Why so much carry on luggage?

Feb 21st, 2004, 05:43 PM
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In the 'old' days and even up to 707's there was a 'hat rack' that was for hats, coast and 'small' personal items, no one took large carry-ons about, wasn't allowed. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but in several cases of severe 'unexpected' turbulance have not a large proportion of injuries been caused by stuff falling out from overheads? Several time I have seen overheads 'pop-opne either at light off or on a bump touchdown.
One thing I can't understand is the simple hassle and headache of having to lug all that 'baggage' around people take as carry-on, my small bag over my shoulder has 'everything' I might need, the times I have handed out pens, sheets of paper, I even manage to tightly pack a pair of trousers, socks u/wear, t-shirt, deodorant and all ( nothing like a change of 'basics' on a long haul flight ) yet it all gets inside the one bag ( in fact I use a laptop designed bag for this which take up little space but has everything I need.
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Feb 22nd, 2004, 04:26 AM
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James, bless you, you can travel simply because there are apparently a lot of things you don't have to take with you.

I (and a lot of other Fodorites) manage to travel internationally for many weeks with just what fits in a rollaboard plus a shoulder bag. But remember that people of the female persuasion can't always get away with the same clothes and shoes for all occasions the way men can, especially when traveling for business.

In any case (hah, pun), I have recently had to start checking the rollaboard because of a back problem that makes it impossible for me to heave it over my head into the bin (and I don't/won't count on "the kindness of strangers" to get it there).

But the shoulder bag still has to carry camera, film, jewelry, medications, one or two basic cosmetics (I'm not Tammy-Faye), a set of underwear and toiletries in case of lost luggage, reading material, and when I'm on an airline without inflight entertainment (which is most of them) CD player and CDs. It adds up.
Feb 22nd, 2004, 08:57 AM
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Travelinwifey - I'm so glad that you have never experienced people travelling with overloaded carry-ons. But frankly, you are in the minority. There are restrictions on carry-ons, but LOTS of people get away with bringing more than their allotment on board. My last flight 2 women in the seats in front of me took up 1 and half overhead bins with their multiple carry-ons (3 to 4 each) and put nothing under their seats. Not only did the FA not stop them and not make them check bags, she actually helped them store everything.

As someone who flies a lot for business and pleasure, I understand concerns with security and getting out of the airport as fast as possible. But the carry-on rules apply to all of us and should be observed by everyone.
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Feb 22nd, 2004, 02:23 PM
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I am on an airplane at least 2 times per month and am traveling 60 days per year, all over the US and more, and have never experienced a person with more than 1 and a half bags since 9/11. Shopping bags from the airport stores, yes, but not actual luggage. What airport are you talking about? Also, if the flight attendant said nothing then why were you bothered? There was clearly enough room on the plane or the flight attendants would have asked people to place their smaller items below.

I'm not going to respond anyomre to this thread, I've said my peace on the subject =) Happy travels all

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Feb 22nd, 2004, 08:21 PM
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When I travel on business I have never found the need to carry huge amounts on-board and when we travel as a family the kids have their own 'small' backpacks with everything they need, we manage fine.
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Feb 25th, 2004, 07:24 AM
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Isn't anyone going to ask what naf and prize plonker mean?
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Feb 25th, 2004, 09:51 AM
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I have a very short fuse for people who insist on bringing everything they own in a carry-on.

IMO, if a carry-on has wheels it isn't a carry-on. I don't care if the luggage makers market it as a carry-on, it simply isn't. It's a suitcase. If you don't carry it on the plane, it's not a carry on.

I travel frequently for business and am amazed at what I see.

I have been on planes that have lost their scheduled departure time because we were trying to store all the crap people bring on board. If everyone brought those stupid bags with wheels how would we possibly get them all in the overhead. How do we decide which bags to check?

Why do some people insist on boarding and then remove their coats etc. This takes up boarding time. Why not be considerate and do this before you board?

Under the seat is a storage area. Everyone should try using it for smaller items.

And the argument of lost luggage, stolen items and waits do happen. But I think the claims are far more exagerrated when told then what actually happened.

Just imagine if people really took only small carry-ons on board. We'd all get off the plane much quicker, connections could be made more easily and gasp we would all be much happier campers.
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Feb 25th, 2004, 03:28 PM
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Sorry, I just don't agree about the wheels thing. I travel with a wheeled carryon that's like 18 inches long and nine inches wide. It's well within the guidelines for a carryon bag with all the airlines that I have flown. It was certainly smaller that the duffel bag of the guy that was sitting next to me on my last flight. When I am navigating the plane's aisle or going up stairs or rough terrain, it's perfectly easy for me to pick it up and carry it. Otherwise, I roll it so I'm not killing my shoulder on long walks and I'm not constantly picking it up and putting it down. I have no problem slinging it up into an overhead bin.

