Houston GTG Report

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Houston GTG Report

Houston Get Together Report

The Houston GTG was held on September 9th 12 noon at the Kirin Japanese restaurant We had a reserved private area at the restaurant, with a good turnout- 16 people.
As people arrived they collected their name tags, ordered their drinks, and then it was off to the buffet line. No formal introductions were needed as people were greeting one another and engaging in conversations the moment they arrived! When everyone was seated with their lunch, we kicked things off with a raffle. Olive and I had prepared some gift bags with various items from Asia - in this case they included items from the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and India (although in the interest of full disclosure we did not actually travel to India; but arranged for a friend who did to bring us some items). As each name was drawn, the person then chose the gift bag of his/her choice containing small mementos to remember the HGTG. While this was going on, lunch was never interrupted. Everybody was multitasking -- eating, getting gifts, talking, etc.
As our HGTG photographer had to cancel, Leilei stepped in and volunteered to take pictures. Offwego also helped out with her camera- thanks to both of them for their efforts and we hope to post those pictures soon.
About an hour into lunch it was time to hold the "Travel Quiz". A test to separate the travelers from the tourists. The group was broken into two teams. Team captains were chosen as well as team names. Now folks this group is all about travel, so I had suggested beforehand that the group think up some appropriate team names- you know like Globetrekkers, Explorers, etc. So after careful consideration the teams came up with..... Raptors and Etruscans !!!!
Oh well...... here is how the teams broke down:
CWN (Dick) - team captain

P_M - team captain

Before the start I announced that no one other than my wife Olive, I, and the accounting firm of PriceWaterhouse Coopers had access to the quiz. The quiz consisted of 32 questions about Europe and Asia. Each team would be asked a question. Team members could discuss but only the team captain would provide the answer. One point for each correct answer- no penalty for incorrect answers. Questions would alternate between the teams. At the end there would be the "Final Jeopardy" type question. There would be two categories for the final question. The teams would be able to pick which category they preferred and then they would wager from zero to their total score. In this case, if they answered wrong their score would be reduced by their wager.
At stake -- for the winner -- the coveted blue ribbon and bragging rights for a year that they indeed earned the right to be called Travelers! For the losing team -- the second place red ribbon and well .... there is always next year!

We began the questioning with the Raptors. Back and forth it went and each time the teams were able to answer correctly- slowly however it was the Etruscans that began to take a lead. Both teams were truly travel savvy - as each team seemed to field these questions effortlessly! Then we were at the final question point. The score at that point- Raptors 13, Etruscans 18. It was still anybody's game to win. (Yes for those math inclined there was one - and only one -question that neither team got right).
The two categories for the final question were: Bangkok and Vienna. The Raptors selected Bangkok. They wrote their wager down and gave it to Olive (the official scorekeeper). The Etruscans chose Vienna and wrote their wager down and handed it to Olive. And so it went first - to the Raptors:
"The Reclining Buddha of Bangkok has feet made of what material?" They took some time to discuss and then wrote down their answer and handed it to me.
Then it was the Etruscans-
"Vienna has three palaces- name two of them"
The Raptors score had been 13, their wager turned out to be 6- their answer- Mother of Pearl. That was correct and so their final score was 18. Would that be enough to beat the Etruscans?
The Etruscans score had been 18, their wager turned out to be 9 - their answer - Hofburg and Schonbrun- after a bit of a discussion surrounding Hofburg- it was declared that yes the answer was acceptable and the Etruscans' final score was 27 - and they were the winners.
Both teams were winners and their ability to answer these questions was very impressive.
Lunch resumed as did the lively conversations about the room. Our final agenda item was a "Ladies Raffle". This special gift being raffled is from the Philippines that Olive and I wanted to give to the lucky winner. The lucky lady whose name was drawn was "Groovytravel".
Nearing the end, we had one of the waitstaff take a group photo. Then we said our goodbyes and everyone seemed happy to have attended, and was looking forward to the next HGTG.

