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Trip Report: Thailand, Nov 14 - 28, 2005

Trip Report: Thailand, Nov 14 - 28, 2005

Jan 13th, 2006, 10:42 PM
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Trip Report: Thailand, Nov 14 - 28, 2005

Greetings all. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts here and thought I would share my experiences of my recent trip to Thailand. To give you some background I am a 39yo single male from the U.S. who had never been to Asia before. My trip was probably a little different from most. I am friends with 2 Thai women here in the U.S. and I spent one week of my trip with one of my friends who was visiting home and also spent a couple days with my other friends family in Bangkok.

General Observations: My trip was definitely not a well planned out trip. Mostly all was seat of the pants spur of the moment. The great thing about spending some of it with people from Thailand was that I got to experience a little more of a local, off the tourist track experience. There are many things that I'd like to do that I didn't get around to. Going on a 3 day trek in the North, taking a cooking class, seeing Muay Thai, going to the floating market. Ah well, things to save for my next trip and I definitely think I will return in the near future. Most of the people were very friendly and helpful and gracious, although sometimes a little to hawkerish in the more touristed areas. The food was incredible. Did eat a lot of street food, I know the warnings about this, but when I was with my Thai friends this is where they ate, and it was so good. I did get sick although I think it was from ice in a Thai Ice Tea in a bag. Overall it was a great experience. I would say my best vacation ever. See a lot of things there that definitely make you say, "Well now, that certainly is different", but never was overwhelmed by culture shock.

Flew DFW-SFO-HKG-BKK leaving evening of Nov. 12 and arriving late morning Nov. 14. Flew Cathay Pacific from SFO on. Great service. Arrived on time at BKK on a sunny, warm, humid morning, with the golfers out in full force between the two main runways at Don Muang.

Monday, November 14: Bangkok
My friend Phai who has family in Bangkok, her brother Ake picked me up at the airport. Went to their house and showered. I was rather tired, so he and I just went and had a few beers and some snacks. Later stopped at an open air restaurant and had dinner. My first taste of "real" Thai food. It was delicious. Anyway I managed to stay awake until about 9:30 before I passed out on their couch and got a good 9 hours sleep. So other than being really tired that first day, I never experienced jetlag. I do think it also helped that I am kind of a night-owl and usually only get 5 to 7 hours sleep normally.

Tuesday, November 15 - Thursday, November 17: Koh Laoliang - Mu Koh Phetra National Park

On Tuesday morning I met my friend Ning at the airport for our flight to Trang. Her friend from Chiang Rai also went with us, and in fact had arranged this trip on the recommendation of some of her co-workers. After arriving in Trang we took a minivan to Had Yao and caught a boat to a karst island in Mu Koh Phetra National Park called Koh Laoliang.
On Koh Laoliang there is a company called XSite Diving. They operate what they call camping on the beach. We stayed in tents that they have set up on the beach. The tents have mattresses and linens and pillows. They are good tents. On Wednesday night after we all turned in for the night it came a downpour of rain and we did not feel a drop of water in the tent. They have a kerosene generator on the island so there is electricity.

While there we went swimming, kayaking, and snorkelling. We also went to the next island where there is a Muslim fishing village on Wednesday morning. They also have diving. The snorkelling was amazing. Right off the beach there is a lot of coral. The soft coral is so beautiful. There are seven different colors of soft coral although most of it I saw was pink or white. To me the soft coral looks like small clusters of snow-flakes. Since this area is a national park it is regulated how many visitors can come there and they only allow visitors from November to May, so it stays rather unspoiled. The general scenery there is spectacular as well. After returning from kayaking and snorkeling in the afternoon, some of the other guests were having a volleyball game on the beach. They asked me to join in. It was fun. Myself and one of the dive instructors who was from Belgium were the only non-Thai speakers, so it was a good way to join in with the other guests without the language barrier being a hindrance.

The food there was very good. A lot of fresh seafood. On Wednesday night they had a barbeque with fish, shrimp, squid and other seafood. The barbequed squid was especially delicious. The food was included in the accomodation. They did have a cash bar for beer and other alcoholic drinks. After the barbeque every one sat around and hung out and had drinks. One party was trying to get me to join them for some Mekhong whisky. I declined and stuck to beer. Later one the lady who manages the place brought out toast with birthday candles in them. These were our Krathongs since Wednesday night was Loy Krathong. We all floated our piece of toast on the ocean. That was probably one of the dissapointments of the trip that I was not somewhere to take part in one of the big Loy Krathong celebrations. But this was the only time Ning's friend could get off work to go to the islands with us.

