Delta MD-11

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Delta MD-11

Has anyone flown on this type of plane? I will be flying coach from JFK to Cairo and need any sort of info; leg room, service. Thanks.
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Just flew on a Delta MD-11 for a domestic flight. The configuration is 2-5-2. We were in seats 45A and B. I don't think I would have been comfortable in one of the middle 5 seats but the 2 seats on the side were OK. The wide body of the plane gave the illusion that you had more space as well. Service was average, nothing special.
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I flew a Delta MD11 from Atlanta to Japan in 1996. I was in the middle seat in the center section and I felt very cramped. I am 5'10" in height. I'd avoid the center and try to get an aisle seat next time. Or fly business class if possible!

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While I like Delta over American, U.S. Airways, or United, I would really try to avoid this particular equipment. I took DL from CVG-LAX in June, and both legs were really late, and both times, they said that the aircraft was having mechanical problems. From LAX-CVG, the original MD-11 we were supposed to take was coming in from Nagoya, Japan, and they said that that plane was having mechanical problems, and would not be used for the LAX-CVG leg. Instead, they used another MD-11 which was inbound from CVG, but which should have made it to LAX 5 HOURS earlier . . . why was it delayed? You guessed it, mechanical problems. You should have seen those deplaning passengers . . . they looked like they wanted to strangle anyone who was wearing a Delta uniform . . . can't say as I would blame them!!!

Aside from this, I found the coach seats to be smaller than those on their narrowbody aircraft. Usually on most airlines, the opposite is the case.

Try seeing if there's another DL flight you can take that uses different equipment.
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Our flight home from Europe has been changed to an MD-11. We can get the exit row bulkhead seats on the side at the front of one of the coach sections--would this be a good choice? Actually, the plane is rather empty so we could probably get the row of 5 across the middle for just the 2 of us if we wanted. Where would you suggest?

Do these have the in-seat screens, the little tvs from the ceiling, or what? As this will be coming home during the day, I usually read, but having the option of watching a movie is good.
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The exit row seats may be a good choice as they may offer more leg room ( but I would try to find out as the bulkhead might make the leg room the standard 30-32 inches.
It should be the overhead screens.

Once eveybody is on board andthe middle five seats are not occupied then go for it and stretch out.!!
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I know this is an old thread, but it is the right topic for me--
I'll be flying ATL-Tokyo on an MD-11 and noticed it looks like there are bulkhead seats in Row 38 with no divider/wall in front of them, but not marked as exit row seats. I was on another plane recently and I remember noticing a place where there was a wide space all the way across the plane that did contain major exits.

Anyone use those seats on the side or center? How were they? Seems like more leg room, but does everyone walk in front of you and step on your feet?
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We also are in the MD11 seats 38 A&B to Europe. Hope someone answers the question. Like do the armrest go down or are they those awful wide dividers that take up that precious space.
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I was recently on an MD-11. I noticed the row with the greater space in front of it in coach. It provided the best leg room for center seats. On the A/B side of the plane was a large exit door. The window seat's legroom seemed to be hampered by the door's projection into the cabin. The aisle seat (B) looked great for legroom, but there is no underfoot storage. On the H/J side of the plane the seats were behind a single lavatory, so they did not have the extra legroom and would be facing the back of the lav. Not very desirable.

I moved from the center section to the side toward the back of the plane and found the side seats had more legroom than the corresponding center seats. Thus, an A or B had more legroom than a C aisle.

The movie screens were hanging from the ceilings above the aisle plus small screens in front of the bulkhead seats.

Hope this helps.
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