Airline Travel Lounges

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Airline Travel Lounges

I'm sixty one and looking into buying a life time membership in an Airline Travel Lounge membership. It appears that Quantas has an extended list of partner carriers whose lounges you can access. I would apreciate any thoughts as to whom provides the best selection of partner carriers at a reasonable lifetime membership. (Quantas considers you a Senior at 60.)
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Greetings all...

I just purchases an anuual membership with American Airlines to use theie Admirals Club. Does anyone here have any experience with it? Any info would be great.

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My husband and I travel internationally a lot, and so we joined a travel club that gives you a card with access to a large number of lounges worldwide - you just pay a small fee each time. We have NEVER used it - not because of the fee, but because the lounge is usually located in another terminal or not conveniently to our departure gate. I would say that these types of memberships are really only useful if you fly the related airline a lot (in coach, since business class will get you access anyway)so that you have some reasonable assurances that you'll get to use it. It also may be of greater benefit to those using smaller airports more frequently - we tend to be in large international aiports with lots of far flung terminals.
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I own 3 - lifetime in TWA and Northwest and annual in American [they no longer sell lifetime]. I have found them to be lifesavers, but it is important that you buy one with the airline(s) you are most likely to use, since the lounges are located near the gates that airline uses. Having said that, NW and Continental may offer the best amenities, since the membership includes free drinks and extensive munchies in the clubs. TWA was less expensive, nice club, free soft drinks and coffee, but alcohol extra. AA is the most expensive, again only soft drinks are free, but they have lots of clubs in major hub cities and in the Caribbean.

What are the advantages? For me, a decent clean place to use the washroom without hauling my carryon luggage into the stall, a more comfortable place to sit and rest, and access to gate agents to help with seat assignment changes, etc. These agents may be authorized to help you a little more if a flight is cancelled since, if you are in the club you are obviously not a casual flyer. There is a lesser line for agent services in the club. It is a much more pleasant place to spend a long layover, or wait for a delayed flight. Disadvantages: clubs can be VERY crowded on peak business travel days, since they are popular with business travelers. Also, seems a lot more travelers are bringing their kids into the clubs, raising the noise and chaos level some. Still it is less hair raising than sitting at the gate for 4 hours .

Best advice - look hard at where you want to travel and what airline you are most likely to fly, then look at that club. There is no point in buying into a lesser expensive membership if they have no clubs where you want to go, or the clubs are all in another terminal.
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I heard that in some of the lounges they have women that give this true? Or am I thinking of somewhere else?
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