Thursday, November 17 - Friday, November 18: Overnight Bus to Bangkok
We didn't get back to Trang until after the last flight of the day. Since Ning's friend had to catch a flight Friday morning in Bangkok, we took an overnight bus. It was a 12 hour trip. It left Trang about 5PM. It was a 36 seat VIP bus so the seats had a lot of leg room and reclined about 60 degrees and had a footrest so I was able to sleep a bit. As we were going along I kept seeing these huge truck stops along the way. About 4 hours into the trip we stopped at one. They herd us into a dining hall and bring out Thai dishes to all the tables. It was actually pretty good food.

Friday, November 18 - Saturday, November 19: Kalasin

Ning is from the city of Kalasin, which is the capital of Kalasin Province in Northeastern Thailand or Isaan. It is a city of about 30,000 people about an hours drive east of Khon Kaen. Friday afternoon we flew from Bangkok to Khon Kaen. Her father picked us up at the airport. Before going to Kalasin we stopped for lunch at a noodle soup place. The soup was similar to the Vietnamese Pho, but the broth wasn't quite as clear and seemed a little more flavorful. Also the meat was sliced pork and pork balls instead of beef. It was delicious.

Ning's family own markets in Kalasin. They are larger than a convenience mart but smaller than a supermarket. After arriving in Kalasin we just hung out for a while. This was Ning's homecoming so it was a big event for her and her family. Most of her family other than her brother do not speak much English but they were all so nice and generous. That night we went to a restaurant and picked up several dishes, including all the stuff for hot pot, or Thai style suki. Ning's father also brought out some really delicous Vietnamese sausages ( Ning's mother is Vietnamese ). Afterward Ning's brother took me to his friends restaurant and bar for a few drinks and then we went to a nightclub or "discotheque". For a small city this was a big nightclub. They had a stage where they had a band with various singers and dancers. Some of the female dancers I must say were gorgeous. Between sets the DJ played dance music and some people danced.

On Saturday morning Ning's father took, Ning, her little neice, and I around the countryside. First we stopped at a dinosaur park where archaeologists had done a dig and found a dinosaur skeleton. We then drove to a Buddhist temple in the countryside on a hilltop. The temple buildings were open sided so the breeze blew through. There was also a shrine that was open air and looked out over the surrounding hills and woods. If I was Buddhist I would want to come to a place like this to meditate and pray. It may not have been fancy and elaborate like the temples in Chiang Mai or Bangkok, but it was so nice and peaceful and tranquil. Seemed to embody what I understand a lot of the Buddhist beleifs and principles to be. It was also special to go with someone who is Buddhist, made it more meaningful to me. We then went to the dam area of a big lake. They have a resort there with a restaurant. We ordered lunch and sat on one of the small covered floating barges at the edge of the lake. Ning said you could hire someone to take you out on the lake, but we did not do that. They bring your food to you on the barge and that is where we ate. It was very nice. We had a few dishes including some Tom Yam Goong, and Som Tam (Spicy Green Papaya Salad). YES!! Real authentic Isaan Som Tam. I had been looking forward to this. Ning said her Dad was impressed that I could eat the spicy Som Tam : )
Hotel: Phai Boon Motel - Phai Boon Motel was a very bare bones Thai hotel a block from Ning's parents house. Definitely nothing fancy, but good enough to shower and get a nights sleep. Only cost 32 baht.

Saturday, November 19 - Sunday, November 20: Khon Kaen

Late Saturday afternoon Ning and I drove to Khon Kaen. Picked up her cousin Ge, who is an MBA student at Khon Kaen University. Ge showed us around town a bit and let me practice some Thai with her. I found Khon Kaen to be a very nice, clean, and attractive town. People were nice and laid back and friendly. That evening we went to the night market and ate. Had Pork Satay and some excellent Pad Thai. Later they dropped me off at the hotel. Went about a block from the hotel where there were some bars with live music. Had 2 beers there and checked out one of the bands. They were OK. Then went to the outdoor beer garden at the Hotel. Got to chatting with the bartender and one of the waitresses and they asked me to go dancing with them at the disco at the Hotel next door. Danced with them until the disco closed at 2AM.