Included below is the full travel quiz. ( I will also post it in a separate thread) For those who did not attend- take the quiz and see if you qualify as a Traveler or a Tourist. 95-100%- you are a Globetrekker, 80- 90%- you are a Traveller, below 80%- you are a Tourist. I will provide the answers a few days after this posting.

The Travel Quiz below was given at the Houston GTG on September 9th.
Take the quiz and see how you rank.
95%-100% - you are a Globetrekker.
80%-90%- Traveler,
below 80% - Tourist!
Answers to be posted in a few days.
No cheating now!

Q1. I am a Merlion- where can you find me?

Q2. In what city was the famous Sacher Tort created?

Q3. Where in England did William Skakespear grow up?

Q4. Mark Twain called it the most moving piece of stone in the world. In what Swiss City would you find this lion carved in stone?

Q5. What internationally renown city, outside the US, has a functioning monorail in the downtown- not in any way connected with Disney?

Q6. These twin towers located outside the US were once the tallest in the world- name the towers and the city in which they are located.

Q7. Germany has had two capitals in recent modern history- they both begin with a B name them.

Q8. What Asian country has never been invaded/conquered by foreigners?

Q9. Where are the crown jewels of England kept?

Q10. Who wrote- Europe thru the back Door?

Q11. Where was the sound of Music Filmed?

Q12. Can you name the real life family depicted in the Sound of Music?

Q13. If I’m visiting the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Di Vinci - what city am I in?

Q14. The Charles bridge is located in what city?

Q15. It’s native name means City of Angels and I’m not talking about LA, name the city.

Q16.Which area of Tokyo is known for its high class shopping and was the first part of the city to be modernized in the 19th century?

Q17. In what country was a long standing dictator overthrown in a non-violent “People Power” revolution which resulted in the country’s first female president?

Q18. I am in a country spending Ringgits- where am I?

Q19. What European city is noted for its 600 year old twin tower cathedral? Not Notre Dame.

Q20. I’m standing on the famous London Bridge- where am I?

Q21.Malaysia- This seaport city is also a capital and is located in what has been referred to as the Pearl of the Orient. Name this city.

Q22. What city is considered the culinary capital of France?

Q23 What is the name of the national airline of Indonesia?

Q24 The palace of the Chinese Emperors in Beijing was known by what other name?

Q25. Your trip takes you France, Germany, Australia and Italy how do you say hello in each of these countries?

Q26. You are in Munich at the Octoberfest at one of the great beer halls- hundreds of people. You see your waitress across the room and she is looking at you for your order.
Its too noisy to call out your order so how do you signal to her that you want 2 beers?

Q27. Gloria of Fodors fame stays at what 5 star property when she is in Bangkok?

Q29. Your touring along a famous river and stopping at St. Goar. What river are you on?

Q30 You are leaving a major airport and boarding the world’s first commercial magnetic levitation train headed for the city. Which city?

Q31- I’m in Berlin at the Haupbanhof- what am I doing there?

Q32 I’m in Ann Franks’s house- what city am I in?

Q33. What is the name of the sole surviving member of Ann Franks’s family after the war?

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absolutely fantastic....very innovative...great job!!!
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Thanks Bob - good luck with your Boston GTG!
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missed # 1-12-19-24

Sounds like you had a great time....wish I could have made it.

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You put your hearts into this GTG and I am sure it showed.


=D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

I really wish I had been able to go, being from Houston and all.

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It sounds like fun!
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ok, i've taken the test and am quite pleased with myself but where are the answers??

a few hard questions!!
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no fair taking the quiz when you're sitting a your desk with internet access!
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ht, wow! only four wrong.
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I will post the quiz with answers on friday- I want to give a few others a crack at it. Of course we trust that Bob and others are true to themselves and would not cheat!
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Looking forward to the photos - I did not take the quiz as someone posted most of the answers on the other thread - I am sure that I would have done well on a team but probably would have only qualified as a "tourist" if I had taken it myself. Great job, Bill...
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