United Economy Plus - worth it?

Jan 18th, 2011, 06:06 PM
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1) I was not Premier Executive until the end of the year. The pass was purchased at the beginning of the year. At the time when I first expected to use the purchased benefit, I was a lower-level elite. The stewardesses did not know the option existed. They told me to call customer service and said I wasn't their only complaint. Not my ignorance, United's.

2) My second downgrade was after I had achieved Premier level and only about 1,000 miles before I turned Premier Executive. If you fly to Japan a lot, those routes have lots of very frequent flyers, so Premier Executive level status doesn't always help.

3) The second time this happened, my seat was confirmed and changed the night before I went to the airport. They said it was an equipment change, but anyone else bumped down from a higher level of class might get a refund. Not idiots dumb enough to purchase the annual option do not get the same refund that one-time upgrade purchasers would, so this is actually a lower level of service that comes with no refund. I believe they are implementing this in a dodgy way and there was no equipment change. If they can get extra money for that seat, I believe they are booting confirmed flyers. Why wouldn't they? United Customer Service confirms that its first priority is to elites, not confirmed annual plus members. Funny, I thought a confirmed E+ seat meant just that. If it happens once, you forgive. But twice in a year, both changes happening at the very last minute when check-ins are being done, and you start to wonder what's up.

5) The copy on the site has been adjusted since the option was purchased. I'm glad you're all so clever, but none of you are reading the text that fooled both me and the large company I work for.

6) I'm not flying United anymore. They took back the $150 certificate they gave me several months prior after the first incident when I filed a complaint with the BBB about how the option was implemented. This was for the incident when I was not allowed to move into an open seat. I filed the complaint with the BBB after the second incident when I was moved back due to an equipment change, and they voided the voucher they gave me after my first complaint and gave me an amount of miles worth less for my second complaint. Message: If you continue to complain, we will take away things we've already given you when we've admitted bad service.

7) Who trolls stuff like this? You guys must be working for the airlines or their PR companies.
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