Feb 19th, 2006, 07:18 AM
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We don't go for several months, but the airfair is sky-high right now. Our first trip to South America. Why is it so much higher than to Europe? (Shocked!)

Yes, we can get air through the Cruise company, but we prefer to book our own, as we are going 5 days early and staying late and have had bad experience with the quality of flights provided by the cruiselines.

AA is non-stop, but 2 months ago on AA to Barcelona we were very crowded - mostly because we were in a seat that recined very little, while the people ahead (one was a stewardess on holiday) reclined all the way back the whole trip.

We had booked a different seat, but when we checked in we were changed to the seat - right before the partition.

We would be willing to fly to Houston (Continental) or even Dulles (United) for more seat room. My husband is tall and big with football knees.

What do you suggest? Is there a foreign airline that flies this route? (Doesn't turn up in Booking Buddy) They usually have better seats (leather and more room) plus free drinks and good meals. Or they have in our experience.

Would appreciate any help from you experts. (Hoping flattery will get me somewhere!)

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Feb 19th, 2006, 08:21 AM
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The southern cone of South America is farther away from the central U.S. than Europe is. Plus there's just not as much competition on those routes. That might be why airfares are higher.

I have flown Chile's LAN and it's a great airline with good food and good service. They fly out of Miami, New York and Los Angeles. But you're not going to find wide leather seats in economy class on LAN or United or Continental. For that, you need to go business class.

I flew American from DFW to Santiago (10 hours one way) in September. The flight down was about one-third full and everyone had room to stretch out. The flight back was full. It's the luck of the draw.
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Feb 19th, 2006, 11:25 AM
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Don't forget, there are bonus miles promos running now in many of the US airlines to EZE!!!
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Feb 19th, 2006, 11:33 AM
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CO's 767-200 from IAH to EZE are newer than most of AA's 767-300, and have personal video screen. But they are the same 31-32" pitch as AA. But you have to add a regional jet leg from Dallas (DAL or DFW) to Houston, and have to waste time and effort in the transit.

Most US airlines do honor seat assignments except in rare occassions. I don't know what happened to you last time on AA, but I would stick with AA's non-stop. I always check my itinerary and seat assignments online often. Also, are AAdvantage miles important to you? A DFW-EZE roundtrip is over 10K miles.
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Feb 20th, 2006, 01:22 PM
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Thanks for the feedback and comments.

I guess I'll stick with the AA non-stop from Dallas if the seats are the same. It will be night time both ways, so won't be using the individual video screens (I hope!) but they are nice and help the time to pass.

Our seats have been changed several times over the years, but usually because the plane was changed.
This time, I had picked out seats (carefully) months earlier. But the girl at the check-in counter told my husband that she had 2 better seats for us. And the dirty deed was done. She must have been new and going by a chart that didn't show the partition.

Ah well, life goes on.

I guess the thing I should have asked you guys is about the price. Is there a chance that it will drop during the next 6 months or so?

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Feb 20th, 2006, 02:01 PM
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Deep South America has always been more expensive. 2 reasons. Not as popluar as Europe and not much competition between the airlines.

Don't expect much if any drop in fares.

I'm heading to both cities next week!
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Feb 20th, 2006, 03:29 PM
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Not sure if the dates are right, but this might give you some extra miles.
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Feb 20th, 2006, 03:47 PM
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Airfares seem really high to me right now, regardless of route. I think they bumped them up when fuel prices got more expensive and they have continued to inch up - internal US flights that cost me $250-300 a year ago are now close to $400.

If United is one of your choices they have an Economy Plus option that costs only a little more - all you get is more legroom (not wider seat, food, or service) but the 5-6 inches of legroom really makes a difference. When I printed boarding passes for flight tomorrow (Boston-Miami) on-line was offered E+ option for $29 more.
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