December Honeymoon in Thailand

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December Honeymoon in Thailand


My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon to Thailand for December 2-December 16. Neither of us have traveled to Asia - this will be our first big overseas trip. Our draft itinerary is this:

December 2-December 5
-Fly into Bangkok spend a few nights there
-Interested in visiting the Grand Palace and the Floating Market
-Looking at the Eastin Grand Sathorn

December 5-December 9
-Fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
-Interested in doing a cooking class (Thai Farm Cooking School looks cool) and visiting the Elephant Sanctuary
-Considering staying at Khum Phaya Resort and Spa

December 9-December 15
-Fly from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui
-Mostly interested in relaxing at the pool and beach, but will probably visit a few temples (Big Buddha). Any suggestions on other cool spots?
-Considering staying at Poppies Samui and Nora Beach Resort and Spa.

December 15
-Flight back to Bangkok
-Spend last night in Bangkok

December 16
-Depart Bangkok for the states!

Does anyone have any suggestions on activities, restaurants, accommodations (etc) in any of these cities?? Do you think the length of time we have alotted for each city is enough, too much, too little?

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Is Dec 2 the date you fly out of your home city or the date you arrive in Bangkok? And where are you flying from - North America or Europe?

In Bangkok, I highly recommend you stay along the river. For us it makes all the difference in terms of our enjoyment. The Grand Palace/Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Po are all must-sees in Bangkok. The floating Market is a complete tourist trap, and I'd avoid it.

If you arrive in Bangkok on Dec 2, you have allowed only two days in Bangkok - not enough time to even scratch the surface. You can't count yourself as being in two cities on the same day.

Chiang Mai - not my favorite place, though many people love it. Which elephant sanctuary are you looking at? The Elephant Nature Park and the Thai Elephant Conservation Center are the only two I would consider. The others are renowned mostly for how badly they treat the elephants.

There are plenty of good cooking schools in CM. It appears that you have three days in CM (not counting arrival and departure days), which I think is plenty.

I would not choose to go to Koh Samui at that time of the year; you want to be on the Andaman Sea side of Thailand (Phuket, Ko Lake, Koh Lanta, etc.). And choose just one place to stay at the beach - don't use up your time moving from place to place. You have 5 full days at the beach, which is a nice amount of time.

Can you add time to this trip? If you can, I'd add another couple of nights to Bangkok.

Have a wonderful honeymoon!
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Hi Kathie,

We fly out of Columbus, Ohio on Dec. 2 and arrive in Bangkok on Dec. 3 around 11 p.m.

Also, why wouldn't we want to go to Koh Samui in December? Is it rainier there than on the Andaman Sea side?
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Many of us, on this forum, have been going to Thailand for decades and also spend a lot of regular time there. As for what I would recommend, it would be spending half of your time in Bangkok and half in Chiang Mai. Thailand is not the type of place that I, personally, like rushing through as it's a place to slow down and absorb as has been pretty much the same, of S.E. Asia in general, for me. I don't find it as one of those places, like many other places on other continents that I've been to, for easily running through and basically ticking off a lot of sites to see. But, to each his own. I would slow down and have fun and absorb and not waste time in transit from one place to another and then to another etc...

Happy Travels!
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So you only have one full day (Dec 4) in Bangkok. If you can add some time to this trip, I would highly recommend it. If you can't add more time, I'd take a day away from Chiang Mai, giving you two full days in each city.

Yes, Koh Samui is rainier in December (over 8 inches of rain) than the Andaman Sea side (2 inches of rain). But the rain isn't the only problem - the seas will be rough and beaches may be red-flagged.
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Yes, cutting a destination is another way to make this trip better. If it was me (and I know it isn't) I'd opt for Bangkok + Beach.
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Even though flights between those locations are relatively short, each time you move, you will lose the best part of the day in transit (taking into account time spent packing/unpacking, travel to/from aiport, check in and waiting time etc.). You can mitigate this to an extent by getting very early flights, but who wants to get up early on their honeymoon?

I tend to agree with guenmai and Kathie re sticking to two locations in the time you have, although many people are quite happy with moving around a lot. Only you can decide that.

If you did stick to two locations it doesn't have to be a choice of Bangkok or beach or Bangkok and Chiang Mai ( although do go for somewhere on the anadaman coast rather than KS). December would be a great time to visit Cambodia or Laos or maybe a beach resort in Malaysia. The world ( or, at least SE Asia is your oyster!).

In Chiang Mai we spent time at and had a fantastic time. Alternatively, if you are up for a little adventure and are happy driving, rent a car and get out into the countryside. A loop from Chiang Mai stopping at smaller towns and villages is a great way to explore.

Personally, I am not a great fan of beaches unless it s on the way to some diving, but for some that may be the main focus. Sitting by the pool, which is easily sorted in most CM and Bangkok hotels. The Anantara Riverside in Bangkok is almost like a beach resort in the town and also pretty convenient for exploring - a 15 min boat ride to and from the BTS station is a great way to start and end a days sightseeing.

Congratulations and all the best for your forthcoming wedding btw!
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I agree, crellston. But, it seems as if the OP's choices are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui which is why I didn't recommend other places. Plus, since the OP mentioned that this will be their first, big overseas trip, I figured two places in Thailand as a focus which is very manageable. Plus, I find Bangkok and the north of Thailand a good contrast.

Happy Travels!
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You need to stay at least 2 full days after you land as jet lag will hit you as well as the hot humid weather. I second the others keep it to two locations, relax and enjoy. I would do Bangkok and a beach location.
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