1st Trip to Australia

Old Mar 24th, 1997, 07:29 AM
Dale K. Woodrow
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1st Trip to Australia

An adult (mid-40's) group of us are planning our first trip ever to Australia, to ring in the year 2000. Am seeking basic information right now as follows: recommended cities where we will find decent accomodations (fancy not needed but clean), access to diving, a good beach or 2 and access to exploring/wildlife. What can we expect to pay for airfare? For hotels? Total ballpark figure for both, per couple? I don't know what cities to aim for. Also what time of year is best, for both weather and tourists? Any information will be appreciated!
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There are hundreds of tropical islands in the Great Barrier Reef each one is Paradise. The Whitsunday Islands just south of the Barrier Reef are also superb.
The best cities in Australia are Sydney and Perth.
Perth is the worlds most isolated city as you have to trek across thousands of KM of desert to get there but it's worth it.
If you make it to Sydney then go on the Manly Ferry, this will give you a taste of this amazing harbour
The Blue Mountains on the westside of Sydney are very nice and it can be a great escape from the heat of summer if it gets unbearable.

The top third of Australia is in the tropics so make sure its winter when you go, the weather will be hot and dry but if you go in the summer it will do nothing but rain and the humidity will drive you mad. Worse still you can't swim in the beaches as the Box Jelly Fish are in season and they are deadly. (no exageration)

The southern 2 thirds of the Australian continent is best visited in spring and summer.
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Australia is the greatest place! I would definitely not miss the Great Barrier Reef, especially if you like viewing things underwater. We stayed in Port Douglas, not too far from Cairns. It's a quaint town (at least it was a few years ago) with an absolutely gorgeous beachside resort named the Mirage. I'm unsure of the prices, but it's likely on the higher side. It also sits on a beautiful golf course where Greg Normand has a condo. This area is also relatively close to the real Aboriginal Rain Forests where you can go four-wheeling with a guide
(weather permitting). I also think that Sydney is a wonderful city. We stayed with friends there so I can't advise where to stay. The time during which we went was in August, which is their winter. It was comfortably warm up near the reef, and mildly cold around Sydney. The exception was in the ski resorts. If you like to ski, we fell in love with a ski village named Thredbo, between Melbourne & Sydney.Transportation wise, you really need to buy an inclusive ticket which includes not only your airfare to & from Australia, but also two or three flights within the country itself with open-ended dates. This will likely cost at least $1500, but well worth it. The Country is too big to drive around in and still see the major places. Have a great trip!
Old Jun 9th, 1997, 02:53 AM
Fred Essenwein
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You're in for a great trip. I went in November/December,
and weather was great. Ansett is the local airline
and they offer great deals on air passes for foreign
visitors -- it boils down to a bit over $100 (US) per
A super way to visit the center of Australia is to
fly into Alice Springs and hook up with a several-day
camping trip. We took one that went to Ayers Rock and
Kings Canyon -- both spectacular places. Much more
enjoyable way to travel compared to the standard
tour bus route. Group of about 15 people and a
driver/guide who was great and made lots of unscheduled
stops and detours to suit the interests of the group.
Lots of hiking to see the best sights, so better be
in reasonable shape. We went with Sahara Outback Tours.

When you get back to Alice Springs, don't miss the
chance to take a hot air balloon ride. We went with
an outfit called Spinifex Ballooning. Great experience.

Cairns has lots to do -- snorkeling and diving, plus
the rainforest areas to the north.

We drove west from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road
which is a coastal area with spectacular rock formations.

Sidney of course is a must with plenty to see and do.

As long as you're going all the way to Australia, I
suggest if you have time that you also visit New
Zealand. Spectacular and unspoiled. Best bet there
is to rent a car on each island and just explore. We
had no accommodations reserved and just winged it at
small hotels and B&Bs -- no problems at all, and met
many great people.

Can't wait to go back to both countries -- probably
the best vacation I've had to date.
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hi, i was in aussie for about a month ... on budget travel as I
was a student then... my suggestion is to get a solid guidebook
recommend Fodors or Lonely Planet .. then work out your itinerary
& budget to spare for the whole trip. There are lots of good & clean
motels in Aussie, especially in Melbourne .. i really love that place, you
must go there... the place & pace is lovely.. lots to see & explore
The Great Ocean Road is really beautiful... on a cool day...
Tasmania is nice too... esp. if u like TAZ !!
Sdyney is very cosmo .... usual places like Darling Harbour ,
Opera House etc...are basic touristy places...
but go up the mountains if you can.. probably can do more fun things
Canberra is very much a capital.. as all the others mentioned, don;t miss
Great Barrier Reef.. it's really a great place for diving.. but do check out
those guidebooks , they can be a great source of info...
i can go on & on. abt aussie, but i guess part of the fun is gathering all
your info.. have a great trip !!! cheerios.

Old Jun 14th, 1997, 03:52 AM
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Hi! I am a 22yr old Sydney resident who would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. I have friends who have done abit of travelling around AUS and I will help you in any way I can.
The olympics in Sydney 2000 will obviously be a huge event which you may either wish to incorporate in your trip or aviod. How long do you intend to spend in AUS?
Old Jun 22nd, 1997, 01:19 PM
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We are a young couple planning our first trip to Australia. Time won´t be a problem but maybe money. Does anybody know how much is the rent for a little apartment in Melbourne, Sidney or Adelaide? And, which is the best place for scuba diving and "training" on water rescue?. We will really appreciate any comments or suggestions for planning our trip. Thanks a lot!
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m tahir
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hi,michelle at e-mail [email protected] i am pakistani us citizen coming to australia first time in july.Would i encounter any prejudice,i will be in sydney for 5 days. I would appreciate an honest answer. thanks
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M Tahir of Pakistan - There is really not much predjudice in Australia. We are a big melting pot of all races and are quite tolerant. That is not to say that there are not a few around who have other ideas and we do have our conflicts, but on a whole things are fairly good. A lot of international press has picked up on Pauline Hansen (a controversial political figure) and the race debate going on here at the moment, making Australia sound like it is full of racial predjudices. However, this is not true, Australians are really quite tolerant and laid back people. You are most welcome!
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R. Kohout
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Yes, get Lonely Planet.
Sydney is nice, especially The Rocks.
Cairns and the Reef are tops.
MacKay is very nice.
Winter (June-Aug) weather is nice esp up north. Beaches are safe from jellys.
Blue Mountains are nice and are close to Sydney.
I very much liked all of Queensland.
For an extra $100 US you can stop in Tahiti and/or New Zealand on the way to and from.
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Alyon Rodrigues
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I am coming to Australia at the end of Sept.and was wondering if there are any cheap areas that I could rent an apartment. I will be in Sydney for about 5 months and was wondering how one goes about finding an apt. I would like to live in Glebe or some area close but safe and cheap.. Thanks
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Michelle, I am 42 years old and am travelling to Sydney in October. I would love to "chat " with you about things like clothing and bars etc. My friend and I are not gay and we love to party and see the sights. We are hoping to have a wonderful time and meet some local people too. How dressy do we have to get and should we wear our sequins? Please write back at my email address, I don't check these things often. Thanks so much. Kim

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