Sydney, very cosmopolitan, nice people. I was there in Sept. which is the beginning of Spring there. Weather was on the cool side so a jacket is necessary. As for air fares, they all change, so it would be cognisant of you to check about 3 to 4 months before traveling.
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Went 2 years ago, our summer, their winter. Costal towns of Sydney, , Melbourn were O.K. with a raincoat with liner, Cains was lovely, bathingsuit weather without too much heat and found a wonderful night spotting tour to see nocturnal animals. Liled Melborn best of the cities I went to, I like Victorian and the English feel, and think Tasmania is an absolute must for lovely country and sceanery.
Also visited the capital, Canberra, which is rather inland and found the temp there a bit on the too cold side, but then I am from California!
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Sydney and Perth are the nicest cities in my opinion.
As far as beaches go the eastern and western coastlines are basically packed with white sandy beaches. It is easy to find a beach all to yourself.
However the beaches north of Cairns in Queensland are outstanding as they are set amongst tropical rainforest and there are some nice resorts there.
The Whitsunday Islands in Queensland are definately worth a visit.
If you want to really get away from it all checkout Broome in North Western Australia. Beautiful beaches, nice Resorts and plenty of desert.
Tasmania is a must it is cooler very green and mountainous with plenty of wilderness.
At http://www.channel8.net/australia/ there is a form you can fill out for your travel itenary.
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Hi guys, here is a quick info for you . Places to dive is North Queensland/Barrier Reef, Port Phillip Bay (in Victoria for ship wrecks) and Western Australia.
Cities that are a must, Sydney,Melbourne, Darwin, and Tasmania. Perth is also good for a visit, but is 5 hours flight time from Sydney. Current cost as an International Tourist is approx $A 600.00 return aroundabout, $US500.00.
If you use Sydney as a base, it is about 4 hours flight to Cairns, (about $US350.00 return). Great spot to see rainforests, sunshine , beaches, and coral. Accomodation is varied I would reckomend
accomodation from the Travel Lodge/Park Royal
chain, which can be discounted by joining their Pacific Privilige Club. Accommodation in Aust
is quite cheap comparied to USA, with the exception of Sydney and Melbourne. Costs for Accommodation is approx $US140.00 per night in Sydney and $US120.00 per night in Melbourne, most other places are between $US60.00 -$US 100.00 . This hotel chain is 3 or 4 stars. Flight time to Melbourne from Sydney is 1 hour, and cost return is approx $US150.00
The best time to visit would be March to April or November to December. Good Luck!
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Daniela De la Llana
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As an Australian, I have to say that this is the best place to visit..... The Fruit and vegetables are excellent. Anyway Sydney, is a great city, you have sight seeing things like Darling Harbour, Bondi Beach (is a must), basically everything you need is here. Hotels are not expensive but it depends on where you want to stay.... Also you have your hostels, but all hotels and motels are in excellent conditions except pubs. And there all in an affordable price range...

e-mail me for more information......

Only a few more years till the OLIMPICS>>>>

Hope to of some help..
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went to aussie for a mth 3 years ago in April ... i liked
melbourne best...'cos itis a really nice place... i suggest u start
from there or Tasmania & proceed to Sdyney, or Gold Coast ..
if u enjoy beaches... Bondi beach in Sdyney is great..
Go Blue Mountains ... it's a beautiful place...
cool dive spots wld be Great Barrier Reef... nice corals..
ther are plenty of easy excursions that go out to the many islands
nearby... shoud be fun ...
it was quite chilly in April ... raining quite a fair bit ...Canberra is
fine if you enjoy "capital-modernish" sights... i personally like melbourne
alot.. wld go back again if i can ... anyway... have a great trip & enjoy !!!!
p/s- the folks are really nice people!!


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