After having breakfast at the Hotel went to an internet place at the mall across the street. Wandered aroung the mall for a bit. Ning and Ge picked me up after I checked out and went to lunch across the street from the big park with a nice big lake. This is a very nice part of town, there were a lot of people fishing and enjoying the park. There was a nice temple with a big golden chedi overlooking the lake. Drove to Udon. Went to a big temple in Udon. Got to chat with one of the monks there. He said I was the second American there that week. Ning and Ge then dropped me at the Udon Airport for my flight to Chaiang Mai. Flew on Nok Air. Cost 32USD. Flight departed and arrived on time. Was pleased with Nok Air. If you wanted a soft drink or snack you had to pay for it. But that is fine as it was a short flight and I didn't find that necessary. Overall service was good and the plane was comfortable.

Hotel: Kosa Hotel Khon Kaen - Very Nice 3 or 4 Star Hotel. Cost 1800 baht per night, breakfast included. Breakfast was a good combination of Western, Thai, and Chinese items.

Sunday, November 20 - Thursday, November 24: Chiang Mai

Arrived at the Chiang Mai Airport without a hotel reservation. Stopped at the hotel reservations desk by the baggage claim area while I waited for my bag. Booked the Chiang Mai Plaza for 1800 Baht per night. Caught a taxi from outside the airport to the hotel.

Sunday I hadn't felt very good to my stomach. I thought I was just a little hungover from to many Bia Chang on Saturday night. However, Monday, I still had an upset stomach and diarrhea and a little fever. Decided it was probably something I ate or drank. I ate a lot of street food, and more importantly had ice in my drinks. I know I did not play it super safe, but really, if I had I think that would have detracted even more from my trip. I decided to make this a low key day. I went and booked a day trip the next day to Mai Rim to the Elephant Camp and Orchid Farm. The rest of the day I just wandered the walled Old Town area checking out some of the temples including Wat Chedi Luang, observing street life, wandered down to Worarat Market and along the Ping River. After resting and showering at the hotel, I wandered around the night market, had some Mango and Sticky Rice for dinner. Since I still was not feeling great went to a pharmacy and explained my condition. She gave me some ibuprofin, something for my stomache and an antibiotic. Finished the night off by stopping at one of the numerous massage places near my hotel and had my first Thai massage. It was 150 Baht for an hour. It was so nice and relaxing and the massaging and stretching of my legs felt particularly good after walking around all day.

Tuesday morning the tour van picked me up at the hotel at 8:00AM. I had booked through Sunny Tours across the street from my hotel. The tour was run by Amporn tour. After picking up some other folks we went to the elephant camp. It is kind of a dog and pony show and I have mixed emotions about it all. It was nice though to be up close to these magnificent creatures. The scenery was also very nice. They took us to a resort for a buffet style lunch. My stomach was starting to feel better but I didn't eat a lot. The food I'd say was average. After lunch we went to an orchid farm. The orchids were so beautiful and I got a chance to do some macro work with my camera which was cool. Got some great pictures. Overall the tour was OK. The "lady" tour guide was knowledgeable enough and spoke decent English. I also met a retired couple from Florida. I would later bump into the husband in Bangkok. They were visiting his cousin who has lived in Chaing Mai for 6 years and they are contemplating living there part time. It was also fun flirting with one of the two young ladies who were the "tour guide trainees". She was a sweetheart and took my picture for me a couple of times. After showering up I went to the Riverside Restaraunt on the east side of the Ping River. By now my stomach felt much better and I had Yam Nuea and some sticky rice. It was delicious. Once again capped off the day with a one hour Thai massage.

