Tongue Thai From the Peninsula?

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Tongue Thai From the Peninsula?

How far is Tongue Thai from the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok? My husband and I get into BKK on the Thai Airways flight next Thursday, arriving at 5PM, hope to be at hotel by 7? How long will it take to get to Tongue Thai? Any other recommendations for a good Thai restaurant close to hotel? I am sure we will be very tired so I do not want a formal atmosphere. We are flying out of BKK Saturday morning, so I want to make the best of our 36 hours. Thanks!
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Tongue Thai is easily accessible from the Peninsula by taking the boat directly across the river and walking just a few blocks. Tongue Thai is located behind Oriental Plaza. Harmonique is also a short walk, just about 4 more blocks by going to the larger road, turning left, and when you see elaboratly decorated poles, turn left into that little street. You'll find it about 1/3 of the block down, on the right.
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the penn boat will drop you either at the oriental or the pier right next to it, upon will take you 5-10 min total...

tongue thai is right in back of OP Place which is right in back of the fact you will see the large OP Place sign on the river just next to the hotel and next to the public pier...

to return to the hotel i would have the restaurant call a taxi for you...

harmonique is in the same area basically but is slightly more difficult to get to...

the chinese rest. in the penn is quite is on the lower level...we had fabulous dim sum there twice last november...
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The Gods will REALLY have to be on your side to land at 5 pm and be at your hotel by 7 pm on a Thursday night. You will be hitting the highway and city streets right at prime rush hour on a weekday. It has taken me 2+ hours at times to drive from the airport to the Penn at that hour, and you will first have to deal with Immigration and baggage claim, not to mention the long schlep down the hallways of the new airport to get to Immigration....

You might consider having the car drop you at the Penn's private pier on the Shangri-La/Oriental Hotel side of the river and then take the Penn's ferry over. The hotel will take care of getting your bags over from that point on, you do not have to schlep them yourself. This will save you at least 20 minutes on the Sathorn Bridge and traffic on the other side, and at that hour could in fact save you 30-45 minutes. Take a look at the Penn's website for information on the location of the pier, it is called the Peninsula Pier, go to

For some reason, the Penn rarely mentions this option when you book a car with them, you often have to remind them of this, or remind the driver when you are in the car.

When leaving the hotel for the airport, unless you are going at a very early hour it is usually almost always faster to have a car or taxi meet you at the Penn Pier on the Shangri-La side of the river as well.

I had dinner on Tuesday night at the outdoor terrace restaurant in the Hilton, which is just down the river from the Penn and thought it was very nice. It is very casual, they have buffet and a la carte, including Thai selections for both. I donít think you would need a reservation as it did not seem busy. They have such a pretty setting on the river and some of the tables are around big sofas, very comfortable, and with the cool weather now it is so nice in the evening along the river. They seem to serve quite late, so you could go whenever you get settled into your hotel.

For pther restaurants close to the Penn, the Terrace Rim Naan across the river from the Oriental (and run by the Oriental) is good Thai food on their very pretty outdoor terrace and never seems crowded, or you can you inside to the Sala Rim Naan for dinner and Thai classical dancing. Both are casual, although some women dress up a bit for the Sala Rim Naan, but its not required or necessary from what I have seen. (Some people feel the Sala Rim Naan is touristy, and it is a bit, but really if you have never been to Thailand and never seen Thai classical dance, it is a good opportunity; I have been probably half a dozen times over 20 years and always enjoy it. If you want to go to the Sala Rim Naan, you would need a booking, Call the restaurant (66-2-437-6211) or the Oriental Hotel (66-2-236-0400 ext 3133) or check the Hotel's website at " ) Finally, the Pennís outdoor terrace restaurant is very pleasant and the food is good, as is the Orientalís. Both are quite casual and serve Thai food as well as Western.

While the food can be a bit on the average side, IMO, the view at Sirocco on top of the State Tower Building is really marvelous, and it is walkable from the Penn (take the boat across to the Oriental pier and walk a few blocks itís at 1055 Silom Road). A pre or post dinner drink is good if you donít want to have dinner there.

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Wow, thank you so much for all the words of wisdom! Hopefully we will be able to eat somewhere before midnight, I did not realize how long it will take us to get through airport and traffic. And now they are predicting some snow in New York City on Wednesday, the day we are leaving... at least we have a direct flight to BKK, so I am not worried about missing connections.
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As between the two, Tongue Thai and Harmonique, do you have a recommendation as to which is better for dinner?

I guess my criteria are both food and atmosphere/design, and perhaps air conditioning. I recognize the food versus atmosphere might be inversely related, however.
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If you want to go to Harmonique, it's closer to be dropped off at the public pier next to the Royal Orchid. It's just a couple of blocks from there.

Harmonique is pretty funky, and the marginal service is better if you are outdoors (no ac). Indoors at Harmonique you may have to present yourself outside at the cash register in order to get your check. And forget about ordering something more after you have placed your initial order! Harmonique's lacadasical service is legendary. Tongue Thai is a more conventional restaurant, all the seating is inside.
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The food is better at Harmonique, but the service much better at Tongue Thai. If I was eating after a lengthy flight, I would go to TT. My patience might be in short supply.
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If you arrive exhausted, you might consider the Thai restaurant in the Peninsula. Very atmospheric overlooking the river with torches and music. We had an excellent dinner there. (Also loved Tongue Thai!)
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you will be tired and you will probably not be ready to go out to eat until about 8 is my guess....

tongue thai is both pleasant on the inside and has great a/c....the menu is varried and the restaurant is the easiest for you to get to...

the food is better at harmonique, but there is no is also cheaper...and it is more difficult to get to until you are more used to bkk and that side of the river...

quite frankly i would stay right at the penn and eat there and enjoy the river and the lites from both the terrace and from your room....

on my most recent trip we arrived at the airport at about 5PM.....had a limo to the hotel (marriott---just down the river from you), checked in...left directly by taxi to tongue thai....we were exhausted and this was about all we could the time dinner was over we were all washed up and ready for bed...
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hi Bob,

I thought Harmonique had plenty of atmosphere - granted, not a romantic or quiet atmosphere - but I thought it was very unique and interesting to look at - especially for a westerner who had never been to Thailand before... We will definitely head back there on our next trip to BKK!!!

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ken...hi...i was not trying to discourange them from going to fact i do hope they will, but for a first nite i think there are better options when they will be tired and honestly will probably not even remember the experience....would you agree with this?
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The Peninsula is a pretty intoxicating place. After a long flight like that, it might be more pleasant to stay in the Peninsula's cocoon and just take an elevator downstairs and eat at the Thai place that's right on the water. We had a very good meal there, and you have an exquisite view of Bangkok. Then go to Tongue Thai the next night. You would see a little less of Bangkok in your 36 hours, but it might be more soothing.
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