Hong Kong Airport


Sep 29th, 2011, 01:53 PM
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Hong Kong Airport

Am staying 2 nights in HK on route from London to Sydney and 2 days on way back. Can i leave/check in my main case at airport for this time?
Am staying in Causeway going and Kowloon on way back and woman alone, are cabs expensive to these areas and is it easy using airport express?
Thanks in advance for any advice
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Sep 29th, 2011, 03:28 PM
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i doubt the airline will keep your bag for 2 days and who would want them to?? theft
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Sep 29th, 2011, 05:24 PM
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There's left luggage for a fee at HKG.

Cabs are cheap. Under £30 each way to the city. Airport Express also easy, with free connecting bus to many hotels or switch to taxi.

If you're taking taxi, no reason to leave bags at airport.
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Sep 29th, 2011, 05:35 PM
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Many Asian airlines (e.g. Cathay Pacific) let you check-in up to 72 hours before a flight, so you may well be able to check-in as soon as you land in Hong Kong. Check the website for your airline to see how early they allow check-in. You may even be able to check-in for all sectors from London and Sydney, esp if you are flying the same airline (or partners) all the way.

If you can’t check-in and/or check bags when you land, there is luggage storage service at the airport. There is manned luggage room the main arrivals hall of Terminal 1 (called the Meeters and Greeters Hall), and there are luggage lockers in Terminal 2. (All flights arrive and depart out of Terminal 1, but some flights “depart” out of Terminal 2 for check-in purposes only.) I would use the manned room as it is just easier, I think the price is similar, about HK$45 a day. The website for Hong Kong airport is, for left baggage see

It is very easy to use the Airport Express train, and as you presumably will not have a lot of luggage, this is probably the best way to go. Cabs are on the expensive side: about HK$400 one way to Causeway Bay and a bit less to Kowloon. You can get the train for about half that or less round trip if you buy a combined travel card. In any event, cabs are easy to find should you need one, and the level of English is quite godd. Unless money is a big issue, I would take a cab from the Airport Express station in Hong Kong to your hotel Causeway Bay just for the ease, you can always take the subway on the return if your hotel is located near a stop.(A cab should take about 15 minutes at most and cost in the range of HK$40-80 depending on where your hotel is located. Tippping is not required. There may be a small charge for bags placed in the boot.)

For Kowloon, in most cases the Kowloon Station of the Airport Express is a very short cab ride to any hotel, so taking the subway is usually not necessary., If you can tell us what hotels you will be at, we can provide more specific advice.

(If you end up not being able to check bags or store them, then a cab from the airport may a better option.)

Hong Kong is extremely safe, I would not give it a second thought.
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Sep 29th, 2011, 06:23 PM
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Wrong information above! The 72 hours early check-in is only for online internet check-in (to reserve seats and print your boarding pass for CX members) and the baggage will not be excepted by the airline until the day of your travel.

If you are going to transit in Hong Kong for 2 nights you will have to collect your baggage on arrival and take them with you or you can leave it at the left luggage as per rkkwan's post.
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