Stomach problems in China

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Stomach problems in China

Taking a 2 week trip to China (Beijing,Xian,Shanghi and Yantgze river trip in early September. Anyone have any bad experiences with stomach problems.

Any other tips would be appreciated.
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I'm in Tokyo now but lived in Florida for ten years prior to the move here. (job related). My husband travels to China quite often and has even been to Pakistan and India. I went to Vietnam earlier this year. No sick.

Do not drink water except bottled. Including brushing your teeth. Eat cooked foods. If in doubt of sanitary conditions, carry your own set of chopsticks. Anti bacterial gel may come in handy as many restroom facilities are not equipped by Western standards. That means bring tissue too. Bring some mylanta just in case. Bring Tylenol Pm or Benedryl to help you sleep if needed. You may need bug spray too. I have a sensitive stomach--;more problems with airline foods than anything in a foreigh country! Happy travels
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Previous post had some good tips. I've traveled to China often over the last 10+ years. Got sick on some bad kidney about 1994. Started eating two Pepto Bismol tablets every morning after that on a tip from a friend. Haven't had a problem since. And, I eat at a lot of local places that western health inspectors would close down in a minute.
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Returned last week from a 3-week tour of China. I ate my way across China and had no ill effects. A few people in our group did have stomach problems. Bring medicine. We carried Imodium. Pay close attention to Shannon's advice.
I did have a very mild reaction to the water on the ship during the Yangtze River cruise. Not because the water was bad; rather because it was different than what I was used to. ( I sometimes have the same problem in the States). On ship, the water is sanitized on board, it is not bottled water. So while the water is safe from bacteria etc., the mineral content was different than what I was used to. Most people did not have a problem.
Be careful about buying water from street vendors. We were told they will sometimes reuse old water bottles and fill them with tap water. There are plenty of small stores and super markets where you can purchase water and sodas.
The local vendors are very aggressive at the main tourist attractions. The worst we experienced were at the Forbidden City and the Terra Cotta Warrior museum. On the other hand, my wife was able to get good prices on postcards, t-shirts etc.
I feel bad mentioning anything negative about our trip because it was fantastic. The Chinese people are wonderful and the country is beautiful. I would return in a heartbeat. You are going to have a wonderful time.

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We spent two weeks in China in June and our emergency kit included Imodium; Probiotica (supports familiar digestive enzymes - available at WalMart; and as a precaution, Metronidazol, a generic of Flagyl. The latter was recommended by a physician who had been over earlier. It is used for extreme diareha. We took the Pribiotica daily, the Imodium a couple of times and, thankfuly, never had to use the prescription drug. Use common sense and you'll do fine. Enjoy! China and its people are wonderful.
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As earlier, use nothing but bottled water. For food strictly observe the peel it, wash it, cook it or forget it rule. That even goes for salads and buffets in the top 5 star hotels. Another MUST are the wet tissues. You can buy them in individual sachets (or you can get the anti bacterial no water hand gel). Always wipe your hands before eating anything.

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Don: All good advice in previous messages. I went in September last year. I brushed my teeth with hotel (4 star) water and got diarrahea. Immodium helped. One thing I did then on the cruise was use the boiled water the attendant brought for our morning tea to brush my teeth.
Enjoy!! The country is beautiful and the people are great.
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All good advice. But I will add my two cents as well. We were told not to take something like imodium -- our Drs. said it is better to get it out of your system. We do carry a prescription called Cipro that we take if we get a really bad case. It is a antibiotic. My husband seems to be the one that has the most problems with Deli, Bali Belly and we are both very careful ands eat the same thing. Me thinks it is because he "bites his nails". always check the seal on your water bottles when buying from street vendors. When rinsing your tooth brush don't use tap water. My final tip-- don't sing in the shower???
We leave in three wks for six 1/2 weeks in China.
"the coconut wireles"
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SINGING IN THE SHOWER.....SO THATS WHY I ALWAYS GET SICK!!!! Actually I take my shower w/ my mouth taped shut..literally! But I get sick changing from Modesto to Sacramento!!! If I let "it" run its course I would miss the that is not an option w/ me!!

I always drink bottled water and I do watch where I buy it..brush my teeth w/ it..and rinse the brush w/ it. I watch what I eat and obey all the rules..but sigh! Egypt our guide got me the magic pills after I suffered thru 2 tense days on Lomotil. The magic pills worked. I understand Cipro taken for a long period of time can cause yeast infections...GAD!!! check w/ your dr.

Im off to China next spring..and will hit the pharmacia as soon as I can and get what I can if I can. I dont look at it as paranoia but preparation!!!

Meanwhile I have also written down all the ideas listed here and will add them to the kit!

Ah is a fever that burns!
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coconut wireless
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Leanna, I forgot to add besides not singing in the shower"don't bite your nails".
the coconut wireles
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Dear Coconut!!! BITE MY NAILS....are you mad.....I wear acrylic nails....aint gwanna bite these little puppies off!!!

I also carry all kinds of alcohol wipes and that new waterless soap that sterilizes you..and use it constantly. And I properly wash my hands before and after every meal. See I do try!!!

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