I think that the criteria should be the size of the bag and not whether it has wheels or not. Southwest, at least, has bag templates that can show you how big your bag can be. There is also a template on the front of many security checkpoint machines. If your bag meets those guidelines (which should probably be a tad smaller and better enforced), I don't see what the problem is if everyone sticks to their one bag plus small personal item allotment.

As for the time issue, everyone should be considerate and stick their bag in the bin and sit down immediately. If you need to futz about, wait until the plane takes off or at least until their is nobody in the aisle. I simply don't buy the argument that people shouldn't have carryons to speed things up for other people. I should have to wait 25 minutes (like I did the other night, I waited until almost everyone else had gotten off the plane because I was in no hurry and I still had to wait 25 minutes after I went to the restroom and sauntered down to baggage) at the baggage carousel so that you won't have to wait the 7 seconds that it takes me to grab my bag down? If everyone did that, what would that save you like five minutes? Believe me, the inconsiderate, slow people are going to be inconsiderate and slow no matter what they bring on the plane.
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Feb 27th, 2004, 05:48 PM
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Personally, I just hope I don't get to fly with XYZ.

I often travel with my computer case and a briefcase. ONE of these ALWAYS goes under my seat. I consider it the height of rudeness to put TWO carryons regardless of thier size in the overhead. And as for your coat..... I hold onto mine. I don't want it squished. If you put yours up there it is fair game!
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Feb 28th, 2004, 12:05 AM
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Trust me very few people take 7 seconds to get their bag down from the overhead. Next time you fly just watch how long it takes people to deplane. And while you are doing so, be thankful that you don't have a tight connection to make.

The wait for luggage isn't that bad. Stop in the restroom on the way to luggage claim. If you need a rental car, go fill out the paperwork first then get your luggage.

Business people can check phone messages, make calls etc.

There are things that you can do to productively fill your time. And, for those people that really can't spare the time (ie. they have a meeting that they have to get to) well let them take the luggage on board and get going.

It's time that everyone stop thinking of me, me, me. If you're not in a rush (and let's be honest most of the time we really aren't) then take the high road and check your bags.
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Feb 28th, 2004, 11:15 AM
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I agree that people should stop thinking of themselves and they should be a little more patient. That's why I don't gripe about how long it takes people to board/deboard planes. I think that it's kinda funny that you want everyone to wait for their checked baggage saying that the wait isn't that bad, when you apparently are unwilling to even wait for people to get off the plane with their carryons. In my opinion, the wait to get off the plane is much less bothersome than the wait for checked baggage. Getting off the plane really doesn't take that long. You can be productive in your seat while waiting by finishing up your work, getting organized, making calls etc. Banning carryons wouldn't cut that much time off of the deplaning experience. You should try to be more patient.

BTW, I did indicate in my post that I waited until I was one of the last people off the plane, then I went to the bathroom, and then I took my sweet time limping to the baggage carousel, and I still had to wait 25 minutes for my bag to turn up. Besides, it's not just the wait at the end of the flight that you deal with when you check your bags. You also have to check in at the counter or curbside (which sometimes can take just as long), which can add over an hour to the time that you are at the airport. When I only have a carryon, I check in online and head directly to my gate. Apparently, I should feel guilty for trying to save myself the 2 hours and a lot of trouble because it inconveniences you for a couple of extra seconds. Who's thinking of themselves then? I still say that as long as people are considerate by having all their stuff packed up and put away so that all they have to do is grab their bag while they are standing there waiting for the line to move in front of them, I don't see any reason that they should feel rude for having a carryon. It's the people that wait until the last minute and then have to gather up all their crap and root around for their bags that hold everything up. Still, (and I have sat on a plane and watched people unload) I doubt it normally takes more than 10-15 minutes tops to get off the plane.
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Feb 28th, 2004, 07:12 PM
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Oh, and once due to some late arrivals, there was no luggage carousel available for my flight when it came in. It took over an hour to get our bags.

Another example:Not only did it take forever to claim our bags on a recent trip to Baltimore, but they also didn't have any security checking the claim checks. The baggage area was chaos and anyone could have walked away with anything. I had grabbed a bite to eat, used the restroom, and gotten into a fight with my boyfriend before they even displayed which baggage carousel they were going to use for our flight. We couldn't even go get our rental car sorted out because the rental agencies are all housed offsite. In fact, the rental agencies are housed offsite in San Diego too. In fact, many of the airports I have been to lately seem to have offsite rental agencies so I guess people couldn't fill out their rental paperwork while waiting for their luggage. In light of that fact and considering it doesn't take most people an hour to use the restroom, I guess there aren't that many productive things to do while waiting for your luggage.

