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My husband and I are planning a trip to Japan in September and I am wondering for people who have been, what would be the one thing we cannot miss doing?

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...spending at least three full days or more in Kyoto (and including the Miho Museum in your plans).

Stu T.
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Go to the sumo tournament in Tokyo.
Go to a baseball game if you are a fan.
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Stay in a ryokan.
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Spending at least 5 days in Kyoto. Miho Museum is a must see as are the gardens and Ohara.
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Get a good guide book and pour over it. I had a tentative list of things to see.

Don't miss the fish market in Tokyo, and a trip to Shibuya - the busiest intersection in the world.

There are sooooo many things to see in Kyoto, 5 days is minumum.

Take a day trip to Hiroshima.
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When I said a minimum of three or more, above...we just returned after spending 5 nights...could have used a few more.
Fall should bring colorful leaf changes all over town...

Do take a day to see the Miho Museum complex...(designed by world-famous I.M Pei of Louvre Pyramid fame, or infame as the choice may be)'s a short train ride to Ishiyama (about 15 minute commuter train from Kyoto Station)...then a bus (runs ten past the hour) for a 45-50 minute scenic ride to the remote Miho...well worth the visit. The colors en route should also be spectacular...especially later in September.
Stu T.

Stu T.
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Fall colors won't be in Kyoto until November.

Don't miss riding the shinkansen.
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Tokyo would be strolling back streets of popular neighborhoods and parks ie. Shinjuku, Ginza, Asakusa, Ueno, etc.

Kyoto would be walking the Pontocho at night....totally different atmosphere from the daylight hours.

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Do not miss Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Go at 6am to see the daily tuna auctions and eat at one of the many sushi stalls in and around the market. It is the #1 must see when I have visitors to Tokyo.

Otherwise, a week of roaming the neighborhoods of Tokyo will still only scratch the surface. I would spend the time trying to eat as much of the incredible food as possible, because it's just so much better here.

Combine Kyoto and Nara if you are doing multiple days.

If you do go to Hiroshima, which I recommend, also do a day trip to Miyajima Shrine. Another world heritage site.
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In Kyoto, walk along the Hinami Koji road in Gion after sunset. There are traditional houses on both sides, lanterns and curtains hanging in the doorway, tasteful tiny shops. At the intersection of Hinami Koji and Shijo is a Teahouse where you can probably watch a lot of Geishas. Enjoy your trip!
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In Kyoto do walk the path of Philosophers taking in the temples and shires along the route.
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I would mention riding the bullet train and visiting Himeji Castle.
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I just made a two-day stopover in Tokyo in March. I was there in the peak of the cherry blossom season, and it was spectacular.

I went to a small historic town about 1 hour away from Tokyo. It's called Kamakura. In Kamakura, you can visit a red shinto shrine called Hachimangun (not sure about exact spelling), a temple called Kenchoji (again, not sure about exact spelling) which is similar to those in Kyoto, and the big Buddha statue.

The entire town is full of other picturesque temples and quaint little shops. Everything is within walkable distance. I am sure you will like it.
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Another vote for Kamakura... especially the money washing shrine. It's a bit of a walk, but the shrine is such a total treasure. Plus, I'm now rich! (okay, I'm waiting for that bit)

We stayed overnight in Miyajima at a ryokan (Iwaso) and it was brilliant. They light lanterns after dark in the sleepy town; you can touch the famous Torii, take a sky car up to Mt. Misen and be totally pampered.

Hiroshima was incredibly moving; you only need about 3 hours there to see the sites.

Try the tea ceremony in Kyoto (you can attend one at Gion Corner).

Like someone else said, go to the fish market in Tokyo and eat at one of the sushi stalls down from the fish market shrine. It's literally the best sushi I've ever had in my life and it cost almost nothing!

If you're in Tokyo, try the sushi restaurant on the 4th floor of the Mark City Mall at the Shibuya Station on the Yamanote line. You'll see a big line of people waiting to get in... it's worth it (mall food is different in Japan than in America). Ask for Ko-Hama at the bar - he will have just been to Texas in August. ;-)

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