2 week trip

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2 week trip

I have two weeks to spend in Asia next month solo. I am flying in and out of Beijing and I want to spend at least 5-7 days there. Would it be pointless to fly to Hanoi for the other days (meaning would 5-7 days in Hanoi be enough)? I want to be able to experience the area, but I'm pretty easy going as far as what I want to see and do(I like to hike, meet locals when I can, try new foods, and simply walk around the city until I see something I want to do, besides the must-see lists). I have planned out a lot of what I want to do in Beijing and it can be spread out in 5-7 days. Would it be smarter to go to Shanghai and/or Xi'An instead, or even Hong Kong? I'd love to get to see Hanoi, but I don't want to feel like I didn't give myself enough time there (though I'm not sure when I'd get a second chance to go back to Asia).
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Well, it would be better if you do Beijing, then come to Yunnan. Yunnan is a mysterious place, rich in culture, with many ethnic groups. You can spare 8 days for Yunnan to visit the must see places. If you need help, feel free to contact me.
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I think you are wise to give Beijing at least 5 or 6 days, or maybe even 7 depending on your interests and pace of travel.

As for where else to spend your time, it depends! Some things to consider: Will you be spending any time trying to learn a few phrases in local languages? If so, staying in one country might make most sense. Is the time it will take you to get to Hanoi worth it, to YOU, in comparison to the time it will take you to get from Beijing to other designations in China? Will you have to pay for visas to visit China or Vietnam or both, and are you willing to pay for both for this one trip, even if you decide to visit one or both countries again? Do you want to have two totally different experiences, or to be able to see and appreciate the less dramatic differences between two or three destinations within the same country?

No right or wrong answers -- just some things to consider.
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I didn't dig Hanoi all that much. Also, it makes more sense to see more of China while you are there, especially since you would have to backtrack to Beijing for your return flight. Maybe you can save Hanoi for a trip of Southeast Asia.

I thought that Xi'An was one of the most fascinating places I have ever been. There is so much more there than just the Terra Cotta Warriors. Two full sightseeing days in the area is the minimum. Since you like to hike, you could add a third day to hike Huashan, which is very close to Xi'An. My sons and I hiked there and enjoyed it--the mountains look like old Chinese paintings. Very majestic.

There are lost of options for the remainder of your trip, should you decide to stay in China. You could go to Shanghai, which I found to be moderately interesting, or perhaps Chengdu.
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2 weeks is not a lot of time and Asia (and China) is very large. Also understand that going to Hanoi and returning to Beijing will need a double entry visa.
You are the best person to decide.It sounds like this is your first time in China, so you may want to stick to the classic triangle of first-timers: Beijing-Xi'An-Shanghai. With a possible stop in Pingyao between Beijing and Xi'An. If you prefer a more rural environment, then Guilin/Pingyao is another option and it can even be combined with a short time in HK.
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Depends...do you think you will be back in Asia anytime soon? I am absolutely loved Hanoi and only spent 3 nights/4 days. Would have loved more time and plan on going back one day. This was a holiday split between 4 cities in Vietnam, one in Laos and one in Cambodia. My mentality was that I did not know when I was going to be back in Asia and I wanted to see and experience as much as possible. Who knew that I would do a trip the following year and planning another in two years. I think you can really settle in and get into the pulse of the Hanoi in 5-7 days. But if you will be back in Asia, other posters have given you great advice about other extraordinary places in China. You really cannot go wrong. Just a matter of taste, travel style and future trips to Asia.

Good luck and have fun.
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"Then, you can rent motobike to travel outside of Hanoi such as Sapa, Mai Chau" anyone who rents a motorbike to ride to Sapa" seriously? You are suggesting 6-7 plus on a motorbike to Sapa!!!
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I reported that advertiser. Amazing what crazy things advertisers will recommend!
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