I had the most fabulous time in India!

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Siv Kolb
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I had the most fabulous time in India!

I have just come back after my trip from India and haven't stoped dreaming about this beautiful country. I dream to go back again. This time I visited the Northern India and got my first taste of the real royalty. Rajasthan specially Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Devgarh and Jaipur were so very fascinating and exciting destinations. Agra and Taj Mahal were the cherry on the pie. But none of these had prepared me for my Benaras trip. This place is mystical. The Bathing and Burning Ghats were a moving experience, and can I ever be more lucky that I took the option of visiting Khajuraho, they have made sculptures out of Kama Sutra, those temples were for real sprituality and sexuality so serenly existing together and then a ride to the Pandav falls was just divine.

One word of advice don't take a group tour that way you lose upon a lot of fun and adventure. Traveling alone or two people is not at all expensive. The hotels are very reasonably priced average rate for a four star hotel with facilities like attached bath, swimming pool, bar television and telephone is USD 50-70 for two on bed and breakfast.

One more thing book your hotels and if possible your guided tours in advance, it would save you lots of time and arguments with Cabbies, and hustlers.

I booked my tour 20 days before I began and was nervous about using a travel agent but from pick-up to drop it was a piece of cake. Most fulfilling.

The best are the peope, almost every body is so nice and approachable. I was scared with the problems that erupted in Gujrat but our Driver gave us so much of confidence, he would not go back to his hotel to sleep but park the car in our hotel so that we can be on the move anytime it is required. Most dependable were our agents, every evening they called us whereever we were. May be long distance calls are cheap in India but we felt so much cared for. Very touching.

I have my tour itinerary with me in case any fellow travelers would like to have a copy just mail to me at [email protected] and I would forward it to you. Also my agents address and e-mail. Two gentle souls in a gentle country. Let me know.

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I'm really glad you had a wonderful experience and your trip was more exciting and satisfying than you may have anticipated. India is after all known for it's hospitality, even so, not all travel agents r as caring about their customers, and yours seem very commendable and recommendable.

I'm from India myswlf and have extensively travelled all over throughout my childhood.

Here's a suggestion for your next trip - since now you have a taste for the historic and architecturally splendid sights, for a change of scene you should try doing the nature bit. Go to the state of Kerala in the south.

Start your travels in the capital city of Cochin or Kochi, which is very historic in itself, and has a separate jewish quarter; take a boat ride around the many islands surrounding Kochi, and enjoy the city. From Cochin you can take a road trip through the lush tropical forests to the hilltop town of Munnar which is famous for a rare variety of goat called Nilgiri Thar, and it's dairy farm. Then drive on further to the wildlife sanctuary Thekkadi, where you can stay in a jungle resort and go on boat rides or elephant rides to see deer, elephants, wild boar, etc. On your way back to Cochin take a backwater cruise in a small houseboat to the idyllic resort of Kumarakom. Spend a day or two there to explore the myriad canals and channels of the backwaters and the delicious food.

Now, if that doesn't make you want to go back, i don't know what will.
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Siv Kolb
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Thanks Bhavana !!

Yes I would like to go to South India and be there for a month, but only may be next year, my this years RTW has left me pretty cut off from my work. So One year of work and 3 months of Play next year. What is the best time winters for South India. Do you know any good travel agents on that side. Though I want to check with my current agent but I think they have lesser hold in South India.

Thanks again

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I am travelling to Kerala next January and wondered if you have any knowledge of either the Coconut Lagoon Hotel or the Marari Beach Hotel. We have decided to base ourselves at the Marari Beach and organise trips when we get there. Any further info. on places to stay / things to see would be great.
Old Jun 12th, 2002, 10:33 PM
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I have recently been dreaming of visiting India. I am into photography and would like to get the most out of this trip. Can you email me your trip report?

What should I be sure to include if I am planning a 2-week trip to India?

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As we are planning to visit mainly Rajasthan somewhere in October-November I would appreciate if you can E-mail the name and address of your travel agency. As there are so many it is not easy to find a good one.

