Problem with United Packages/Priceline

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Adding the car did not change the refund-ability of your airfare, only the car rental. Hope you can manage to get a refund on one of the car rentals, but it may wind up being a hard lesson in reading the fine print.
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Dgmr45, I hope this is resolved favorably for you. I want to say to you that once in a while, no matter how experienced we are or how careful we are, we miss something. Then we beat ourselves up about it. I hope you will not do that. Due to a computer failure at an airport (back when you used a kiosk at the airport), I double booked flight tickets. Such a fiasco. Eventually got the money straightened out, but not the flight times. We survived and it is just a memory. I recently realized something was a scam just as I authorized a purchase and felt so stupid. Luckily, I was able to put a stop through my credit card company. My first experience with price line was a hotel booking where nothing indicated the non-included items that I thought were normally part of the booking. By time they were added on, on our arrival, it was not such a good deal. I learned from the experience, but you can’t always know everything or think about every possible issue. Good luck to you.
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Thanks for all the advice
In the end I/m guessing I will have to eat the charge for the 2nd car...
When I got the refund on both of my "packages" it was just for the airfare and minus the 400 for the associated cars on noth packages.
I'll still keep trying an I'll call Discover card to let them know what happened. Perhaps I'll dispute the refund amount as it should be X when it was Y and explain this happened twice over but that I'm ok wiht being shorted on one refund but not the other?
What might be your thoughts?
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I think you are probably out of luck but can try. You bought two things with nonrefundable terms on the car. There wasn't any fraud involved, you just did it and I'm sure agreed to something when you finalized the payment. On the United website, the booking terms and conditions when you book air plus car state that the car is nonrefundable.

You can try on the theory you can't drive two cars yourself as I think it is presumed the person booking/CC used is the driver not someone else. I don't understand why you did it twice without reading the terms, but in the future, the lesson is that you should not book things without reading the terms. I know United tells yo uthey are nonrefundable for the car, I've seen their website and what they do when you book airfare plus car. these are their terms (noting their comments on the driver and you can't drive two cars would be good)


  • This reservation is non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-changeable (including for COVID-19) even if it is not used.
  • We will charge your form of payment upon booking.
  • Only the driver will be able to pick up the rental car at the counter and must present a valid driver's license in his/her name. You may be able to add an additional driver at the counter. Fees may apply and are paid directly to the rental car company.
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I'm not sure how you can dispute anything. I understand that it can be difficult to read all the info on the screen regarding cancellation fees, fare rules etc but I don't see how any blame can be put on UA or Priceline. I just think it is a mistake and it should be put down to experience & one of those things. It's not clear if air+car was selected on the 1st screen, if so, it clearly says that vacations are powered by Priceline. Before you confirm payment there are always options to read the cancellation policies etc. If the air was booked first and then the booking was modified by adding a car rental, would the website rebook the airfares, effectively downgrading the flexible fare to non refundable without warning messaging? Glitches can happen of course but they are really rare so maybe that's a good thing to ask. And it's worth pursuing why one refund is a different amount to the other, was the exact same itinerary + car booked?
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Yeah they were both eaxctly the same trip
The reason why I canceled the first and the second was when I was setting up the first trip I carefully picked air refundable and set up the fare and I saw the fare change to refundable and at the end I decide why not add a car and unbeknown to me at the time the terms were switched on me.
I continued on paide the price and look at the recipt and since the far didn't say refundable I canceled the trip.
I played around with a couple different browsers b/c sometimes things change and I used Edge the second time around carefully going through the process and ended up with the same issue and canceled the second trip as well. That's when I realized that the car wasn't refundable and I now had two cars.
Other commentors aren't wrong, however it's quite missleading practice to switch the mirrors on someone without clearly statiing so. No where during the actual booking of the car did it say it was non-refundable. Yes in fine print 2 or three screens down just above the confirm purchase there is that note, however when one is n the mindset of "I purposely selected refundable" I didn't think otherwise.
Hard lesson for me to learn, thankfully it's only one day;s wages that priceline has taken from me. I'm sure they make lots of money this way!
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