Nong Khai province

May 24th, 2004, 02:13 AM
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Nong Khai province

Hi, I am planning to go up to Nong Khai province three days around the 10th June, would appreciate any advice in terms of sights, accommodation on the river, looking at budget to middle range accommodation. As I have never been to this region, I guess the main questions would be, is it worth going to. In addition, we are looking at catching the train from Bangkok, any advice would be welcome. John

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May 25th, 2004, 11:25 AM
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The Royal Mekong is right on the river, should be about B 1200-1400 (US$ 30-33 )a night, average pool, not far from the station, it's about the best in town ( few years since I went ), The Grand is probably about same price so my choice would certainly be the Royal. If you want budget then Maneerat should be around B 500 a night twin (US$13)
The main reason people go is to get to Vientiane but it's a busy Thai town, have you thought about going to Buri Ram on the same trip? Sorry haven't done the train, we have some staff from the area but they tend to go by bus, having said that the train should be nice, you can get 2nd class a/con. Khon Kaen and places like Udon if you pay B 1,000-1,300 you are getting amongst the best in town. Good luck and enjoy, nice to see people venturing 'out' into Thailand, there are amazing places, and even if it's sitting having a meal and a Coke in a market place you can really 'get into' the place! Have fun. You could also look at Undiscovered Thailand section on the Kooloo forums as they have tips for places that are off the beaten track but still have good accommodations.
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May 25th, 2004, 08:04 PM
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hmm ive been up there twice for visa runs too Laos. but never stayed verry long. from what litle I can tell ya..

there is a Tesco lotus shoping center in town with western food outlets. in case you need suplies and a pizza..

if you take the bus back too bangkok make sure too ask for the Vip buses or you'll be led by the touts to the local buses that stop in ever town in the country.

train travel up/down there is fun and some of the sites are kind of nice..

you can take an airasia or (other budget airline which may be running). up to Udan thani. then a cheep 1 hour bus up too nong khai

from reading my lETS GO GUIDE book I see that there is a place called Ban Chiang 54 km east of Udon. which is considered one of South East Asias most sagnificant archaological find and is a world heratage site.... the people lived there from 3600 too 1000 BC.

if your up that way. might as well check out Vientian, loas. not much going on but hell. but is easy too get too.,
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May 26th, 2004, 08:54 PM
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look man, Im late late twenty year old guy. and I can sence you got the itch too get OUT.. my advice is do it. take a leave of absence or quit that job and come on over for as long as you can. and scratch that itch.... hopefully you'll get some thinking done and return home ready too start you life on sure footing.

Everyone will think your nuts. but ignore them. why live a miserable unsure life.. when your on this side of the globe you'll meet plenty of like minded people who will understand exactly what your going threw.
that enough for the pasotive stuff. depending on where you choose too stay life may be too expensive like SINgapore hong kong... or it may be a bit hard core. like Manila and Bangkok... Money does make life more confortable and the old looney gets you more in BKK, KL, and other cities.
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May 26th, 2004, 08:58 PM
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what the...... how did the above post get here.
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