Air France- Never Again!

Old Jun 14th, 2001, 10:58 AM
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Air France- Never Again!

Hey Everyone! <BR>I just got back from Europe, flying Air France, and was totally disappointed! I have always wanted to fly Air France because I had heard good things about them, so I wanted to warn fellow travellers. The food was awful, on the return flight the only choices for food was some type of duck (which didn't smell like duck) and Indian food. Both looked inedible. Once I had decided on the one that looked better, the steward informed me that they had run out of that selection and had nothing else (like a sandwich,etc.) that they could offer me. The flight attendants were rude and unhelpful on both flights and also had bad body odor. When asking for a particular beverage on the menu, one of the stewards made a snippy remark to the other steward and then rudely gave me my drink. That particular steward would not help me with anything for the rest of the trip. I also noticed that on previous flights to Europe, AA (and other airlines) have individual air controls/vents, while Air France does not, which makes the cabin stuffy, smelly and stale. Truly a forgettable experience... <BR> <BR>Kay
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What on earth do you expect from a French airline? It's about time this unrequited American love affair with France came to an end. Sorry to sound like your quintessential English xenophobe (which incidentally I'm not - I love Europe, and consider myself a European), but what exactly has France to offer? The French have absolutely NO manners, and God Forgive You if you don't speak French to match their exacting standards (English IS the universal language - sorry, but get used to it). Air France are a bloody joke - I once had to fly with them to Rome, and it was one of the most horrific experiences of my varied flying life. Having just left Italy, where people have a lovely manner and terrific philosophy on life, my grandmother and I were subjected to a barrage of abuse from AF staff after three of our flights had been cancelled due to industrial action - all because my grandmother had asked if it was possible to use a telephone. <BR>I cannot understand why Americans would spend their life savings on a trip to Paris, when they could visit Rome, Venice, Berlin, Oslo, Barcelona or any of the many, many wonderful European cities (even London) that show Paris for what it really is. A scuzzy, rude dump. Sorry, I know this was meant to be about Air France, so here's my two pence worth - they're crap, and not even as good as KLM, and that's saying something !
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mimi taylor
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Englishgirl, I love France, I don't speak French, and I have not met a French person who has been rude to us. We have made many friends there. Paris, like London has alot of rude people. People in the provinces are always nicer. We also have lots of friends in England, unlike some of the snotty Brits we met in France. We never had a bad experience on Air France, nor British Airways. We don't like any airline food, so we bring our own fresh food.
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english girl<BR>as an american who has been to paris many times,i have to tell u that paris is the most beautiful city in the world,and yes we americans do have a love affair with france but it is requited unlike what u say,its time not for americans to get over thier love affairs with france but for the british to get over their jealousy of france,sorry but london and paris just dont compare,sorry.
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Sam,<BR>Firstly, yes London is overrated - I'm from Manchester, in the North of England. As for jealousy - I'm sorry, but if English people were going to be hostile to a European nation because we were envious, it would surely be Italy, Germany, all of Scandinavia. We delight in belonging to the same continent as the aforementioned. How can England feel inferior to a country that has produced NOTHING of cultural value in the 20th Century - with the exception of 50s/60s New Wave cinema (and even that was heavily derivative of Hollywood cinema). Any nation that hasn't been able to muster even one good pop record is not worthy of any respect! I'd like to say that people in London and Paris are rude because they suffer from that big-city anonymity syndrome, but that analogy doesn't really stand up because in my experience, New Yorkers are really friendly . Just one last point before I go - I think Americans are looking for a picture-postcard Europe when they come over here, and I can't really blame them; Paris certainly lives up to that image - BUT! The beauty and greatness of Europe is based on more solid foundations. My hometown for example (Manchester). Cradle of the industrial revolution - but scarred by ugly 60s architecture. Brimming with history - but not picturesque scenes.

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