Thanks in advance !

Old Jun 15th, 2002, 03:52 AM
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message for Raul
I don't know the name of the travel agency that Siv refers to, but I can suggest one to you. We went in Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra and Varanassi for 26 days. For the Rajasthan Agra and Varanassi part we went to "Travel Corporation India" (TCI)on Connaught circle in Delhi. We made arrangements for driver and hotels through them and had excellent services. Our agent was Mr.Rajesh. I would suggest you to get in touch with them (email)and ask them to suggest you an itinary including hotel, driver, and some meals with the price that you could compare to other travel agencies. if you further infos don't hesitate to send me email.
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If you are doing Rajasthan, I suggest you get in touch with


I cannot recommend them highly enough, and you can also read what others have to say about them at the website
www.indiamike.com, an excellent travel site for travel to India!

Jasvilas is a family owned guest house with all the faciities of a first rate European hotel. The family has connections in most of the important places in Rajasthan (Deogarh, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisaalmer, Bikaner, Pushkar) and will get you great deals from top grade heritage hotels there. Specially Deogarh, another place you should never miss!

And say hi to Lily when you reach there
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Hi Siv

Please send me your itinerary and detail of your agent. We are planing to go out there.
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Hey Siv,

Its Martina !! Remember me I had we had exchanged mail in April about your India Tour.

Tried sending you a mail on your address but it is not getting across. Thought might catch you upon the fodors.

First Things First a BIG THANKS to you from me and Rick. we are having an exciting vacation in India.

I am so happy that the Travel Advisory changed in good time and that we could take this trip.

Your recommendation on hotels and places to see and travel agent have been of great help. I am happy with the arrangements they have made and how they have planned everything in great detail.

Would leave India on 4th August and once the pictures come I will send you some along with my notes.

In case you do not have my e-mail address anymore in your address book here it is [email protected].

Do write back whenever.

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Hi Siv,
It was great to know that u enjoyed your trip in India. I am planning to go to Rajasthan in coming December. Please let me have your itinerary and the address of the travel agent.
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India is a fantastic country (you obviously know that now)! And the people are warm and friendly and hospitable. No surprise your trip was a success!

wide variety of places in India for photography. Depends where your interest lies (landscape, portraits, city, nature, architecture etc). If youve decided on the area (north or south or whatever), maybe i can recommend specific places nearby.
Good luck!

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ofcourse I remember you Martina. I am so glad that things have worked out well for you and Richard.

Do convey my regards to Sanjay if you happen to speak with them again.

Don't forget to send the pictures and your travel notes.

My e-mail is working fine may be it was a problem with your mail program and what makes you wonder that i took you off from my mail list.

From one India Lover to another.....Cheers and joy

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I am hoping to go to Kerala for two weeks later this month - I'd be very grateful for any advice on whether or not this is a really bad time of year weather wise - Also I would appreciate any recommendations on hotels to stay in or places to visit
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Thanks so much. I enjoyed reading the details of your trip. I am heading to Benaris where my husband was born next month for the first time since we were married in '00.

We are planning to visit Jaipur and Agra as well. Suggestions for a naive American?
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Oh gosh, i had completely forgotten that i had posted some comments in this thread, and have never checked back ... until NOW, when i myself hv the need for info.

Siv : i'm sorry, i don't know any travel agents in S India, as i don't use any !! I'm so used to my dad making all the arrangements thru his colleagues in various cities. Only now i'm travelling on my own and having to find out how to go around India as any other 'visitor' would, and having a tough time at it. I may eventually try booking with the hotels directly.

I'm looking to go to Kerala this winter; although i've been there before, that was almost 10-12 yrs back and i'd like to visit it again, this time with my husband of 4 yrs.

So if u have by now managed to find a good travel agent, i would like to try them too, so appreciate any contact info.

vicky : i'm sorry, i don't know abt the 2 hotels u mention, i'm not a native of Kerala, just another 'tourist' .
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