I do think that people shouldn't try to carry their whole lives on board and the airlines should strictly enforce their guidelines.
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Feb 29th, 2004, 02:53 AM
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I have to admit reading some responses here makes me laugh. I don't judge anybody and I do spend a considerable time on planes. Most of the times I have a (AA and many other airlines)legal carry-on and I'm sorry that somebody may think it's too big, unnecessary or whatever. I refuse to wait at the caroussel. It may not mean anything to some that fly few times a yesr, but to me the 15-20 minutes is everything when you multiply it by tens or even hundreds of times. I'm half way home by the time some people are getting their luggage. On the other hand, while on vacation, I start light, but usually involve check-in piece. Unfortunately when you do 3-4 weeks vacations, you may start light, but end up heavy. I still check-in the original case, but after few weeks I will also have 1 maybe 2 or possibly even 3 small pieces as a carry-ons. I collect art and whatever catches my eye, wherever I may be. It does build up over the weeks. If some of you can't understand that, tough. Most of the time I do fly in business or first so it's never a problem. I just want everybody here to understand that different people have different needs when traveling.

I do have problems with people that don't even try to compromise when working the bins, but I also have a problem with the self-rightous that somehow believe they are better than the rest because they don't have any carryons. PLEASE!!!!! Different situations require diferent approaches. Be understanding.
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Feb 29th, 2004, 04:52 AM
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AAFF, are you back or posting from afar?
Feb 29th, 2004, 08:08 AM
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Reporting from Hong Kong!

Had a great time in Kenya!

Will be home next Monday.
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Mar 1st, 2004, 01:56 PM
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I have never really understood the confusion regarding carry on luggage. Every airline has published limits for carry ons. Many terminals have templates where one can physically check to see if his bag qualifies. If everyone followed the rules there would be no problem, whether you carry on or check bags. Of course it would be helpful if the airline personnel would enforce their own rules, rather than hope a passanger won't complain.
Additionally if each passanger used the bin above his row of seats and/or the space under the seat in front of him we would all be better off. If three passangers use the bin over their row and all the stuff doesn't fit, then somebody is cheating lol. Often times I have seen passangers who are seated toward the rear of the craft take up the bins near the front, possibly afraid that the rear bins will be full!!
I carry on what I need to, check what should be checked and at most terminals have a fairly short wait for baggage claim. Just relax and make the best of it.
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Mar 2nd, 2004, 04:48 AM
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Those people at the back of the plane putting their luggage up front are the people who should be reprimanded. OK - if they get to their seat and there is no space then an FA should put it forward. But why should I, when I have paid £800 for a flight to Europe (as opposed to some tourist who has paid £100) have to put my bag with the flight crew because some twat of an economy passenger has stolen the room in the overheads in business class? And do you really think that those overheads can accommodate everybody bringing on the maximum amout of hand luggage? They can't - and when you factor in that people bring on too much stuff and buy stuff in the airport it is a joke that the airlines allow these cheap low margin wastew of space customers any hand luggage on flights!
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Mar 2nd, 2004, 06:52 AM
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Honestly! For the fare I paid I am just grateful they are letting me inside the plane, instead of hanging onto a rope trailing behind!

I would be completely ashamed of myself if I thought I also had the right to bring on a piece of carryon luggage. The nerve!

But don't worry Backpacker - I accept my station in life. If the plane starts to go down, I will give you my seat to use as a flotation device in addition to your own , since you are so obviously more worthy of living than I am!
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Mar 2nd, 2004, 08:16 AM
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It is not that I feel I am morer worthy that anyone else but I do travel on business a lot. When I (or my clients) pay a lot of money for business class tickets it is very annoying when tourists/economy class travellers/holidaymakers etc who are not making several overseas trips a week hold us up. After all it is the frequent business traveller that means airlines can afford to fly people around in economy...
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Mar 2nd, 2004, 08:34 AM
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You're right, the folks at the tail end of the craft should use the bins above their rows, those at the front use the bins above their rows. I know that the overheads cannot accomodate everything that is brought on board, but if rules were enforced equally, there would be plenty of room. It seems that the FA's and terminal staff do their best to avoid confrontation with any passanger, even if it means inconveniencing some passangers.
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