Thailand Itinerary

Jun 11th, 2004, 11:12 AM
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Thailand Itinerary

I am planning my trip to Thailand. There are two adults, late forties. I am a travel agent and specialize in Europe and Caribbean/Mexico and been there many times, however , this will be our first first Asia trip. With last kid out of house, we can afford to spend more time to travel. We also have business trip to Hong Kong so this will be extension from Hong Kong, 1 week in Thailand. Good news is that we will not have jet lag.

I already have my collegaue in Thaliand plan our trip so, and while the itinerary is more or less complete, before I buy my internal HKG-CNX-BKK tickets, I wanted expert's advice. And also suggestions for sightseeing. I did not finalize sightseeing and activities yet. We will be using private guides.

We will be going for 7 nights in October.

Day 1. Fly HKG-BKK-CNX (Chiang Mai)arrival 11:35
transfer to hotel 4 Seasons, Regent Chiang Mai, 2 nights.
Activities in CM - thinking about Doi Suthep 1/2 day tour, one day, night - visit Bazaar. Next day - 1/2 day tour to elephant conservation area, a question - we are not that physically fit, just average, - is the ride strenuous? I tried camels in Israel and was kind of scary when the camel gets up. Also, we were adviced to take oxcart ride in the village and raft ride on the river but I am not excited about these activities. I love Regent/4 Seasons CM and think I will just enjoy my time there after busy time in Hong Kong.

Day 3 fly to Bangkok 12:25-13:35.
Royal Orchid Sheraton 2 nights.
I am thinking 1/2 a day Reclining Buddha temple, and Royal Palace. Is there is time for Wat Po with massage? Then I can make a day.
Day 4. 1/2 tour ???? and evening Jim Thompson silk factory.
in the am - can be Wat Po? (sp?).

Day 5,6, Manohra cruises,
which will take care of some sightseeing in Ayutthaya and sightseeing on the way. We've loved barges in Europe so this will be interesting.
Day 7 arrive 6:30pm Bangkok, Royal Orchid Sheraton ( I hope they will keep our bulk of luggage while on a cruise).
Day 8 fly BKK-HKG.

Therefore looking for Thailand experienced travelers. Can you please take a look at my itinerary and give me some advice.

I also would like to have massages in Bangkok or should I do it while in Hong Kong. I also would like to do a little shopping but this is not a major priorty. Culture, architecture, temples, gourmet food, spa - our interests. I also need to attend major sightseeing sights so after this I will be able to give advice to my clients. I cannot sell destination well unless I've been there.

Thank you
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Jun 11th, 2004, 08:29 PM
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Do your spa time in Thailand. The Four Seasons at CM is supposed to have a lovely spa. I've used the Mandara Spa at the Royal Orchid a number of times and they are wonderful.

You'll probably want a half a day for a combination of the Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Po (the Reclining Buddha). I'd also recommend visiting the Jim Thompson House (as well as shopping at the Jim Thompson store and visiting the "factory outlets" for bargains).

I hope you are staying in the Towers at the Royal Orchid - well worth the extra money in my opinion.
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Jun 11th, 2004, 09:24 PM
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Couple of suggestions :

(1) as u may know the Four Seasons is a bit out of CM proper and hence approx. 45 mins drive from city center. Nearer airport. Factor that into your thinking of how much u want to do in your 2 days in Cm. The FS needs to be enjoyed at leisure so I would not plan to leave early morning for the city.

(2)Wat Po is in the same area as the other monuments so should not be a problem. DEF go for the a/c massage - in the main temple the massage area is non a/c but if u insist they will walk u 10 mins away to the a/c massage area which costs the same but is much more comfy.

(3) There are some great stand alone non hotel spas in Bkk. Post a qn if u want some leads.

(4) Agree with Kathie - the JT factory outlet at Sukhumvit Soi 93 is well worth a visit. But u need to budget approx half a day for it as it is at one end of Sukhumvit. One time effective way of going is to take the sky train to On Nut then take a cab. The sky train is the fastest however it is not walking distance from the last stop, On Nut.
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Jun 12th, 2004, 08:11 AM
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Kathie and Sameera_Anand, thank you!

What is the difference between tower room in Sheraton and regular room? The difference is $40 for tower room. If this is just concierge level, then it is not worth it. I am saving on Sheraton in order to 4 Seasons Splurge.

I do want spa, hopefully I can fit into my tight schedule. Any suggestions for spa other than Sheraton so it will be the same quality and less expensive. Somebody posted on this forum about small spa in BKK but I cannot find it.

Therefore, in CM I have first day 1/2 day and then second day all day. I intend to tour with private guide Doi Suthep and National park there, evening night night bazaar. Next morning, Elephant conservation center, then CM . The rest - relax in 4 Seasons, maybe have spa treatments. I heard restaurant is good there.

In BKK, as Kathie suggested, we will do Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Po (the Reclining Buddha). And Jim Thompson House.
What about Dusit Park?
And try to leave some time for spa.

Does anybody know about Manohra Cruises? It looks very nice.

Thank you!

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Jun 12th, 2004, 09:10 AM
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The difference between Towers and regular rooms at the Royal Orchid:

1. Room price includes full breakfast (for 2), evening cocktails and canapes. I find there is enough food in the evening, that I don't usually go out to dinner. Instead, I splurge on wonderful lunches.

2. Free laundry (up to 6 pieces per person per day!) will save you lots of money. Bangkok is hot, and I always have lots of laundry done.

3. The Towers rooms are on the upper few floors, so the views are wonderful. The rooms also have some nicer amenities.

4. Free internet access in teh Club room.

5. Yes, this is the concierge level, so you do get extra attentive service.
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Jun 13th, 2004, 05:43 AM
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We do have breakfasts included in our regular room rates. We do like to go out for dinner. However one feature which I might can use is laundry - this is good! However we will be in BKK 2/5 days so I guess we will survive. I will try to upgrade on arrival though... Thank you!
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