? about Thailand

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? about Thailand

We are going to Thailand end of February and have some questions.
Are mosquitos a problem and is mosquito spray needed.
Is a head covering or skirt required to visit the temples?
Do the street vendors take American money or is baht the usual currency.

Thanks in advance for any help/insights!! I love this forum, it is both enlightening and entertaining!!
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It is very dependant on where in Thailand as to how much of a threat mosquitos are. When I visited I didn't get buzzed at all. It is a good idea to be protected however with a good mosquito repellant. Malaria is also prevalent is some areas, however I took no precautions on my trip as my destinations were considered low risk.

For temples head covering is not neccesary, but a knee length skirt if often required. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is very strict on these rules, and so it's only respectful to apply the same rules to all temples. Some may supply ladies with wrap-around skirts if they turn up in shorts. Also flip-flops are frowned upon. (i.e. a shoe that has no covering on the heel) Sandals are alright.

It's essentially common sense.

The Thai Baht is the currency street vendors will trade in. I'm not too sure if they'd be happy to accept American Dollars however? They probably would?

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Thanks Colin, I appreciate the help you give to so many and also am working on reading your travelogue. Good job!!
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I just got back from Thailand and am still adjusting to the jet lag. It's a wonderful place. My husband and son didn't get bit by mosquitos at all while I am covered in bites. I received most of these bites while in Krabi, and I am still itching up a storm. I got all the usual immunizations, but did not take malaria medication. I'll let you know in a few weeks if I'm still around. Have a great trip. The people are wonderful. Oh, and it's so easy toexchange money that I wouldnt' worry too much about exchanging ahead of time. There are currency exchanges all over, and baht is generally accepted. Have fun!
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Hi Angie! Where did you stay in Krabi? Any hints or advice? We're going in a few weeks and will spend a week at the Pavilion Queen's Bay.
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We needed bug spray on Phi Phi and near Krabi. I also used it in Chiang Mai at night (mosquitos love me). Be sure to bring enough sunscreen and bug spray, anything else you can buy probably cheaper than home. No head covering was required at the temples, long pants or skirt is the dress code. They do have coverings available at the temples that require it (I think it was 10 baht to rent a sarong when I needed it). We used baht when dealing with street vendors.
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Take some Jungle Formula repellent if you can get hold of it - there's no point not bothering with it because bites are itchy and uuugly , so you really might as well slap it on every day - esp. at night.

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