eating in hong kong

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eating in hong kong

Can anyone give me an idea what is cost to eat in Hong Kong. The hotel charges $14 American for breakfast. Is this the norm. We are interested in modest price restuarants and wonder if there is such a thing and how much we should expect to pay for meals.
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Michael From New York
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Some hotels offer price of room including breakfast.

On the other hand, if your hotel breakfast is a big buffet with a lot of choices then you can skip lunch.

But you can always decline the hotel breakfast and go find a cheaper breakfast outside. For example, my first trip to HK, I stayed at the Hyatt on Nathan Road, TsimShaTsui, Kowloon side. I thought the breakfast was quite expensive. Turns out there was a French Croissant Place one level down from street... entrance right off Peking Road just off corner of Lock Road. Excellent Danish, coffee, fruits and juices, cheese, even eggs

The point is if you leave the hotel and go looking you will find places. The locals eat breakfast too, and not at the hotels either.

Michael From New York
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There are expensive and cheap restaurants all over hong kong. dinning at hotels are always most expensive. As long as you know the places, you can have a great meal with moderate price or very cheap.

Willing to suggest you if you can tell me which hotel will you stay.
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Very few hotels in Hong Kong offer breafast included in the room price (I don't know why).

I stayed in the Holiday Inn, across the street from the Hyatt that Michael stayed in. They are well located: metro(MTR) right in front, short walk around the corner to the Star ferry. The French cafe he mentioned is called "Delifrance". Our hotel had breakfast in a basement Cafe that was styled like a European deli. On some of my receipts, it shows:cont. bfst 58.HKD; American bfst 88 HKD. Don't know if that helps. I agree with Michael, we usually prefer a big buffet breakfast, then you don't interrupt your sightseing for lunch, just grab a snack till dinner.

For budgeting your meals, it really depends on what kind of food you're eating. Of course Hard Rock Cafe will be more expensive than the local restaurants. You really can find any price. The locals don't eat the same things as us for breakfast. I don't really feel like greasy pork & noodle/vegetable dishes 1st thing in the morning.
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Jame -

Ditto on the Delifrance. We love that place and always have breakfast there a few times. Wonderful bread and bakery items. Eggs leave a bit to be desired so I would skip those!

For a very good and cheap dinner, go to the Temple St. night market and have BBQ sticks with satay sauce. About $1 each and yummy! Wash it down with some fresh watermelon or orange juice.

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The other breakfast possibility in Hong Kong, of course, is to wait till just a bit later in the morning and then go for dim sum! In lots of restaurants you can go as early as 9 or 10, and the dim sum are served right through the early afternoon.

Delifrance has outlets all over HK, and they certainly are dependable, if not wildly exciting. Their coffee is pretty good, and it's quite cheap. A similar chain is called Oliver's; they're essentially sandwich shops, but they also do decent (and cheap) breakfasts. If you're just looking for good coffee and a light breakfast (i.e. with pastries, muffins, bagels, etc) you could also check out Pacific Coffee Company, which as a number of outlets around the downtown area. Oliver's and PCC have cappucinos/lattes in the USD 2.50 range, and are therefore a bit more expensive than Delifrance.

Hope this helps.
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If all you are looking for is something to get you started but not fancy, there are now many starbucks and pacific coffee all over HK where you can get coffee and donut for HKD40.

Food in HK are generally either very cheap or very expensive. The very cheap type are not as accessible for non-cantonese speaking visitors as these are local restaurants with menu in chinese and little or no knowledge by waiters. Other "eating-out" restaurants are more expensive and will run easily HK$150 to HK$300 per head for dinner.
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What DP has said is essentially true -- there's a huge price range for food in HK. My wife and I (we live here) have noticed that recently, however, there seem to be some good 'mid-range' places opening up, especially western style ones. There are a number of quite cheap 'family-style' Italian places (Fat Angelo's, Pepperoni's, La Festa) scattered around town, and a number of western places with reasonable prices have recently opened on Ashley Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, the main tourist district. Note also that Asian cuisines in HK run the full pricing gamut; reasonably priced and quite foreigner-friendly Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants can easily be found. Almost all restaurants in HK serving a cuisine other than Chinese will have an English menu, and even a lot of the cheaper Chinese ones in the tourist areas will as well (the more expensive ones again nearly all will have English menus). Sometimes it's worth it simply to be brave and give a go to a place that strikes your fancy! You can also check for menus posted outside the door of the restaurant here, especially in the tourist districts.

One further note on the coffeshop thing: I'd go for Pacific Coffee Company before Starbuck's here. Starbuck's coffees always seem to be lukewarm at best!

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