Why Some Love/Some Hate China?

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Why Some Love/Some Hate China?

I read posts here with people seemingly addicted to China, read about it obsessively, go whenever they can. Then again I meet people who've been there, say it's filthy, the bathrooms appalling, people coughing & spitting constantly, cigarette smoke everywhere, children using the outdoors as a bathroom. What's the truth of the situation? And how will they handle the Olympics if they get them? I believe spectators will be real surprised at the bathrooms when they arrive, if they're the type I've heard of!
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Hi there,

All of the above are true. If one is expecting a politely westernized version of Asia then one may be sorely disappointed (though one can live such a life, cossetted in the international hotels). Asia is Asia, and for those with an open mind it can be the most fascinating, exciting, vibrant place in the world.
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My sister visited a commune in China several years ago, and found it to be "dirty and vile" with the bathroom literally making her gag (decided to "hold it" til she could get back to her hotel") Don't know about the rest of China though - hers was a one day visit!
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We found China fascinating, but I can certainly understand the people who don' t like it. The scenery, culture and history are fascinating. The food was horrible. I'm not a big fan of Americanized Chinese food to begin with, but once we got there, we realized we really hated Chinese food - so that was a major problem for a trip that lasted nearly a month. We did the ugly American thing and ate at McDonald's and Pizza Hut whenever we could. We found the people very friendly and curious about us. We made a few friends there with whom we still correspond. The bathrooms - well, I've encountered bad restrooms everywhere - U.S., Europe, other parts of Asia. The squat toilet does take some getting used to, but it's not a big problem for me. We will probably return to China one day, but I won't spend another month there.

I bet if China gets the Olympics, many Western facilities will be built to accommodate visitors.
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I found China to be fascinating. True, it's rather dirty (can't figure out why people don't just sweep up the trash in front of their stores) and the squat toilets aren't fun, but it's such a little part of seeing a totally different culture. If cleanliness (which is fine in hotels and restaurants) is your whole criteria for visiting another culture, then I would suggest staying home. America is particularly tidy compared to Europe and Asia. Of course, you get fined here if you dump stuff out on the street.

Please don't let negative attitudes dissuade you about visiting China or any other foreign country. Seeing the world makes us realize that the rest of the world is quite happy to live their own lifestyles.

Also, I really liked the food. Not particularly fond of Chinese food at home but it was very fresh in China, especially the vegetables. I did get tired of it by the end of my trip and tried some hotel version of American food and it was lousy!
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Hi Gia:

I just returned 2 days ago from spending a month in China. This was my first visit to the Orient.

I think people's expectations have a LOT to do with how they feel about China. If you expect "Disney World" clean in China, you will be disappointed. Having heard about the toilets, and smelly streets, and spitting, and bad food. . .
I was wary.

In actuality, I found (in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hong Kong) that the stories were overly negative. I had MOSTLY excellent and exotic food (and not just in the big hotels), and just put up with some unpleasantries we wouldn't find at home. The fabulous architecture, helpful people, exotic food and history are well worth it!!!!

Beijing is REALLY hopeful of the olympics; the city is filled with signs already. I do not think, personally, that they are ready for the olympics (IE: Compared to Paris and other competing cities).


A Fellow Traveller,
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Get over it.

If you want a clean bathroom and polite people go to Boise, daho. If you're looking for an adventure, culture and an amazing trip China is the place to go.

Laci, seven years ago China was a completely different place and one day is by no means long enough to pass judgement on any place.

Best advice I gave, living here. No your toilets.

ex: McDonalds, fairly clean, sink outside

Starbucks, full facilities, clean

Hotels, 4-5 star perfect

Local restaurant, hole in ground, bring your own paper...better yet hold out


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