Train questions for November Japan trip

Jun 18th, 2013, 03:14 PM
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Don, thanks for the shuttle information! Unfortunately like you, we will be leaving too early to use the shuttle service in earnest to get to Kanazawa in a timely manner.

Kathie, on your way back to Narita you should change trains for the N'EX at Shinagawa station and avoid Tokyo station. The N'EX stops at Shinagawa and it is a much smaller station with much easier access than at Tokyo station. You cannot use the N'EX SUICA deal on the return trip only. But you can get the Limo Bus/Tokyo Metro pass deal, not as good as the SUICA deal but a deal just the same....details here:

If you feel inclined there are bus stops going in either direction right in front and across the street of the Hyatt in Kyoto but since Bob is so generous this maybe just a moot point.

Your total fare for trains would come out to ¥24450

Shinjuku-Kanazawa ¥12210
fare ¥7570 + seat fee ¥4640

Kanazawa-Kyoto ¥6510
fare ¥3890 + seat fee ¥2620

Kyoto-Odawara ¥11550
fare ¥6830 + seat fee ¥4720

Odawara-Narita T2 ¥6390
fare ¥2940 + seat fee ¥3450

So no JR pass needed. Tried to see if you could use the nozomi but that would actually take more time with your itinerary.

Craig, with all the hiking and biking you do those few steps you may encounter inside the train stations should be a snap

This thread reminds me that I haven't even figured out our train times yet

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Jun 18th, 2013, 04:05 PM
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Thanks so much for all this help, Peter. So, if I understand correctly, when we buy our tickets and make our seat reservations, we should tell them we are going from Odawara, change to the Narita Express at Shinagawa and get our seats for both segments. Is the Shinagawa station the stop before Tokyo?

In looking at the limo/metro deal, it is only for a one day metro pass. Is it worth getting anyway, and is there another pass we buy for the other days? Suica?
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Jun 18th, 2013, 04:25 PM
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Yes you can ask them to change at Shinagawa when making your reservations and they will do so. Shinagawa is in southern Tokyo a stop before Tokyo station.

You can get your own SUICA card if you need from any JR station or when you make your reservations at the JR office. It is just a prepaid card so ¥2000 is a good first amount to put into it. You can top off at any JR station if you need more cash in there. You will see SUICA machines at just about every subway and train stations. They are good for 10 years and hopefully there will be a return trip before that

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Jun 18th, 2013, 05:47 PM
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