transportation from airport/ egypt tour


Oct 30th, 1998, 10:33 AM
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transportation from airport/ egypt tour

I am joining a 10 day tour group called Gate one to Egypt. I am flying in one day earlier and will need to get transportation from the airport to downtown Cairo at midnight. I understand that it is chaotic in the airport. The tour group offered me a pick up for $90 dollars/per person one-way. It sounds like a rip off to me. I read about the limousine service and taxi service. Has anyone tried the limousine service and how much would a taxi ride cost from the airport to downtown ? what would you suggest and has anyone tried Gate one Tour group to Egypt ? I would appreciate your feed back.
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Nov 4th, 1998, 06:00 PM
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Tony: I recently returned from Egypt and will be glad to give you some info Upon arriving at airport I walked outside and made a deal with a cab driver at 35 Egyptian pounds for a one way trip to the Marriott Hotel. Just be firm and hold to your price. I might add that it is not chaotic at the airport as tourism is down quite a bit at present.
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Dec 14th, 1998, 11:08 AM
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Tony, I am going with Gate One and will be flying in early to do Ramses11 Temple for 2-22 but they are giving me a tad of a bad time about wanting the money up front, before I can secure my other arrangements. I am getting a bit tense about whether this trip is going to happen with them. Have you had the sense they don't want you to go early? And, are you concerned about that they really won't honor their committment?
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Dec 21st, 1998, 08:19 AM
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You shouldn't have to pay more than US$8
to downtown Cairo.

Any travel agency that hassles you about money upfront should be definitely looked into!! There are many reputable
agencies that do not hassle you plus $90
is way out of line.

Write and I will point you in the right direction.
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Dec 23rd, 1998, 08:33 PM
Thom Bunch
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Having just returned from Egypt it is a rip off. Yes you can get a taxi out front, but I wanted a warm fuzzy and have a friendly face holding a sign with my name on it. I contacted Egypt Panorma Tours ([email protected])and for $16.00 a head it was done. When I returned to Cairo from Luxor 2 weeks later, I took a cab for $8.00. Questions? Let me know. Thom
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