Best credit card for mileage?

Aug 9th, 1998, 03:50 PM
Pat Curtis
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Best credit card for mileage?

What credit card is the best for mileage? I read about a card that gives mileage on any airline-but lost the information. Anyone know of such a card?
Aug 10th, 1998, 04:53 AM
Christine Rocco
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I had a credit card with Chase Manhattan Bank. They offered miles on any airline. However, I live in Dallas - where American Airlines is headquartered - and if I fly anywhere, 98% of the time I fly American. So I switched over to the Citibank AAdvantage card because they give miles on only American Airlines. Hope that helps. Email me if you have any questions.

Aug 11th, 1998, 04:48 AM
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We have one for AA and
USAir and used to use the one that flew where we wanted to go, but now you can combine and transfer miles so it really doesn't matter. I just got two tickets to the same place using USAir miles for one and AA for the other and flying on both airlines to get there.
Aug 12th, 1998, 12:48 PM
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I have a Citibank Citimiles card. You accumulate 1 mile for every $15 you spend. When you want to redeem your miles, Citibank handles your reservations. They pick the airline best for your itinerary. The miles are redeemed by actual air distance between two cities. For example, if it is 300 air miles from Detroit to Chicago then you would need 600 miles for a round trip ticket. Citibank gives you a chart that lists mileage between most major cities or you can call them for the distance between any cities not on the list. Hope this helps.
Aug 13th, 1998, 12:47 PM
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When I first started reading your post about a mile for $15, I thought you were really getting a hosing, the when you said how they calculate your miles to get a free trip I was impressed. Can you email me the address on that one? What's the yearly fee and do the miles expire? thanks.

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