Meals during the flight

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Meals during the flight

I asked this in USA forum, but maybe here is the right place to write:

We did not have till now flights which do not offer meals. This year, during our trip in USA, on flights Chicago - Las Vegas and Las Vegas - New York , with AA, on our flight tickets is written "Food For Purchase".
So, I understand that the meals are not included.

Can you please give me some details:
- is it possible to bring and to eat in the plane my meal, bought in the town or in the airport?
- what about water / soda? I think that , as per safety rules, it is not possible to bring it from outside of airport. But can I buy it from airport after check in and take with me in the plane?
- if it allowed to bring my food, anybody can eat when he wants, or it is a time for lunch?
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Yes, you can bring food on the plane to eat. If departing from home I'll often pack a sandwich and snacks. Every airport has food to go for purchase post security.

You can bring solid foods through security, but not liquids (which includes yogurt, apple sauce, and other items that are "liquid like")

Yes, you can bring drinks onto the plane. I bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it up at a water fountain.

You can eat whenever you want. I typically wait until they serve drinks, which is usually about 30-45min after takeoff.

My recent experience on AA was that "Food for purchase" ranges from a simple snack pack for $4 to a sandwich + chips + cookie for $10. Credit cards only, no cash.
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You are correct. "Food for purchase" means no meal included in the price of the air ticket. You will be offered free soft drinks.

You can bring food into the airport and even through security so long as it is not any liquid, gel, etc. that are restricted to 3 ounce size containers in a single one quart plastic bag. (So you can bring for example a sandwich but not a container of yogurt.) You can bring drinks into the airport but not through security.

Major airports in the US such as Chicago, Las Vegas and New York have many places after security to buy food and drinks. It's not always the cheapest food or the healthiest food. But for example in Chicago O'Hare if you have American Airlines there is a food court where you can have McDonald's, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and many other foods, any of it for take away to your flight.

Any food or drinks purchased after security you can bring on the flight.

You can eat your food anytime on the flight. You will be restricted on take off and landing to have your tray table up and locked and if you are in a bulkhead row to have all your hand luggage including your food stored so it might not be as convenient to eat during take off and landing but you are allowed.

If you would like to see the kind of food offered for purchase in flight on AA, here is the link on their website.

Note that AA does not accept cash for purchase of food or beverages on the flight so you must use a credit card or debit card.
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A lot of people bring food with them onto the plane because there are generally no more meals served. You can too.

It's easier to buy food after you pass through security just because any food you bring from outside has to be passed through the x-ray machine. Food you buy at airports tends to be a little more expensive. That's the problem.

Any liquid beverages you bring onto the plane have to be purchased not just after check-in but after security. You can not have, say, a bottle of water or a can of soda when you go through security.

You can eat almost any time you like on the plane, just not at takeoff or landing.

When AA offers "food for purchase" it might be something like potato chips or cookies. It is not necessarily something that would make a whole meal.
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Thank you to all for very useful info.
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