concerns about nepal?

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concerns about nepal?

Hi All,

I am set to travel to Nepal in October for 4 weeks. Is any one out there concerned about the Maoist activity? I'm having a hard time coming up with information that seems reliable. Many thanks!

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Nepal is not an overly popular place on this site. I just checked the Lonely Planet website (Nepal is quite popular there), and the consensus seems to be that if you stick to the main tourist destinations you will be fine. Take a look at "". This is the site for backpacker travelling, and they often have the latest news. Get onto the chat/talk site. The area of the site you need is called "Thorn Tree Posts ". Select "Indian Subcontinent". The site is somewhat similar to this Talk section of the Fodors site.

Also, contact the US embassy or consulate in Nepal, at
The main website for the US State Dept is http://

I assume you have looked at the US State Department travel warnings at FYI, the State Dept warnings are generally very much on the conservative side; read some of the ones for Europe to get an idea of what they consider to be "risks".
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I believe that the State Dept just recently issued a travel warning about Nepal. I didn't pay that much attention to it, but you might want to consult them as well as take the usual precautions, ie. avoid "american" hotels and bars, dressing and acting inconspicuously and generally not calling attention to yourself as an American or westerner on vacation.
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I was in Nepal two years ago, leaving just 10 days before the royal family was murdered. I also travelled outside of Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park. I never felt unsafe as the Nepalese are an extremely docile, gentle people. Most of the Maoist were murdering policemen, not tourists. However, I don't think I would travel to Nepal without a guide, especially if I were travelling outside of Kathmandu (there are plenty of tourists in Kathmandu). One thing I can tell you is that Kathmandu Airport has the TIGHTEST security I have ever experienced. I was practically strip-searched on the tarmac before they let me onto the plane, and this was after I was already searched 4 times in the airport.
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Sound advice from Cicerone.

I have just been reading the string on the Thorn Tree addressing the issue of security and it doesn't make for safe reading just at the present. But that may change in October. I would suggest checking closer to your travel before you make your decision.

The string is very long on the Thorn Tree so go straight to page three of the string.

I was plannng to travel in August/September following a trip through China but I will now seriously review the situation.

It does sound as if the "civil war" is esculating but I do not want to sound alarmist. The have some very considered and expert commentary on the situation on link below. I hope this helps.

I will be gutted if I don't get to see Nepal but its better to be safe I guess!
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Is November a good time to do trekking in Nepal?
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HELLO THERE. it is hard to say what will be the situation come OCTOBER,but must important is to follow the news and links and monitor the situation. As Cicerorne has said, Thornn Tree is excellent, and you can do news searches on the net..These travel warnings are noT new!!!, have been on/off NEPAL FOR A FEW YEARS NOW, as the MAOIST INSURGENCY HAS INDEED been plaguing the Country and causing havoc to the Economy of this beautiuful fragile KINGDOM for many years now. HOWEVER, MOST, NOT ALL,but most of the activity is concentrated in outlying areas, away from the city of KATHMANDU AND NOT ON THE TOURIST TRAIL. fOR example, alot of violence has been in WEstern NEPAL, and in other remote MOUNTAINOUS areas.That said, there are still occasional problems in KATHMANDU AND around the valley, protests, Strikes(CALLED BANDHs), small riots, and have even been a few small pipe bombs, NO TOURIST i beleive was ever harmed..,OVERALL, compared to the past few years, toursim has been slowly pciking up, and for the majority of places in NEPAL, ONE SHOULD BE FINE, BUT IT IS A PERONALE CHOICE,a personal opionion, and things can change.. Also, in the end, up to yOUR COMFORT LEVEL,hard to say what is safe and not safe in this volatile world we live in..I LOVE nepal, and have spent alot of time there in my life, and also, three visits just this year..I NEVERR SAW OR felt any problems personally, althought there was a one day strike,and another time, student protests. HOPEFULLY things will get better. AnwAYS, if ya do decide to go, and have travel related questions, places to go, where to stay, need suggestions for local operators, etc,i would be happy to help feel free to contact me at [email protected]
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I have visited Nepal numerous times and the situation goes up and down in seriousness. A friend is in KTM right now and said that everything was running smoothly. But the main thing is to not attract attention to yourself. Also, a guide is a WONDERFUL idea. But make sure you get them from a reliable company. Have Fun. Its a gorgeous place!
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Hi Bonita

My friends and I are thinking of doing a 12 days trekking to Annapurna, arrive in Nepal on 10 Nov and depart on 26 Nov you have any reliable local agencies to recommend? Thanks.
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