Patong or Karon?

Nov 25th, 2007, 02:52 PM
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Patong or Karon?

I'm trying to decide whether we want to stay on Patong Beach or Karon Beach when we are in Phuket. Right now I am leaning toward the Phuket Orchid Resort on Karon Beach (based on price, location, and reviews in guide books and on trip advisor). Karon Beach Resort looks nice, but it's about $30US more per night. On Patong Beach, right now the leading contender is the Horizon Beach Resort, but that's just based on price and recommendation in Frommer's guide. Any thoughts as to which general locale is the best? We aren't into a lot of nightlife, although we don't mind going out in the evening to listen to music or have a drink. But we are usually in bed by midnight so we can get up and do activities during the day. We will probably do a fair amount out in the bay and on the water while in Phuket. Thanks for any thoughts.
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Nov 26th, 2007, 03:05 AM
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Deciding on 'which beach' first is the best thing to do. Patong is by far the busiest and most lively. Karon is quieter and you can tuk-tuk into Patong for nights when you want it 'lively', other times hang around in Karon or go down to Kata.

Hotels, both your choices are what i would call 3-star tourist orientated ( nothing wrong with that! ) Karon Orchid is very large, probably 500+ rooms. Both are busy mid-range hotels, if you are a family Orchid would be quite good.
But if you were say a couple and wanted something not so large or busy there are lots of alternatives.

Neither are on the beach but finding somewhere 'on the beach' is more difficult. Unless you want a busy mid range hotel close to busy part of patong I don't get the feeling Horizon would be what you are after ( could be wrong of course ! )

If you can tell us what sort of place you want, whether large touristy hotel, perhaps you might prefer smaller boutique style, also your budget.

Rates from now until end January are at the peak, and then they usualy drop a bit until April, then the rates go way down.

Kata sounds like it might suit you, as there are restaurants and also some bars but without the mass crowds of Patong. But you can still find quiter places around the 'edges' of Patong including some smaller boutique style places good for couples. At Karon and Kata there are also such, perhaps not boutique but smaller. Old Phuket at Karon is well priced and quieter, but also lots of other choices. Centara Kata is another reasonablt price place. Your choices are in the hundreds !

So tell us more, time of year, sort of place you are looking for, whether family or couple etc.
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Nov 26th, 2007, 05:07 AM
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It does sound like Karon or Kata might be a good bet for us. We are a couple in our 50's/60's. We will be in Phuket at the beginning of July, so I think that will be low season (but since I am still working in a school, summer is when we have the time to go). We'd like to spend under $100US per night, which it sems should be possible and still get a decent hotel. We don't tend to spend a lot of time at the hotel, we tend to get out and do things, so it doesn't have to be real fancy. But having a nice pool to cool off in would be great. And of course I'd love to be right on the beach, but if it's across the street from it, that should be OK also. Any thoughts based on this?
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Nov 26th, 2007, 07:14 AM
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July is right in the low season, that is also the rainy season, you could get lucky and have dry days, you might get a little rain, you could also get torrential tropical rain, that's why it's the low season.

You might considor Koh Samui in the Gulf at that time of year, rates on Samui 'will be higher' than Phuket in July, simply because the weather there is ok ( the Gulf side has a fifferent weather pattern to the 'Phuket' side ).
The rates on Samui go up around mid/20th July so if you can get in before that time $100 should be ok, on Samui you do get a far larger choice of places that are right on the beach.

Look into Samui and see what you think ( do but a good guide book, we all know details may be out of date but you get a feel for places and also maps etc so a good place to start is getting a guide book ). Koh Samui though does cost more to fly to from bangkok than Phuket does(!)

Meanwhile, back to Phuket, absolute beachfront unless you go for quiet often 'out of the way' / very expensive is not so easy, however, being July you can stay for well under half of what peak season would cost !! - Just note the weather, even if fine you have to watch for warning flags as there can be very dangerous under-currents July onwards.

In July you could get absolute beachfront at the kata beach resort for under $100 ! That's the good news, Kata is pleasant area and in low season you benefit from not having the crowds. For under $100 with breakfast and 'right on the beach' it would be quite a bargain. lots of pics

At the Old Phuket ( walk down to beach road and then across to beach ) at Karon $55 would get you a deluxe room with a balcony spa tub !

A lot will come to how much you in particular wanted to go to Phuket at that time of year, if yuo wanted to snorkel etc the Koh samui would have the edge easily, on Koh Samui although prices higher at that time there is no shortage of bungalows/cottages with real beachy/tropical style, clean, air-con etc.

Horizon Patong would probably be around the $50 a night range with breakfast, tax, service.

So, in summary, Phuket would be cheaper, $100 beavfront ok, but appreciate that it 'is' the rainy season ( though now termed Green season ), you can be lucky with weather, but if you get soaked wet...that's the chance.
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Nov 26th, 2007, 07:32 AM
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I personally thought Koh samui was a bit too touristy for us. Ubder $100 you will get a basic hotel or a cottage but nothing very nice from what we saw in 5 days there.
I agree you should stay with Phuket or check out Krabi. we were there 6 years ago so it may no longer be as relaxed as it was with nice resonably priced accommodations with much less rain than Phuket.
But Phuket is not a bad choice and you may get lucky and have little rain. we were there oncein Aug. with 2 days out of 5 with 2-3 hrs. of rain each day. Karon and Kata should be the 2 beaches to choose between if you want a little more relation but not dead.
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Nov 26th, 2007, 12:22 PM
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Thanks for the thoughts and links. The reason for Phuket is that my husband has wanted to see the "James Bond" rock ever since he saw "Man with the Golden Gun". If we are going to Thailand, we HAVE to go to Phuket. Everything else is negotiable !

The Old Phuket Hotel looks very romantic! A luxury spot like this in the middle of our trip might be a nice way to go. Of course the Kata Beach resort looked lovely, too! I have much to ponder now (which for me is half the fun of traveling!).
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