On Wednesday I slept in. After breakfast I caught a seangtheaw to Chiang Mai University, and from there another seangtheaw to Wat Phra That at the top of Doi Suthep. This is a beautiful temple. The gold leaf covered chedi is magnificent. The temple sits at a peak at there are 208 steps to the temple guarded by naga on each side. This was the first "major" "fancy" temple I visited so I was stunned by the artistry and how elaborate it was. Also great views of the city ( although it was a little hazy ) and the surrounding mountains and jungle. The only downside is that some of the vendors at the bottom of the steps can be way too pushy and do not want to take no for an answer. I had to get very firm with one of them to stop following me and leave me in peace. Took some photos at both the top and bottom of the small waterfall nearby and then rode back into the city. Spent about 3 hours over all at Doi Suthep looking around and taking pictures. After returning to the city, did a little shopping in the night market area. Picked up a few button down dress shirts for me and my Dad for 200 Baht each at a department store. After showering and relaxing at the hotel a bit, I went and sampled some food at the night market, had some especially good noodle soup with pork, and then got another massage. They are addictive.
Thursday morning had breakfast at the hotel buffet once again. The made to order omelets were delicious. Loafed in the area around the hotel for a bit and then checked out. Took the hotel shuttle to the airport.
Hotel: Chiang Mai Plaza - I paid 1800 Baht a night which included breakfast buffet which was quite good. Very nice room with comfortable bed. Very convieniently located right near the night market, about 3 blocks from the Ping River, and about a 15 minute walk to the Old Town area. Probably the nicest of the hotels I stayed in.

Thursday, November 24 - Sunday, November 27: Bangkok

Arrived at BKK mid afternoon on Thursday. Took a while to get off of the plane and my baggage was kind of slow. The flight was on a Thai Airlines A300. While I was waiting for my luggage I got a taxi slip at the booth. Had the driver take the tollway into downtown to the Holiday Inn Silom. After checking in and showering I walked 2 blocks south on Surasak Road from Silom Road to the BTS Skytrain. Took the Skytrain to Siam Square. Wandered around the MBK mall for a bit. MBK is something. A few big department stores, lots of small mall type stores and lots of stands in the corridors. Of course one floor is all electronics, mostly cell phones, cell phone accessories, and service providers. Large food court on the top floor. To me it seems like a cross between a modern western mall and a street in a Chinatown. Went back to the hotel to get an early nights sleep.

Friday morning I got up early to go to Ko Rattanakosin to see the famous temples. Took the Skytrain to the river and then took the Chao Phraya Express river "taxi" to Ko Rattanakosin. On arrival, I grabbed some snacks for breakfast from the vendors near the pier. The fish balls dusted with coconut and quickly deep fried were especially good. Went to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. Wat Phra Kaew is just beautiful, the artistry of the structures is amazing to me. Then went to Wat Pho. I especially loved the mother of pearl inlays on the Reclining Buddha's soles that depict the characteristics of Buddha. Had some stir fried noodles for lunch and then headed across to Wat Arun. Wat Arun has very nice ceramic artistry and the views of the river and the city on the river were nice. There was a nice refreshing breeze too. Caught the Chao Phraya Express to head back to the Hotel around 4PM. Oh my, it was so incredibly crowded at this time. Amazingly enough I hear a voice saying "Hey, remember me?" It was the gentleman I had met on the day trip in Chiang Mai on Tuesday. After showering I ventured out to find some dinner. Ended up eating at a streetside "restaurant" just inside Silom Soi 20 on the right. I had probably the best Pad Grapao with Chicken I have ever had. It is all freshly cooked to order. I ended up eating here the next 2 nights too. Went to the Banyan Tree Hotel to Vertigo to have a couple of cocktails and take in the scenery. It is an incredible feeling being on the roof 60 storeys up, and the view was awesome.

