Hong Kong/Bangkok

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Hong Kong/Bangkok

I'm thinking of going to Bangkok in November, 7 full days not including flight days. I know it's short but that's the time frame I have to work with.

Originally I was thinking of flying into Bangkok and then maybe taking a couple of days to go to Phuket but then I started thinking maybe we could visit Hong Kong for a couple of days and then fly over to Bangkok. It's less flying time to get to Hong Kong from Chicago as there are direct flights (5 hrs. less over, 8 hrs less on the way back)and I would like to visit Hong Kong being as we're relatively close.

The RT fares between Hong Kong and Bangkok are around $300-$400 on the internet sites (Cathay, Travelocity). Is there any cheaper way to book fares? As we don't have much time, I'm hesitant to wait until we get there.

Or if we were to try to fly into Bangkok and out of Hong Kong, can you book these fares at relatively the same price? Do I have to use a consolidator?

I think I would allocate the time 2 days in Hong Kong, 5 days in Bangkok (including the travel day between the two). Am I shorting Hong Kong?

Any advice would be most appreciated, esp. if you have better ideas than me
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Having been to both a number of times with your time limitation I would recommend you spend all your time in Thailand. There is so much to see. It is a beautiful country and much cheaper than H. K. True connections are better to H. K. if going across Pacific unless you fly Thai Airways. Once in BKK you do not want to spend more than 2 days there - go to Chiang Mai and then fly directly to Phuket from there and back to BKK. Book your hotels from here via PlanetHoliday.com - great hotels at great prices many choices all price ranges. If you want to see real Thailand must go north. There are many day trips out of CM trekking, elephant and raft riding. Flights within Thailand are cheap. A great day is to fly from C.M early morning to Mae Hong Song and back at end of day. This is on border and full of hilltribes. Can help you further with more details if you want.
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In seven days, I'd stay in Thailand. You could easily spend the whole time in Bangkok if you enjoy cities (I spent nine days there my first trip and loved every minute). Personally, I think Roberta is trying to pack way too much into your week. I do think you could opt for a quick flight to Chaing Mai for a couple of days OR to a beach area (I'd recommend Hua Hin, a mere 2 1/2 hour taxi ride from Bangkok).
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We always have to take short trips due to our schedules, so we consider 7-10 days a long vacation.

I must admit that the only time I have really suffered from jetlag is when we flew from Atlanta to Bangkok with just changes of planes, arriving very late at night at BKK. I haven't really suffered when flying to Hong Kong, Seoul, etc. Thus, if I hadn't been to HK, I would consider flying there, staying for just a day or so to see the highlights(you can find many posts listing these) and get some sleep, then fly on to BKK to arrive refreshed.

HK and Thailand are totally different. If I had to choose, I would choose a visit to BKK over HK.

As for choice within Thailand, you'll find many opinions in previous posts about how long to spend in the city, go north, go south, etc. It's all very interesting and a large country, so just realize you won't see it all in your first trip. I always like to see both a city and the countryside when visiting a new country, especially when visiting the crowded/noisy cities in Asia.
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts, it's given me some things to consider.

I think I'm still leaning towards splitting it between Hong Kong and Bangkok, mostly due to the difference in flight times and connections. It's a whopping 10 hours more if I go out of Bangkok and 5 hours more going in with at least 1 connection. I realize that the flight between HK and BK is 3 hours but it's split up so it's not so much in one day.

And I would like to see both, perhaps the rest of Thailand can wait for another trip when I'm not so constrained by time.

The best fare I've been able to find between the two is $257 on Emirates which is a bargain compared to Cathay at $582.
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bill a
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Do you know about Cathay Pacific's All Asia Pass? $999 RT to many cities in Asia from the USA, including Bangkok.
The link is www.cathay-usa.com/offers/AAP2001/Offer.asp
(from the Cathay USA website). This may be the best price anywhere. I agree with your latest idea...save the rest of Thailand for another trip. I have been to both cities more than once and if you have your heart set on both cities I would split it HK 4 days and Bangkok 3 days. Let us know what you decide.
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Thanks Bill, I did know about Cathay's flight pass deal. The problem is that I would have to add airfare (and extra time) to get to one of their cities (LA, NYC, or San Francisco) and that would increase my cost by about $200 which would be slightly more than what I'm currently looking at by using UAL from Chicago to Hong Kong and Emirates from Hong Kong to Bangkok. But thanks for pointing it out, it may be a great tip for someone else, esp. if they had more time.

I also took at look at Cathay's Canadian site which if you convert the Canadian $ to US $, the pass would be even cheaper. Don't know if this is allowable though by Cathay.

I should know this weekend after I do a little arm twisting on my travel companion
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