5 days in Malaysia

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5 days in Malaysia


We have 5 days in KL and am wondering if that is enough time to venture on to othe nearby cities (penang or Mallaka)?

Any advice on activities and transport advice on how to get around.

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five days seems like a long time in K/L without going elsewhere as well
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Hi, Misbah! Good to know you're visiting Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur; I enjoyed my 4 night stay there last spring.

You could consider a visit to the colonial center of Malacca (Melaka). I visited it as a long daytrip, but it's even worth a one-night stay.

You could certainly consider time in Penang/Georgetown/Langkawi; people say it's nice there!

Enjoy your visit.
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It depends on whether you really like cities or you want to venture off to other places. Penang I find 'ok', it's a 50 minute hop by air. Langkawi is a few minutes more, though they are very different. penang is busy with Georgetown, the beach area around batu ferringhi is very built up. Langkawi is much quieter with nice beach hotels and resorts, very quiet. There are the east coast islands but I am no exprt there at all.
KL is a big city, if you can give us more of an idea of what you like to spend your time doing we can hopefully be more precise.
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If you've never been to Penang then I certainly recommend it. You could also include a stop at the Cameron Highlands on the way.
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I reckon 2 days would be just nice to get a feel of KL.

If you visit Malacca, remember to visit the "moonlight bazaar" at Jonker's Street. No many outsiders know about the place but the place is a wonderful mishmash of local culture, food and heritage. It is run by local heritage societies residing along the street. It is a long pedestrian mall that exudes 19th century charm. The catch - it's only open on FRI/SAT/SUN weekends, 6pm - 11pm. You should also try soaking in Malacca charm by going on a "beca" (trishaw) at night when it's cooler and the traffic is minimal. If you have time, try to locate Kampung Portugis - the last Portuguese community in South East Asia - and see how they live and assimilated to local culture. Must eat, "devil's curry".

Penang, too many touristy spots. I'd give you some off-the-beaten-path suggestions. While most travel books emphasize the island, very few know that mainland Penang has a lot of attractions too. If you're coming from KL via the PLUS highway, you'd pass these hidden vistas. So, why not give them a try and go places untainted by mass tourism. Here goes,

- Nibong Tebal town, stop by the riverside town and find a boatman to take you to the mangrove forest nearby. Watch trees light up by fire-flies congregating by the thousands at night.

- St Anne's church, probably the oldest church in Malaysia, located in Bukit Mertajam. It sits on a hillside and hundreds of thousands Catholics make pilgrammage to the site every year during its feast day. See the hill flicker by a sea of candle lights.

- Eat very cheap and delicious seafood at Bukit Tambun. Restaurants are perched on stilts with the estuarine river at the backdrop. Fresh oyster with a squeeze of lemon juice is only RM6.00 each.

When you r making your way from KL to Penang, you'll pass Ipoh and Taiping towns. It is worth while to make pit stops in these towns if you have time to spare. Taiping has a lot of English colonial influence, I believe more than Penang. By the way, the FMS bar in Ipoh is celebrating its 100 years anniversary this year. It's the oldest drinking joint in Malaysia, leftover from English colonial heydays. Visit Batu Gajah district - the site where "Anna and the King" blockbuster movie starring Jodie Foster was filmed. See the oldest cottage-like hospital still running after the English left. "God's Little Acre", a beautiful British military cemetery is there too. My fav is Papan ghost town. It used to be the most metropolitan town in 19th century, with the 1st telegraphic line installed to the town. When tin prices nose-dived, the town's population reduced to hundreds and today, one can still see beautiful bygone architectures untouched by the bane of modernization.

On the map, peninsular Msia looks like a tiny speck (many cannot imagine spending more than a week here) but many forgot it is an epicenter of ancient shipping route (giving it opportunity to rub shoulders with myriad of races/cultures) and its bio-diversity has escaped the last Ice Age, meaning its forest is much older the Latin American and Africa's.

If you spend some time researching or know the right people, the KL - Penang route itself can easily eat up a 2 weeks holiday. Cameron Highlands (mentioned by TexasSlim) is located along the route too and one shouldn't miss it. South East Asia's largest tea plantation - Boh Plantation, run by 2nd generation Russell family - is located on its misty slopes.

By western standards, Msia's public transport isn't tickety boo, most first timers spent excruciating hours waiting and stratching heads on the how/what/where. Back packers can use the "ekspress bas" (local air con buses). They are cheap but don't expect on-time departure/arrival. If you're thinking of KL/Penang/Malacca, then the buses servicing these routes are pretty refined, no problem. In KL, all outbound buses start from PUDU BUS STATION; ask round, everyone knows the place. The Malacca bus station is new and swanky, no problem here. When buying a ticket to Penang, remember to check and confirm that the bus actually ends in Penang island, NOT Butterworth (the mainland station). If you end up in Butterworth, all is not lost. Just spend a bit extra and catch a ferry ride over to the island. It's quite enjoyable. A nice VIP coach from KL-Penang cost about RM20-30. Travel very light. It's warm here, you don't need much clothes. Bring a thin raincoat (weather here is such a tease, they don't call our jungle rainforest for nothing) A good pair of strappy walking shoes, dries quickly if accidently stepped on water. Most locals in the west coast can understand and speak English (even small towns), you won't have any communication problem.

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Hello misbah,

You can find lots of info about places to visit at http://www.tourism.gov.my/en/default.asp . In case you need info about transport from the airport, go to http://www.klia.com.my/ .

Melaka is about 2-hour drive from KL. Get an international licence, and you should be able to rent a car. You can make it a day trip.

There are a lot of things to do in Penang. The beaches, the sight seeing, the shopping. You should spend at least a night there.

I think you can either spend your holiday in KL and Penang, or KL and Melaka, but not all three.

If you need more information about hotel/flight booking etc, try this web site: http://www.musafirguide.com/ .

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