Is Bangkok worth the visit?

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Is Bangkok worth the visit?

Hi all, i am travelling with a friend. We are early 30s and will be going through Thailand for 2 months. We are currently in ko Samui. We always intended on going to Bangkok until my mate was given a lot of negative feedback of it from friends. Would you recommend a visit there? If so, how long should you go for considering our time of travel.

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Absolutely. Bangkok is a magical place. Somehow it is a unique combination of urban frenzy and Buddhist calm. We've been there five times.
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YES! As a 27 year old male, Bangkok is my favorite place, period. It is full of life, you must go! I could spend the rest of my life there. Stay for a minimum of 4 or 5 days.
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There are some who don't like Bangkok, who are overwhelmed by the city. But Bangkok is my favorite city in the world. Stay at least 5 or 6 days to get a flavor for the city. You may become addicted like many of us, and return year after year.
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I think you should go to Bangkok, especially if you are already in Thailand. The worst that can happen is you won't like it, but I don't think that will happen. We just returned from our trip to Thailand and spent 3 very full days in Bangkok. It was very interesting.
However, i have 2 suggestions concerning your decision. Check the temperature in Bangkok. When we were there it was in the 80's and very pleasant. I checked the newspaper yesterday and it looks like the last few days have been in the high 90's-not the best weather for sightseeing. Also, if you go, try to be there on a weekend as we found it much easier to get around the crowded city on the weekend. Hope you have a great trip.
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what do you really plan on accomplishing in bangkok. Maybe letting us know that and we'll help u out.
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personally i would have spent your whole time there....i just spent 18 days there and i have been there 9 times before...

many of the reasons for going are mentioned above....i might add great shopping, great sights, great people, great food and great hotels...

choosing the right hotel and location can make all the difference in the world as well...being near to the skytrain or the subway is very important to a successful stay in bkk for a foreigner...or having ready access to it....anything over a 5-10 minute walk to it would not work for me...
gernerally hotels are less expensive in bkk than at the beach can stay at a real lux hotel for a reasonable price...

many of us prefer to stay along the river as it gives a whole different feel to bkk than staying in another area...

we would be glad to make suggestions if you told us your budget and exactly what your priorities are in bkk...

less than 4 days would not be enough for a first timer, but any time is worth the effort...
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I've just returned from my 10th trip to BKK in just a little over 5 years! I love the city. It does have something magical about it. Don't miss BKK, since you are so close anyway!

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Wow, thank you all sooooo much. You have definately made up our minds. I was very reluctant to miss Bangkok.

As far as accommodation is concerned, we are on a tight budget as we are travelling for 6months to a year. We definately want air conditioning.

Maybe the people that gave us bad reports about Bangcock probably didnt know what to do or where to go.

What are the must do things in Bangkok?

Once again, thank you very much.
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the grand palace is # 1 in most peoples books....i like the jim thompson house as #2....wat arun, and some of the other wats are worthy of some time....
a klong tour gives you intersting insights into bkk city life...klongs are can hire a boat for about 400-600 B per hour and allow about 2 can get one at taskim pier at the end of the skytrain..

many budget hotels are around khao san road area...

take a look at this site for a good hotel listing:
click on bangkok in the top drop down window...other places as well...

tons of bars and sex is a huge business in bkk as you will see...
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Yes, I would also say absolutely. If it one of my favorite places in the world...the sights, the contrasts, the chaos, the traffic, the smells etc. Stay there for a few days (at least 3-4 days) and check out the main sights Here is my trip report from 2002:

Gard - trip reports and pictures
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Yes definitely. I just spend 5 days there earlier this month and it wasn't enough...
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Well that's a first - somebody with 2 months in Thailand who doesn't want to visit BKK - makes you wonder how exactly they plan on travelling around doesn't it? Oh, silly me, fly in fly out.

Fsscinating that the opinion of one "friend" is enough to prompt this post. People who have so little curiosity and are so easily swayed should probably stay at home.
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I note your concern about finding an inexpensive place to stay in BKK. May I recommend Patumwan House. It is very close to the National Stadium skytrain station and the Jim Thompson house.

The rooms are very clean, a nice size, with fridge/sink/place to heat water for those noodle/rice cups, air con, TV, etc. You will pay about $30/night. The staff at Patumwan House is very helpful and friendly.

The address is
Patumwan House
22 Soi Kasemsan 1
Rama 1 Rd
WangMai Bangkok
I'm getting all this information from their business card, which I keep near my computer. No, I'm not affiliated with Patumwan House in any way, but I have stayed there a number of times and can recommend it highly.

There is a nice little restaurant in the lobby, which serves simple but delicious Thai and western style food.

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I don't know if this link will work, but photos 28-29-30 show the front of Patumwan House plus a couple of shots of a 2-bedroom "apartment" I've stayed in. I don't have photos of a regular room with king bed (or two twins) but I think you can get the idea that it is simple but very clean and comfortable.

If the link doesn't work, just go to, click on the "Photo Gallery" link on the TOP LEFT corner of the page, and then select the ASIA photo album.

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Brenhur, first of all, ignore fuzzylogic. She types out her nasty replies from a very high horse.

Bangkok is a great city to explore for several days although not everyone is enamored with it. I do enjoy it and spent a total of about 12 days last year exploring.

Suk 11 is a great place to stay in Bangkok. I stayed when I arrived in Bangkok in Oct of last year and again on my way back out.

Very affodrable and there is generally a great group of other travellers around. The rate includes a nice breakfast as well. Another bonus is that it is right near the sky train, which is a must for me.

On my first trip to Bangkok last year I did the Amazing Bagnkok Cycling tour. this was one of our highlights as it gave us a chance to see the suburbs on the other side of the river.

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Yer, bangkok is a very interesting city to visit. Crazy traffic and not the cleanest air on the planet, but full of life.

Tip: To get around use the river taxis.

Some of the sights can be seen here

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the most exciting city in Asia
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Thank you everyone for your great replies. Thanks Carol for the link. I am going to inquire about the hotel today.

Fuzzy, i appreciate your insightful thoughts. You obviously dont have much of a life having to troll through here posting pointless, ridiculous comments.

My excercise was to prove to my mate that Bangkok would be worth it. He was the one that got the negative feedback and i knew if i posted a question on here I could prove to him that it might be worth it.

Once again, thank you all so much for your help. I have been using fodors since 1999. It has never let me down.

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Bangkok is definitely worth the time. I've been vacationing there almost annually since the 90s and in Dec/Jan spend three weeks there and then usually a week at the end of summer. There's still a lot I haven't done or seen. It's a great city to just wonder around in and absorb all it has to offer. Happy Travels!
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