Has anyone used priceline.com?

Old Nov 30th, 1999, 04:12 PM
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Has anyone used priceline.com?

I would like to know if anyone has used priceline.com and what their experience has been. My family is considering a trip to maybe Thailand or Morocco over Christmas and buying tickets at the last minute on this web site. Any comments you have would be appreciated.
Old Dec 4th, 1999, 07:14 PM
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My wife and I used them for a quick trip to Paris at the end of Oct. Got two round trip tickets to Paris from Dulles(sp) for $220 each. Bids do not include taxes so be prepaired to add any where from $50 - $85 per ticket for taxes. Also there is a $12 fee for Fed Ex. delivery. I know the Fed. Ex. charge is disclosed up front and I think the tax part is as well.

We were very satisfied and will probably use them again, especially for spur of the moment trips.

They say you have to take the tickes if you win, but I had to call them (just to check a name spelling) and while talking to the rep he indicated you can cancell (I am guessing there is probably a substantial fee).

Give it a shot and good luck.

Old Dec 7th, 1999, 02:01 PM
Daniel Mangin
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Hi Mary --

I'm the new editorial director at Fodors.com, but prior to my arrival here I was writing a guidebook to California for the Automobile Association of Great Britain. I ended up buying four tickets on priceline.com and had a very good experience all around.

A couple of things to remember, though. You agree to fly between 6 AM and 10 PM on the day you bid for. I once got a ticket for a 6:10 AM flight from my hometown, New York, with the return flight arriving around midnight. When my clients aren't picking up the tab for my airport transfers, as they weren't in this instance, I normally take the subway. This was impractical for both my flights. The added cost of traveling by cab came to nearly 25% of the ticket price, and the total was close to what I could have gotten by going to the airline myself and getting more convenient flight times.

Priceline.com can particularly helpful if you've waited until the last minute, however. I once booked a flight four days before I wanted to leave and got a ticket for $1,000 less than I could have from the major carriers.

Hope this helps.
Old Dec 8th, 1999, 07:52 AM
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I'm very happy with my priceline reservations. I'm flying to Miami Dec.12-19 and used priceline to get my hotel reservations. I picked the areas I would accept, the star rating of the hotel,and my price. I went a little beyond my expectations, even though they asked me to raise my price, I did not. I ended up with a beach resort in Miami Beach, that normally sells rooms for $150-235, for $55 a night! I'm extatic.

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I host a Yahoo Club to discuss bidding on Priceline (and Expedia since they offer a directly competing product) for airfares and hotels. The replies posted here are typical of the very positive experiences posted on the Club. I would encourage anyone interested in using either of these services to visit http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/pricelinedeals

I am not affiliated in any way with either Priceline or Expedia, or any company in the travel industry.

And webjefita, I would be particularly interested in learning what Miami Beach hotel you got. I maintain a chart of winning hotel bids (about 150 so far). I share this information on a city-by-city basis when asked about what hotels people have received in a particular city.
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I used priceline last summer to take a weekend "vacation" here in Chicago at a 4 star hotel. We got rooms for 3 nights at the Fairmont Hotel for $80/night, with taxes it came t o $99 per night! We were thrilled - we could easily have paid twice as much booking directly.
Old Dec 28th, 1999, 06:53 PM
Bruce Shocket
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You've already left, but I'll ad my comments for others curious about Priceline. I agree with all the positive comments about Priceline, and have used them & will continue when it makes sense for my travels. I also administer a free club for people who love travel (see web address at end of this), and I have not heard any complaints from members. The only caveat I would ad is that there might be limited availability (if any) on Priceline to places like Thailand or Morocco. So I would think twice about waiting past the best fare deadline (i.e 30 days, or what ever the minimum advanced booking/purchase is for the best fare you can find). If you're willing to risk paying a considerably higher fare (or not going on the trip), then go ahead and wait till last minute.
Bruce Shocket/Administrator
Traveling Buddies--A free club for people who love travel.
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A friend says his sons each got tickets to Europe for $150 roundtrip. They found 7 days prior to departure is best chance for a bargain on airfare.
How about using the hotel bids and "special requests"? We need a nonsmoking room. If my second person is my mother we need 2 beds and no stairs. Has anyone been able to get a good bargain then call the hotel and get such requests added to the reservation and honored?
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I used em and got 2 t/t ticks from lexington, ky to miami, fla for $350. Things went really smoothly!
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A better site than priceline.com is cheaptickets.com --- if you want choose the time of your flights, too. You don't have to bid-- the very reasonable prices are listed--sometimes the flights require a stop or two, but the prices are RIGHT!
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When you bid for a hotel room through Priceline, you are bidding for a room only. Special requests are at the discretion of the hotel. I've never heard of anyone unable to get 2 beds, but there are no guarantees. As to no stairs, that too is a special request, but all hotels must be accessible. If you bid for a 3 star or a 4 star hotel, it is very unlikely there will be no elevator.

Early on in this thread, I referenced the forum I host to discuss bidding for airfares and hotels through Priceline and Expedia. We've just moved to a more user friendly forum at http://pub4.ezboard.com/bpricelineandexpediabidding


Cheaptickets does offer some very good deals, but very often they do not have anything better than what the airlines publish themselves. In other words, Cheaptickets is very hit or miss. Definitely worth trying, but I disagree with your blanket statement that they are better than Priceline. They both have a purpose, and Priceline usually works best on heavily travelled routes and tickets purchased less than 7 days in advance. That being said, I'm aware of some fantastic deals through Priceline for advance purchase as well.

And Priceline, too, isn't for everyone, but they are a very viable option for many.
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I found a GREAT travel agency that gets me the same if not better prices than the cheopa tix on-line plus I get the added benefit of speaking with a human and geting the times/flights that I desire. Tryt hem..:


plus they hae a website for the biz traveller who can't buy their tix 14 days in advance to get the savings:


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