First Class airfare

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First Class airfare

I was just playing around on one of the travel sites, looking up airline tickets, and I found that First Class tickets costs are in the THOUSANDS, even if you book MONTHS in advance. I happened to tell my mom about this because we were talking about my friend who's flying down for a visit, and I happened to bring up the price of First Class tickets. She said it shouldn't cost thousands of dollars even months in advance. Is that true??? Because next time I fly somewhere, I HAVE TO be in FC because of my intensifying claustrophobia. I've flown coach every time I've flown (which isn't too often at all) and to make a very long story short, I can't stand being crammed in. Flying has spawned my claustrophobia, and I can't even ride in an elevator anymore.
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First class doesn't have an advance purchase requirement the way coach seating does. They're also fully refundable and changeable sans the penalty fee. You'll pay as much for the first class seat seven months ahead of time as you would stepping up to the counter the day of departure, unless the airline puts it on sale. And yes, first class DOES cost that much. It depends on where you're traveling from and to but count on paying anywhere from three to fives times as much as the discounted coach ticket.
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1st: I agree. I fly for business constantly and, since I am therefore a full-fare, no discount flyer, I pay up a virtual pittance and fly first class. (For comparison, try checking cost of full fare coach tickets with full cancellation, etc, provisions, and you will see that they too are very expensive. <BR>2. You've only flown a few times, and you're blaming your new problem, so debilitating that you can't even use elevators anymore, on the coach situation? I would have to tell you - there's a good bit more room in business/1st, but if your claustrophbia is that bad, and hits you so frequently, the sound of the doors closing up front would probably put you into a panic also. I feel plenty closed in up there too, in addition to coach. I'm trying to be kind, but maybe you should get some therapy on this matter, instead of just thinking that a different very occasional plane seat will help. <BR>3. Assume you can handle any flight, (you'll know because you'll probably also revert to elevators), get a credit card that gives frequent flyer miles or points, and use it for every single, piddly thing you can find that takes that card. you'll be surprised how quickly the miles for an upgrade will be yours! there really is no other way to get a "discounted" price on a business or first class seat. <BR> <BR>Good luck!
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Jim Rosenberg
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A good share of the people in first class will those who have elite status with the airline and they may well be flying on discounted coach tickets. Others may be those who cash in miles to upgrade, although this has limitations from some fares. I honestly can't even imagine paying the going rate.
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XXX, try an airline that offers business-class style seating at coach fares--such as Midwest Express. You can see seat maps and pictures on their website. Pan Am offers 37" pitch but has a very limited route structure at this time. American Airlines' "more room in coach" has yielded just that--an extra 2-4" for each passenger; li'l bro TWA is in process of adding "more room in coach" throughout their fleet now. Also, try to choose a widebody airplane--such as Boeing 767s--for a greater sense of spaciousness.

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