Where should I buy safari clothes?

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Fantastic idea, bat!

Maybe I should work out a business plan with Rocco...


PS: Unfortunately disaster struck a few minutes ago (see the other thread) so that will take some time...
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I googled the definition of khanga and here it is:

"A piece of cotton cloth, usually brightly decorated, wound around the body as a woman's dress."

So I am thinking perhaps that item should not be named after Mitch!

Hmmm---the Leely Khanga?
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...but Bwana Khanga sounds good.

Of course I should offer those special Masai Michelins (or are they using Bridgestone? Sandy?).

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'walkway flats'?
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But I like the thought of Bwana modeling a khanga on his website.

(yep, I own a khanga. nope, I've never worn it.)
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Why not? Must be very comfortable during hot days.

I havn't been to India yet - but don't wear Indian men something similar (in more decent colours)?

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uh-oh, a post from benidormaardvark without the moon...
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REI -my favorite

Ex Officio - found a nice long sleeved shirt,light weight, wrinkle free, SPF protection and lots of pockets

Royal Robbins- comfy shorts,lots of pockets and dries quickly
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TravelSmith has some very nice travel clothing, some in natural fabrics (which I prefer, personally).

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The male equivalent of the khanga (or kanga) is the kikoi. Many men on the East African coast wear it.

In Lamu I bought one for my brother and Iíve told him to wear it with a nice shirt. Iím still waiting for that to happen. Someone braver has to start the trend.
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The khanga is a light-weight cotton cloth, most with a saying (writing) in Swahili - across the bottom - should in someway relate to the wearer - worn by women/girls over their (western) skirt - some women/girls wear these over their shoulders... even wrap around their upper body. You can do anything with them. Some great designs - flowers, birds, etc. in amazing colors. Sold as a single piece; others as two pieces to wear as a top and bottom cover-up - looks more like a dress this way. Found at many of the street markets or shops and inexpensive - a few dollars.

The kikoi - a heavier woven cotton cloth, most are stripes in great color combinations. Often seen on local men along the coastal areas. Many visitors like these in place of a pareo; they also work well as a shawl. A bit more expensive from $5 to $10 and certainly worth the price. These are great gifts... and pack flat!

In my photo album you'll see the Samburu women weaing the Khangas as skirts and upper body coverups; the men wearing specific Samburu designed Kikoi.
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I bought a great safari vest, which I lived in, at Eddie Bauer's, which was less than $30. I bought Columbia shorts and shirts at TJMaxx and Marshalls for under $10 each. We just got back from our trip. I used 3-4 tee shirts; 1 pants/shorts convertible; 1 knee length shorts; 1 long beige pants, 1 beige pants that rolled up to be capri length. I brought 3 shirts and 2 tank tops to wear under them. I had a long sleeved beige sweater, which I wore on the morning game drives. And I picked up a black pants/jacket knit outfit at Walmart for under $30, which I wore on the plane, and at dinner with one of the shirts. And that was more than enough for the 15 day safari we had. Most camps will offer very cheap laundry. Governor's Camp does not charge for laundry at all. The Columbia shirts dried fast, so I could sink-wash them if necessary.
My 2 favorite things were the vest; kept money, passports, sunscreen, glasses, etc. in the pockets; and the beige cardigan sweater, which I could layer over the shirts and under the vest in the mornings and evening drives.
We decided to save our money for the good binocs I bought for me and the new Nikon camera I bought for my husband.
You will not need as many outfits as you think you will. No one notices what you wear, and people did not dress for dinner anywhere.
Have a wonderful time.
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Another option for those of us that have more time than money for our safari supplies is the Salvation Army. Goodwill, rummage and garage sales.
I have gotten a pair of Travel Smith pants that sell for $50.00 in their catalog for 3.50 at the Salvation Army (I had to shorten them, but was worth the savings to me) Also 3 pairs of the Cargo Treking shorts that pack into their own pocket for less than $2.00. And a Columbia shirt that sells $50.00 at Gander Mountain for $1.50. All were in like new condition.
Now if I could only find a safari vest and a pair of Keen sandals! No luck on those yet.
BTW, what is the difference between safari vests, fishing vests, and photographers vests? Gander Mountain has fishing vests for $19.99-- they have many pockets, etc, but wonder if they are a heavier cotton fabric than safari vests.
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A lot of good advise was posted on where to buy good safari clothes. The best advise was to buy and pack as little as possible, be sure that they are comfortable adn easy to care for. They don't need to spacifically made for safaris, the hiking and sports clothing is heavier and will wear best. The safari vests are useful, but I found that they were front heavy when even some of the pockets were filled. Maybe I could hang my camera from the back!! I now prefer to take along a canvas bag with lots of pockets to keep my binos and camera etc.
Look into the new "Bug Off" clothing that's available now - to wear where mosquitos are heavy (in most of the game parks). You won't need much, but a pair of long pants and a long sleeve shirt (and don't forget the socks) should be very helpful. Let me know if they work well; and don't forget to take your anti-malaria tabs.
I hope you have a wonderful trip. The three safari I went on were each better than the last.

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Go to the National Geo website - I got some incredible safari clothing at very good prices including Ex-Officio Buzz-off shirts and hiking socks on sale. Also got a great fleece jacket and a few really cool quick-dry T-shirts.

Also try the Campmor website - very affordable and practical clothing. I got three pairs of convertible pants (weighing 8 ounces each) and my watch super cheap.

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My husband orders all his safari-type gear online at Cabelas (cabelas.com) and he loves it. The only downside is they are a hunting/fishing outfitter so you get all this hunting crap in the mail. I prefer Columbia or North Face.
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Cabela's are proud sponsors of The Hunting Report, and the owners are very proud elephant hunters whom have even written a book about this passion.

I would sooner drink Liquid Draino than buy anything from Cabela's.

As far as safari clothing goes, don't do it. Just do and buy some comfortable clothes from Marshall's or whatever reasonably priced department store is in your area that meets the right colors. In my opinion, people that wear "smart safari" clothes are not the down to earth types that I would like to spend my safari with.
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Here's where the profit from Cabela's goes to...shooting defenseless elephants in the head:

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What are safari clothes?
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