Infinite Travel Flight Pass

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Infinite Travel Flight Pass

Air Canada is now offering a special flight pass, available to buy for this week only. They are calling it the 'Infinite Travel Within Canada' flight pass. There are 3 levels, Standard costs $2,200, Flexible is going for $2,800 and Latitude is priced at $5,700. Canucks may fly across Canada with this pass, and Air Canada will throw in 'complimentary' covid insurance provided by the Manulife company. I once flew all over Australia using a similar pass back in '89, and also once voyaged across America using a similar monthly Greyhound Bus pass back in '80, a gesture intended to thank Canadians for the role that our Ambassador had then just played in rescuing vulnerable American consular staff in Tehran (see Affleck's movie 'Argo').

It'll be interesting to see how well this flight pass sells and then how many other travel offers of various sorts are put into play.

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That would be very tempting if I was a Canadian citizen! I wonder if any US carriers will institute a similar program.
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Wow. Is there an time period on that, like a year? Or longer? If it were for beyond that, I'd be interested in it if a US carrier did it, particularly JetBlue. But if it's just for the next year to stimulate some travel during a rough period, not likely that I'd use it.
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Some carriers are now offering flights to nowhere:
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The prices are per month for 1, 2 or 3 month passes.
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I don't understand who would buy that, it doesn't sound like a very good deal. Maybe if you were a businessperson who flew a lot around Canada. That's about US1700. So to spend that much on flights within one month is kind of incredible for a regular person. Especially right now, I think a lot of carriers are offering some cheap flights (I'm comparing to the US, but even normal times, I can fly on SWA for $100 or less one way to many places that are a few hours away, sometimes even coast to coast for only a couple hundred if you plan in advance). So taht would be somehow you'd want to be spending over $400 a week on flights, or flying all the time for long distances. Why would anyone want to do that, hello, there is a pandemic going on.

I have not flown yet and don't know when I will, I think it's too risky for me. But what kind of person would want to zip around Canada flying every couple of days right now? Even without COVID, I would never want to do that, what's the point anyway? If I travel to an area, I want to spend some time there. AS I said, except for business people.

The COVID insurance is kind of meaningless and untruthful as the website says it only applies if you fly internationally but those passes are for domestic travel. Unless that isn't accurate, but that's what their website says when you look at what that insurance is. I did as I didn't understand what the heck "COVID insurance" was. Basically, it covers your housing costs if you have to quarantine somewhere for a couple weeks or something after you get COVID. And medical costs, but that's nothing new, I expect medical insurance to cover any illness you get when traveling, that's what it is always supposed to do, just not preexisting conditions. It still does in the US, even the cheapest travel insurance policies do if they have medical coverage.
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