Saturday I took the Skytrain from the Sarasak station to the Siam station where I changed trains and went to the next station to the east. I wandered around that area a bit and checked out the Big C store just north of there. I especially liked the third level which was the grocery store. Very clean and orderly and so much selection. I wish we had a grocery like this in Dallas, I would be in heaven. Went up to the food court and had a few items for lunch. I had a stir fry and some Vietnamese Spring Rolls and a Thai Ice Tea or Chai Yen. All good if not anything special and relatively inexpensive. I then went back to the skytrain and took it all the way to the last station to the north. Went to Jatujak Weekend Market. Spent about 3 hours wandering around there just taking it all in. It is very crowded and there is everything available there you can imagine. I saw maybe 1/5 of it. Bought some polo shirts for myself and also a couple to bring back for Ning's boyfriend. Also bought a handbag for my mother. I can see how it could be very hot there. Luckily the temperature was only about 85F that day so it wasn't too bad. I did work up a thirst so I stopped at one of the vendors and had the "Roselle Drink". It seemed a lot like the Jamaica drink you get in Mexico or at the really authentic Mexican restaurants here in Dallas. I wonder if it is the same thing. It is made from a flower and is deep red in color, a little sweet, a little tart, and very refreshing. After showering up I ate again at the place inside Silom Soi 20 and decided to check out some nightlife. I went to Sukhumwit Soi 13 as I knew this is where Bed Supper Club and Q Bar were located. I did not realize they were so far down from Sukhumwit. Stopped in at a German place for a beer. Chatted with a very sweet waitress who said they are on down. She recommended Q-Bar so after finishing my beer off I went to Q-Bar. Q-Bar was smaller than I expected and very crowded. The cover is 600Baht but you do get 2 free drink tickets. I had Vodka and Tonic and checked out the scene. The crowd was very mixed. The DJ was spinning a good mix and I found an area too dance. Started dancing with a lady who was there with a group of friends celebrating her sisters birthday. Danced with her and her friends and they shared thier Whisky, Ice, and Coke with me. Cool people and I partied with them until closing time. Had a great time and took a cab from out front to my hotel. Did not have any problem getting him to use the meter.

On Sunday I went to my friend Phaiís Momís house to go with her Mom and her brother Ake to Ayutthaya. When we got into Ayutthaya we stopped at a ruined wat. Took some pictures there. The ruins were in good condition. You could climb up the steps of the main chedi. Inside there is a hole which Ake explained to me were used to hide artifacts in when the Burmese invaded. After leaving there we stopped and had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Chao Phraya River. The whole fish was especially good. After lunch we stopped at a small museum. It was rather nice, had some Royal and Buddhist artifacts. We then stopped at some ruins across the river from the Queens Palace. Really cool plaster covered ruins. About half of the plaster had weathered off which created a neat effect. Interesting all the beheaded Buddha images. Apparently the Burmese beheaded them when they invaded. It was getting late in the afternoon so I was able to get some good pictures of the ruins silhouetted against the setting sun. Before going back to Bangkok, we stopped at the Mustlim vendors selling the roti bread and this sweet shredded roti. It is very popular and you have to wait in line. It is like cotton candy and you wrap it in the bread. Took some back with me and it is a nice little sweet snack although some may find it too sweet. I found Ayutthaya to be an interesting place to visit. I have never been to the great ruins, like say Wat Angkor so I found it interesting. I especially found it cool how in addition to the historical park complex you would see remnants of ruins interspersed with modern business buildings and dwellings. After returning to my hotel that evening I showered and went back to Soi 20 for dinner. Interestingly enough I ran into the Japanese lady I had shared a table with and chatted with the previous evening. Had a nice visit with her before calling it a night and returning to the hotel

Hotel: Holiday Inn Silom - Paid $85 dollars a night. I think it is probably a little overpriced for what it is. It is only 2 blocks from the Sarasak BTS Skytrain station so that made it convenient for sightseeing, but when I return to Bangkok I think I would prefer either the Siam Square area or the Lower Sukhumwit area. No complaints though and major props to the concierge talking on the phone to Ake and getting and writing in Thai the directions to their house for me to give to the taxi.

Nov 28 Morning flight BKK-HKG-SFO-DFW arriving late evening. Only complaints are the plane was very hot while waiting to leave BKK. Also the procedure from going from passport control and customs to domestic in SFO is not marked very clearly.

Well all in all I had a great time.

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Jan 13th, 2006, 11:06 PM
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Sounds great, glad you ventured to Khon Kaen, it rarely gets a mention but the whole arrea in my opinion has much of the appeal that so many are looking for, but few venture to, one of my favorite hotels in Thailand is the Sofitel in Khaon Kean, a real bagain, B 1,900 or B 2,250 for a Junior suite!
I hope LA sees your review as they are heading down Trang way to Koh Lipe soon.
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Jan 14th, 2006, 02:48 AM
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Thanks for the wonderful report. I'm amazed at your level of detail two months afterwards. The repot on Isan was particularly fascinating.
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Jan 14th, 2006, 03:34 AM
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Fantastic detail - your trip sounds fantastic. Lao Liang sounds just our cup of tea - thank you for the tip.
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Jan 14th, 2006, 05:56 AM
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Thanks for the great detailed report. You can have the most amazing experiences in Thailand when you get off the tourist track!

