Bangkok Weekend Market

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Bangkok Weekend Market

Has anyone ever been to the weekend market? We were suppose to depart from bangkok to chiang mai on saturday and I was wondering if I should change our plans to allow time for the weekend market.

Is it worth it? Or can we find the same items at the Night markets in Bangkok or the night bazzar in chiang mai.

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I think the Chatuchak (sometimes spelled Jatujak) Market is worth a visit. Can you find the same things at other markets? Yes, mostly. It is a huge market. Go early before the real heat hits.

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Many here have been to the weekend market. It's much bigger and better than the night market in Chiang Mai. However, unless you're longing to see raw commerce, you could just go to the Suun Lum night market in BKK and keep your resrevations. You could try the Suun Lum market and if you fell in love with it, try to change your CM flight when in BKK.
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Actually, I bought a beautiful painting in Section 6 of the weekend market. It's one of my favorite purchases from all my travels. The weekend market is worth a visit, IMO, but you must go early in the morning, and expect to spend no more than 2-3 hours, as it gets extremely hot.
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Don't miss the weekend market. It's crowded with locals and tourists alike.
You can find anything from hand painted sinks to live pets to any type of souvenir you could possibly imagine. You must arrive at about 9AM to beat the hea and crowds. Stop at the tourist office for air conditioning and a free map.(Next door is a bank and ATM) I went Saturday and Sunday and took some great photos.
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Definitely worth it - get the skytrain it is by far the easiest way to get there
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Chatuchak is absolutely huge. Ride the Skytrain to Mo Chit, which is the end of the line, and you'll see it on your left and back a few hundred yards. Follow the crowds. It does get very busy and hot (it used to be open to air but they put aluminium roofing over the aisles which keeps the sun off but still holds the heat in). There are various eating areas around the market, as well as places you can get a cold drink. Pets have moved to the section furthest from the Skytrain. Not as good as it used to be with young kangaroos, lion cubs, etc but still interesting. You can get things shipped home but it is expensive. Watch out for pick pockets!

If you feel like something more civilised, with air-conditioning, take a taxi to Lad Prao Mall (pronounced Lat-Pro) which has lots of interesting shops and a huge food hall. Not too many tourists get there.

Two large daily markets in China Town which are interesting to walk around. One is a very long street market on a street to the left of Yaowaraj and the other is a sprawling area to the right (and sometimes left) of Charoen Krung, both huge one way streets in Chinatown. They are about half a mile from the Rama IV end. Again, watch out for pick pockets!
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If you go, make sure to get the Nancy Chandler Map of BKK. It has a section covering the weekend market and a map of the market telling you in which section various items are sold.
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Actually, the subway is a better way to get to the market. You have to walk a couple blocks from the nearest skytrain station, but the subway Kampangpet stop is right at one corner of the market.

I was there yesterday, and it was quite pleasant thanks to the unseasonably cool weather we're having.

Be sure not to miss the 'new' section, which isn't on a lot of maps. The aisles are wider and some of the merchandise is different that what you'll find in the rest of the market.
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ZotZot, my gf and i had just came back from a trip to Bangkok and we went to both the Suan Lum Night Bazzar and the Jathucak (Chatucak) weekend market.

IMO the Night Bazzar is a must where the shopping will be pleasent. As for the Jathucak Weekend Market, the area is too large for us to explore. No point for being so big where you can't cover all the ground. It's like a maze for us and it is really unpleasent to get lost with sweat keep pouring down and red hot sun above you. The place is too crowded and you can hardly shop there with people all around you. In short, it is too HOT HOT & HOT!!

However, if you are a shpping enthusiast i don't think all this will stop you. Cause my gf will just keep shopping shopping and shopping despite of the heat.

For me, i like the Suan Lum Night Bazzar a lot where you can get almost everthing they have at the weekend market. What make Suan Lum Night Bazaar so pleasent other than the comfortable temperature without the heat is the environment. Not only you can shop but you can also relax with pub and restaurant at the night bazaar. There is a merry go round which we ride and cost 150B/p where you can see the whole night bazaar and the city. Very enjoyable experience. It is like an amusement park. You got everything in one.
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Chattachuck is definitely worth the visit. Yes it is big, but with the Nancy Chandler map you can plan accordingly. As mentioned above, take the Subway instead of the Skytrain.
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We really enjoyed the weekend market. Found an embroidered kalaga of the buddha's footprint I did not see anywhere else (everyone seems to have the elephants). Also enjoyed the section of young Thai painters. Didn't buy much else, but did find the funniest sachets carved out of loofahs in the shape of elephants and dressed in little dresses, tutus, etc. I have a display of those right next to my computer Do go early -- it gets horribly hot.
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