Paradise on a budget?

Feb 22nd, 1999, 12:12 PM
Jason Metcalf
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Paradise on a budget?

Ok, I have tried to use this forum a couple of times, but with usually little help. I will give it a go - one more time. I am looking for beautiful beaches, laid-back atmosphere, CHEAP accommodations (let me try to emphasize this one more time CHEAP), good diving and crystal blue water. In particular - I am looking for a place that wonít be over-run with tourists in mid-march. Also, another factor is getting around once I get there. Is Bali a good place for this?

I went to Zanzibar recently, it had all of the things described except, getting to and around Zanzibar took a lot of effort and timing - the ferries ran a certain times, the shuttles running up and down the island were expensive and hard to arrange at certain times. I would really like to be able to get off the plane and be sitting by the beach sipping fruity drinks with the least amount of effort.

If someone can suggest some places I would greatly appreciate it.

Feb 23rd, 1999, 12:46 AM
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Hi Jason.

Have you been to Boracay in the Philippines? If not, then now is the time to go. Boracay fits to a T all the description of the place you are looking for - crystal blue water (and milk-fine white sand), laid-back atmosphere, has good diving sites, very cheap accomodation (could be less $70 a night) and what can I say, Boracay's White Beach, with its four kilometers of blindingly white sand, has been voted as one of the world's top ten beaches (based on the quality of the beach and not the modern facilities).

Bali is a little bit more touristy but has better hotels of course (which could be expensive). But after having been to both places, I still prefer to spend an afternoon in Boracay than Bali because not that I am from the Philippines but because Boracay is truly a paradise island.

Palawan (also in the Philippines) is even more remote and secluded. It is expensive but the price is worth the place.

Please e-mail me if you need more info. Ciao!
Feb 24th, 1999, 06:18 PM
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Koh Samui, Thailand. Cheap beach bungalows, right on the beach ($3 a night, with your own bathroom with flush toilets, porch with hammock, and so forth -- I suggest Sunrise Bungalows on Lamai Beach), great diving, cool people, good food, easy to get around by bike or by jeep (cheap rental), way-way-way laid back. Totally fun. GO!
Mar 4th, 1999, 04:01 PM
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Another cheap place to be is Koggala beach, Sri Lanka. For 20 USD a day you can get room (with a shower), 3 meal buffet, swimming pool and most importantly a wide open beach (All inclusive). The sea is clear, the sand is soft and ample. Plus a bunch of nice photographic opportunities. You can take an A/C bus from colombo to Koggala for a buck and a half US.
Apr 1st, 1999, 12:58 PM
Henry Johnston
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I recently returned from a trip to Indonesia and would highly recommend Lombok Island over Bali. Although somewhat touristy it isn't nearly as bad as Bali. Try a Losmen (Kind of an Indonesian bed and breakfast) instead of the more expensive hotels).
Apr 8th, 1999, 05:16 PM
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Hi Jason,
My boyfriend and I were doing the same thing you are doing, back in Dec. We decided to go to Bali. I reserved a reasonably priced and dependable jeep for when we arrived and we spent the rest of the of the week driving around the island (staying away from the touristy spots).
It was great! To say the least! I hope I helped and if you want to know more go ahead and email me! Christy!

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