3 weeks in Bali - Help Please

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3 weeks in Bali - Help Please

After posting a couple of posts recently I realised that I would like to know if there are any good resources, such as websites or books that we can review, so as that we get to really maximise our 18 days in Bali.

We plan to have suits and clothes made; to visit Amed in the far east and Lovina in the north. Off to Amed for 5 days and want to spend some time on the Bukit Peninsula. We may even catch a plane to Lombomk for a few days.

Basically, we don't want to waste time on anything that is not worth it and don't want to miss out on anything that is an absolute must see.

As I mentioned in previous post, this is my girlfreinds first time overseas and my first time to travel overseas with a partner or friend, so as you can appreciate, we are both very excited.

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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By the way, we are going to Bali in July this year
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Rob -- the book I used to see what looked most interesting to us before going to Bali was the DK guide -- great pictures, nicely laid out in sections of the country with good maps, it definitely helped us make the best use of our ten days. If your local book store doesn't have it, amazon does

Here's one of the websites I used to try to wrap my head around the myriad festivals in Bali -- http://baliwww.com/event/nextmon.php...007&bulan=July

I also found this site helpful in seeing what to do where (no need to use the advertised tours, but good pictures and information)

There's so much more out there but ... the one thing that really struck us about Bali was how once we were there, things just present themselves -- all manner of festivals, processions, dance performances, things we hadn't foreseen. One festival we went out of our way to find had been moved a day from what was online, but then we ended up being invited to pray with a family at a temple near Kintamani; kneeling on the ground with flower offering and incense they gave me is something I'll always remember.
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I saw your other posts but decided to post here. With 18 days you will have plenty of time to "do" Bali.

I posted a trip report in 6 parts on our 2002 Bali trip on baliforum.com - 3 days south coast, 5 days Ubud and 3 days Lovina.

Here's a link to part one of the report:
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Bali really isn't the place to have suits made. I'd suggest you not waste your time. Other clothing, such as batik beach cover-ups. batik shirts, etc are fine to have made.

Buy yourself a good guidebook - lonely planet is excellent for Bali.

Find yourself a good driver to take you around Bali. Your driver will know where festivals are being held. There is certainly no way for you to keep track of them

We loved Lombok. It's very different from Bali culturally. If you go, we loved the Qunci Villas. Inexpesnive, great rooms, excellent food, wonderful staff, lovely beach.

With 18 days, you can meadner. Don't worry about wasting "time on anything that is not worth it and don't want to miss out on anything that is an absolute must see." The most amazing things will be things not on any map or in any guidebook. You have to get out and about to experience those things. Bali has some lovely temples, but beyond that, you want to soak up the atmosphere and be in places where you'll experience the amazing. So I guess my one suggestion would be not to waste your time in crowded tourist enclaves like Nusa Dua or Kuta.
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With 18 days you'll have plenty of time to explore Bali. As your plans develop, if you have a few days to spare seriuosly consider going to nearby Central Java visiting the Borobudur/Yogyakarta area which many on this site including me feel is a must see in addition to Bali. Flights are about $50 one way and $100 roundtrip or can add to end of your holiday.

Do not overlook a great wealth of knowledge that has been posted on Fodor's previously. Search a variety of topics and there will find many high quality trip reports and much valuable information as I did, such as Craig's trip report.

I would add Eyewitness Travel Guides to the others recommended. We read several as each presented things differently.

For a map of Bali with a list/brief description of villages and sites: http://www.allbalivillas.com/bali_island_map.shtml

For a schedule of Balinese dances and a description of each: http://artinicottage.com/ubud/performance.htm

Kathie and Jenskar said it well. Be sure to experience Bali and soak it in and not focus on just seeing/doing the formal sites and activities found in the books. The Balinese especially outside the densely populated areas are welcoming and accepting by nature. Get out among their every day activities and let things unfold.

A few comments: Staying 5 days in Amed maybe a bit long to explore Eastern Bali unless you will be diving, especially if you decide to go to Lombok. You haven't mentioned spending some time in the Ubud area exploring central Bali which to me is preferable to staying on the Bukit Peninsula.
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robb, the best advice given is to slow down and observe. If you wait, Bali will come to you as there's always a festival or a procession going on.

I think the idea of spending a few days in Central Java is a good one as it would give you a glimpse into another fascinating culture.

Otherwise I could easily fill up 18 days in Bali. Personally I'd concentrate on Seminyak for the beach and Ubud for culture. North Bali is good if you want to snorkle or dive.

East Bali has a lot to commend itself in culture but I don't know about Amed. I find the area less appealing than Ubud and distances are not so great that you can't "commute" in day trips.

Lombok has very nice beaches. If you don't snorkle (or dive) I would do that instead of North Bali. I would also choose Seminyak over the Bukit/Jimbaran/Kuta/Sanur.

Seminyak has a lot of wonderful accommodation and some of Bali's best shops, restaurants, spas, clubs. The beach is certainly not pristine (it isn't anywhere in Bali) but it's long, sandy and has glorious sunsets.

Agree, give the suits a miss. Buy ready made beachwear instead.

Guidebooks are instantly outdated in Bali as places come and go so fast. Bali is undergoing yet another renaissance right now so there's a lot of new development in shops and restaurants, especially in the South. Once you get north of Ubud, however, it's still like it has been for centuries -- beautiful, serene, magical.
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