Honeymoon in Thailand

Sep 15th, 2007, 05:51 AM
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Honeymoon in Thailand

My husband and I are planning a delayed honeymoon (we got married in May) to thailand by late September. We plan to be in Bangkok for 4 days staying at the Majestic Grande and in Phuket for 2 days, staying at the Hilton in Karon.
We are planning to see some of the must see sights like Grand Palace and some of the famous temples. Would love to get more ideas from those of you who have done it before. Also could you suggest good spas (looked at the Face spa but its too pricey for us) as well as good places to eat. Heard that a river cruise on Chao Phraya river is a must. Any ideas please..
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Sep 15th, 2007, 06:12 AM
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Just out of interest why are you going all the way to Phuket for 2 days (presumably 1 night)?

You'll spend most of your time travelling.

For such a short stay limit yourself to one place.
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Sep 15th, 2007, 06:17 AM
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First of all, congratulations! You will find lots of helpful information here, from the regulars and others who have traveled to Thailand numerous times. I myself have been 11 times, twice in 2007 so far!

My first comment would be that a dinner cruise on the river is not a must do (IMO) although a ride on a long tail boat or river taxi is really neat. The river is a fascinating place, full of activity. I've been on several of the dinner cruises, and always enjoy them, but the food is not as great as many of the restaurants we report on here. The river scene is what is the attraction. I also try to make a "klong tour" as often as I can. Klongs are the smaller canals that line the river. A klong tour, on your own longtail boat, with driver and.. maybe/maybe not.. guide, is very fascinating. You'll see all sides of life in Bangkok.

Bangkok is full of wonderful restaurants with all types of food. You'll find Asian, European, Mexican, Western, you name it. It just depends on the type of dining you prefer.

Try to include a trip to the top of the State Tower building, near the river, to a place called Sky Bar. It is a marvelous outdoor bar, 64 floors up, and a view of Bangkok to die for. Drink prices are high, but take your time sipping just one, and enjoy the view, live jazz, and the fresh air!! Go around sunset and watch the city lights come on. Make sure you go to the Sky Bar side, and not the smaller bar on the same floor, also outdoors. My last trip up, we were first taken to the smaller bar. We had to ask to be taken to Sky Bar. Warning... be dressed NICELY when you visit this bar. There is a dress code, and it is enforced.

I took a very dear Thai friend to Sky Bar. She had never had the chance to go before. She was really in awe, as she watched, breathed the air, and then said, "I did not know that my country is so beautiful!" Sky Bar is in the top ten most beautiful bars in the world (can't remember which publication that was).

There are restaurants at the top of State Tower as well, but they are quite expensive and not necessarily all that great. Just go for the sunset cocktail and view IMO!

I stayed at Majestic Grande this past February for a few days. It is a nice hotel in a good location. The walk to the skytrain is not a long one. You are close enough to the best shopping to walk if you want to. The breakfast buffet is plentiful and staff are very helpful.

You mentioned Face Spa. I'm not experienced with that, but I do like the Face Thai restaurant/bar. Good food and nice atmosphere. I've not tried the Face Indian restaurant. Some have, and they also like it.

Please ask questions, as you will find lots of people here who love giving travel tips for Thailand.

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Sep 15th, 2007, 06:47 AM
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Do you only have 6 days? Where are you coming from?

There was a recent thread on spas in Bangkok. A search will bring it up for you. There were a number of less expensive spas listed, all with web links.

I agree with Carol that a "cruise" on the river is not a must-do, but a water taxi trip on the river and/or a klong tour is.
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Sep 15th, 2007, 07:05 AM
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a good way to get the full river experience is to take an afternoon klong tour from taskim....that is the station at the end of the skytrain on the river.....go there and go downstairs and head out to the river....there you will find someone renting long tail boats....allow about 2 hours for the boat trip....it will take you in some klongs (canals) as well as a ways on the river itself....price should be about 500 B per hour for the boat for as many people as you can fit in......not person!!!

another way is to just jump on the chao pyra express boats....small fee of about 8 B each and take a ride up river from taskim and then back....lots of fun.....run all day until 6PM....

the rest. in the majectic grande is quite good....try it...

i have a rest. list for bkk if you want it, just ask: [email protected]

go to the grand palace on your own at about 9AM....no need for a guide....take a taxi from your hotel....have the doorman explain to the driver where you want to go....have a card from your hotel to return... you can take a boat to taskim from the GP pier also which is fun and interesting.....don't believe anyone who tells you the GP is closed...
you can walk to wat pho from the GP....

buy a nancy chandler map of bkk when you first get there....it will help you...

lots of good restaurants not far from your hotel....you are on soi 2, sukhumvit.....soi 4---the next one over is an adult entertainment?? area...interesting to walk through, but not dangereous.....

jw marriott has a nice bakery/cafe with an entrance from sukhumvit that you might want to check out....

the mini mall across soi 2 from jw is a nice little shopping center and there is a grocery store in the basement....2 minutes from your hotel

i don't see any reason to go all the way to phuket for that short of time...i would save the money and move for two days to the marriott resort and spa on the river and use their pool which makes you feel like you are on an island.....

make sure you try to go to harmonique for dinner one nite....quite cheap and delicious....its off of new road...near the river....
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Sep 15th, 2007, 07:17 AM
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Thanks Carol and Kathie. I think we will take a klong trip if it enables us to see traditional Thai life. That would be great. I was confused about the river cruises because they looked very touristy. The Sky Bar sounds really great.

Kathie, read your earlier reviews on Face spa and it does seem to be highly recommended. I am confused as to whether to stick to Face or go for something less expensive. Do you think the difference is in the quality of the treatments or in the settings? Do I sound too ignorant? Hav never been to a spa before

We are living in the Middle East in Bahrain and 6 days is all the annual vacation time we have left(having used up all the leave for our wedding). From Thailand we are travelling to Dubai for 4 days to be with my parents living there and then back to Bahrain. We wanted to visit both Bangkok and Phuket because my husband is a big watersports lover and I felt we might be able to just get away for a couple of days. Would anyone recommend any particular activities in Phuket?
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Sep 15th, 2007, 07:55 AM
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Thanks rhkkmk for all the advice. I have already put down Harmonique as a place to go. We didnt realise that 2 days was too short for Phuket, but everything being booked (including Air Asia tickets Bkk - Phuket - Bkk), i guess it would be best to leave it as it is. Should have asked earlier
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Sep 15th, 2007, 08:01 AM
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we all make mistakes....at least you have cheap tickets on air asia....it will be one more thailand experience....it may prove to be very worthwhile....you can decide if you want to return there someday or cross it off your list....
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Sep 15th, 2007, 08:03 AM
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if you go to sky bar, you need to dress up a bit....not sandals, no shorts, etc....cocktail type attire...
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Sep 15th, 2007, 09:01 AM
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I do love Face, for the atmosphere - lovely old teak buildings are the spa rooms - and the great treatments and for the wonderful Thai food afterwards. There are lots of spas in Bangkok. Don't hesitate to try one no one else has written about. Price differences are due to many things. If you just want Thai masage, there are lots of very cheap places that have no atmosphere, but there are plenty of inexpensive places that offer a more selection on treatments and more atmosphere. Since I don't have Thai massage (bad back) I always choose a place that offers other options like aromatherapy massage, and I love body scrubs and facials.

I think I was the first one on the board to try Face spa and now many people like it. If you try out a new place and report back to all of us!
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