When and where are tse tse flies?

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When and where are tse tse flies?

Hello, can anyone tell us where tse tse flies are the biggest problem? Is all of Tanzania bothered by them? Are they worse after rains, before rains, dawn or dusk, certain parks? If repellants don't work on them, what do we do to cope? Or are my fears exaggerated? The guide books tend to gloss over them...
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these flies are located in what's called the wooded area or woodlands. If you are on Safari you will more than likely past through some of these areas. The flies need shade therefore you don't usually have them on the open plain. The tsete fly in Tanzania althought bothersome, does not carry sleeping sickness. The bites can swell on some people others not. There are not any repellents I am aware of to keep them off. Best to stay as covered as you can when passing through a wooded area. Dawn and dusk are when they are more plentiful, avaoiding the sun. Hope the information is helpful.
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on our last trip to Zambia, there were tse-tse flies everywhere but I was only bitten once, my traveling companion got bit twice, a woman from another party got bit about 12 times. So even if they land on you, they won't necessarily bite, but when they do it does sting!
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Avoid light blue, dark blue and black. We were at King's Pool in Botswana which has quiet a few of them but they did not bother us until one of our fellow passengers wore a shirt in the shades mentioned above. I got bit. It happened so fast it was not that big of a deal. No swelling...just a pinch.
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Two places where you gonna likely meet lots of them:

- Kafue national park (Zambia)(especially in the wooden areas) (Lunga river lodge and Lufupa);
- Katavi (Tanzania).

Like other people already told you, avoid blue and black colors.


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We visited Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti. We were completely attacked one afternoon in a forested area near our lodge (Serena). On the drive out (around 3), our guide avoided that forest because of the tse tse flies, but for some reason on the drive back (around 6) he drove straight through it with all the windows down and the pop-top open. We were both wearing neutral colors, pants/long sleeves, and plenty of repellent (Deep woods off - 30% deet), and only wound up a few bites. Our guide was wearing navy blue and they did seem more interested in him than us - then again, we were swatting more violently than he was so perhaps they just feared the wild Americans
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We swatted them in April in Samburu in Kenya.
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Thank-you for the info! Was not aware of the "woodland" connection. Will take your advice on coloured clothing and stop worrying!
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