Food in Bali

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Food in Bali

I will be staying at the Ritz Carlton in Bali. Even though I had my shots, I was tild not to eat salad raw vegetables or fruit. Ony to eat fruit with thick skin as melon or banana. Any thoughts....
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Don't worry. The Ritz Carlton is about as far (culturally and sanitation wise both) from Bali as you can get. You should be able to eat anything there as the chefs are all from other countries and standards are high. But the prices for food at the 5 star hotels are incredibly high. I would suggest you venture out a little and eat at non-hotel restaurants as much as possible to get a taste of the local culture. Meals in non-hotel environments are up to 90% less expensive but also very high standards as well.

In Ubud the restaurants are very clean, and you will get a taste of the local culture that you can't get in the southern areas. If you don't taste the local fruit you will be missing a lot as well, you can peel them yourself if you are afraid of germs. Great ones to sample are mangosteen, salak, marquisa (sweet passionfruit), Jackfruit, rambutan, just to name a few. All have skins you can peel yourself.
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I will be going to bali in a couple of weeks but have not gotten any shots!

What shots should you get before going there? Is it really that bad?

How do you know what you should eat or not?

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C Boreham
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I'm also off to Bali soon - as with anywhere - just be careful - no shots are necessary - it is not a malaria region. Eating in chain hotels is not really eating in Bali - try the local restaurants - they are a lot better, different food - stick to bottled water. Live a little!!!!
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We got the shots..HepatitisA, Thypoid tetnus and dpt, Polio, which are all good to have. He will also be in Thailand....If you can protect your self ,do it. There are no reactions. You still should be very careful.

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