Are you a saluki from SIU?? My DH is a graduate of SIU and I took classes there for a couple of years myself.

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Jan 14th, 2006, 06:41 AM
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Nice detailed report! Any chance you will be providing a link to your photos?

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Jan 14th, 2006, 07:24 AM
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Saluki, what wonderful experiences you had! Thanks for taking the time to put in all the details.
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Jan 14th, 2006, 02:35 PM
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Yes,great report! Thank you!
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Jan 14th, 2006, 06:12 PM
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thanks for this interesting report....i am sure that many liked seeing that you can visit thailand and not do the 4 and 5 star things and still have fun and a rewarding experience...

i bet you are watching ads for low cost airfares for the future
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Jan 15th, 2006, 12:35 AM
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JamesA - Yes, I think they say only 2% of all visitors go to Isaan. It was in some ways the favorite part of my trip going to Khon Kaen and Kalasin, to see the "real" or "unspoiled" Thailand. No tuk-tuk / tour / massage touts constantly calling out to you like in Bangkok and Chiang Mai ( although in fairness they are usually pretty good natured about it). And the people were definitely so friendly and generous to me there. That said, I realize it would not be an easy area to visit without a local to show you around. As I said some of the nicer sights were out in the countryside. I suppose one could find a driver who spoke some English to take you around. Don't know though as there are so few tourists. Kind of hope it stays that way for the sake of the folks who live there. It is funny though, sometimes I go to the Lonely Planet board and see the "I am so dissapointed in my trip to Thailand. I went to Patong, Samui, and Phangnan and don't feel I experienced the real Thailand." posts. Well, here it is.
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Jan 15th, 2006, 12:43 AM
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Carol, I am indeed a SIU ( Southern Illinois University for those not from the midwest ) Saluki. In fact I grew up just outside Carbondale and lived there until moving to Dallas 5 years ago. Was just back there for Christmas visiting family.

Eurotraveller, I'll have to figure out a way to share my pics. I put them on Snapfish. I think I'll set up a spoof e-mail account and share them with it and then post the info here. I have a LOT of pictures posted there.

rhkkmk - Yeah, I guess I kind of slot in between the 4/5 star vacationer and the backpacker. Besides, I am all about getting out and exploring, so fancy hotels and restaurants are really not so important to me. I would like to check out some of the restaurant recommendations you guys put up though if I get back. Airfares are not so much an issue as is being a "working stiff" with limited vacation time.

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Jan 15th, 2006, 12:58 AM
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I very often say that there is just so much more away from the well trodden tourist trails and without getting 'too remote' there can be a reasonable balance, one thing is hotels, as in all main towns there is always at least 'one' very good hotel as these of course cater to high spend domestic travelers and of course local business travelers, so you can always find something at least decent 3 star and then head for day trips, of course language can sometimes be a problem but in all cases the good hotels will set you up with a driver/guide and as long as you go there understanding not to expect a high level of English it won't be a problem, many of the places can be reached on Thai Airways, hotels will pick people up and as the hotel prices are so much lowver you can always go for top level rooms ( if you can afford ) and you get VIP treatment.
I often say one of my favorite hotels is the Sofitel in Khon Kean and at USD 48 it's a bargain!
Beachwise we head south of east of where we are but our preffered area is between Hua Hin and Chumphon for coast and beaches, and you can still find superb accommodation if you want luxury( e.g Evason Hideaway at Pranburi, over USD 350! ) in addition to the more basic hotels.
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Jan 15th, 2006, 01:17 AM
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OK, if you would like to view my pictures you can go to:
Log-on with
E-mail: [email protected]
Password: thailandpics
After logging in click on "go to photos" and then on the next page click "view all friends albums".
There are more pictures there than anyone would care to see, luckily, each of the albums is in thumbnail format so you can just click on the ones that interest you.
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Jan 15th, 2006, 10:18 AM
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Fantastic report and great pictures. Thanks for sharing your unique trip to Thailand!
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